Gio Lo Celso not in Antonio Conte’s plans for Tottenham Hotspur


Gio Lo Celso has been left out of Tottenham’s tour to South Korea as coach Antonio Conte will not take him into consideration for the pre-season with the squad. The Argentine will have to reportedly look for a new club.

In January of this year, the 26-year-old midfielder had joined Villareal on loan, where he reached the UEFA Champions League semifinals, gaining great performances. Now that he returned to the English club, Lo Celso would be one of the four Tottenham players that is not in Conte’s plans for the upcoming season, per Fabrizio Romano.


  1. A copa win made some of Argentina fans cocky and nobody in his sane mind could call a mediocre locelso better than the legend riquelme. Its like saying goetze is better than messi because he scored in the final and won a wc. Everyone knows that 2006 team was superb. Apart from leaving behind zanetti the huge over confidence and technical blunder from pekerman knocked us out remember in penalties its always holding the nerve plus Germany had home support. You can’t compare different era teams now the overall quality of all the team has decreased. This is so much disrespectful for legends. If you don’t like them no need to compare with them. You can praise someone without saying shit about our legends.

  2. Bad news for Argentina and good news for Enzo Fernandez. With no playing time there will be more chance that he will be injured after playing 1-2 matches and scaloni will need to think about a backup option which will pave the way for Enzo Fernandez if he joins Benfica and performs well

  3. How funny people are here! finallisima he was heart of our midfield. He miss two chances but he is not a forward,even number 9 misses this type of chances.. He is better than boca legend REQELME, you may disagree with me but definitely in coming days you are agree with me. Last 20 years i never ever seen such a creative Argentina midfielder and who also very solid in defensively.He just need regular football. Tottenham and his regular injury killing his 2 important years. Conte is good defensive coach, who like to put 2 defensive midfielder, so its impossible for gio play with his system.. Villareal want him but they need to sell first… long transfer window….he will definitely find a good team!

    • People will find you crazy but I agree with you . What have all the generations from 94 to 2018 got us ? Nothing . Even riquelme and the 2006 Germany match thing , yes he was great but they didn’t deliver titles to Argentina period . Ayala and Samuel , I think Romero is better and will be better than they ever have been , on a national team level he already proved it . This scaloni generation delivers and that’s what’s most important more than skills . Crazy how veron , Crespo , Samuel , Ayala , riquelme , tevez , milito , zanetti , almeyda , redondo , and many many more didn’t win anything , I know there are reasons but that don’t matter

        • Those legends you mentioned and players from the Messi era where all individually great and played for great clubs. But when they put on the Argentine jersey something was missing may be that killing mentality and that is what our current players have a lot. Look at DePaul or Romero or Paredes when the opposition players foul our players they just all over the opponents. Even Messi changed a lot in his aggressiveness with this team that was missing during the 2014 time. All are humble and not shouldering any type of club stardom. Our midfield is the heart of our pressing tactics and with lo celso DePaul and Paredes it would always be 100%. Waiting for those Germans this time. It’s time to wrap them up.

      • In 2010 world cup messi, aguero,higuen, militao, de maria all are club star / close to stardom like present brasil team 3/4 club rising star.but in the end we got nothing. 2014 messi, higuen,aguero de maria, machrerano all are star around the world… I think Brasil present club kids are will not get that type of success..And present Argentina team may not have that type of clubs star but they play as a team and already got success like Germany, they always play as a unit. Now Argentina is very balance team from defence to attack..pardes,gio, de paul even gudio they are really balance and hardworking with great chemistry.. I think this year will be Argentina year

      • two funny guys @jewel and @majd no comment lo celso is better than distefano because distefano didn’t win anything with argentina.the only argentines who could get in to that 2006 worldcup team is messi emi martinez romero or licha martinez

        • Why this comparison? This teams greatness is in their humbleness. Even if Argentina wins the 2022 wc our players will still accept the fact that the 2006 wc players were all legends and better than us. They knows winning the wc is not just about huge preparations but to effectively utilise the moments to the best and achieve the victory. We have unity humbleness brilliance which eventually brings the required luck to us which lacked in the past.

        • Emi Romero Otamendi and Lisandro too (Ayala the most overrated defender ever, a choker, our defense always collapsed in important KO matches) Molina (instead of Scaloni so clear) De Paul Messi Di Maria and Lautaro is questionable too instead of Crespo. Plus Musso, Acuna is not worse than Sorin, their careers shows it clearly, Lo Celso and Paredes as subs and Dybala is not worse than Tevez.. 13 players from current squad and 10 from 2006 Abbondanzieri, Sorin, overrated Ayala, Masche, Cambiasso, Lucho, Riquelme, Crespo, Tevez max. Maxi too who was not better player than Angel Correa.

        • @danieldani using de stefano as An example of an Argentinian who didn’t win with Argentina is a poor excuse considering he spent most of national career playing for Spain for whatever reason , that’s number 1 . Number 2 I don’t care about individuality , these players are individually better than present players but not even close as a team regarding this current argentina , they haven’t won anything for argentina , disgrace and shame . What happened in 2007 final loss against Brazil with Brazil b team 3-0 with Argentina starting Messi , riquelme , tevez , mashers I etc. they were poor in tournaments.

        • The so called superteam results vs Brazil: 1:3 in 2004 WCQ , 1:4 in 2005 Conf final, 0:3 in 2006 friendly, 0:3 in 2007 Copa final, compare these with current team. Riquelme was a passing genius but a luxury player.

          • @ csabalala I’m so sick of the old generation , they didn’t win a single thing , we’re not talking about a World Cup only where the best result we did since 1990 in World Cup is quarter finals except for the 2014 . Copa America countless finals and nothing . Come on like come on lol . I don’t care about the names again I understand the quality that we had in the past I really do but the truth of the matter is they were chokers and I think that is a better description of them than saying they lack quality of whatever because that would not be true

      • Well said JEWEL. I won’t say he is better then Roman as both are very different players but you are spot on about his ability in National team. He is highly valued by our coaching staff. I never liked he went English football though. He is truly worth what he labelled ‘MAGNIFICENT ‘ few days ago. Yes he missed but he did end up in those situations atleast. Im glad he missed those because now he can work on and get more sharp plus I am glad he left from Conte plan because this is what exactly needed before world cup. So he can find a club and show people his worth.

        • You can’t use one parameter to invalidate other parameters and make a conclusion that GLC is better than Roman or something else. Had Messi not won Copa, you wouldn’t have made the same comparison. Roman was a great player, so does other greats that you mentioned. Not winning a cup for Argentina doesn’t take away their greatness. A great player IMO is beyond the country of his country- he is an asset and sense of pride for many around the world. We not only enjoy a player for his country but also for his club. So, a club career can’t be invalidated just because the player hasn’t won anything for his club.

          • In meant to say “boundary of his country” and
            “a club career cannot be invalidated just because he hasn’t won anything for his country”

    • Boy imagine if Argentina loses to France or Denmark in the round of 16, all the experts here will agree that this team is worse than 2018.

  4. Dybala, and now Lo Celso. Why Arg players seems now difficult to find a good club. Talent no doubt, high salary not to be compare with others and attitude is not bad. Can play all out. Injury prone only a few…

    • Dybala’s problem is his own making. He and his agents prioritize greed over career. He stayed in Juve when he should have left, and left when he should have stayed. All for money.

      Dybala should have left Juventus when Ronaldo was brought in. Dybala was in scintillating form at the time, but arrival of that diva with his jersey sells and global broadcast appeal meant Dybala would regardless have to play second fiddle, curb his natural game and cede the spotlight. But that time he stayed because of his lucrative contract.

      Now this time Allegri made clear he wanted to build his team around Dybala. Ronaldo was gone so Dybala had more freedom in attack, and it showed in his massively improved performance. With Chiellini gone Dybala would have been the first captain of Juventus this season. Heck he might have even been able to play with Di Maria strengthening his chances with Argentina, and adding to national team chemistry. But he wanted more money, irrespective of the fact that he is nearing 30, and has an unreliable injury record. So this time he left. And lo and behold other clubs can not even afford to match Juventus’ reduced offer.

  5. Godin11 : With all due respect, did you watch Finalissma? Gio is not important??? Sorry spurs can do whatever they want, but gio just need a manager who understands his capabilities.
    People hype EPL but they need to understand with a good system, players can play anywhere. If Gio goes to Liverpool and played in his position /,he will be excellent. This is because the system is great and they hard press to get the ball back. Same system is in NT which is why he flourishes. The only weakness is his goal scoring abilities and if he focuses on that clubs will line up.

    • in the finallisima he was our worst player he was just running working too hard with out quality he mussed two clear chances

      • Again analysing a mid fielder on the basis of the missed chances. How funny. He is not lautaro or julian. I think his passing accuracy looks better than de Paul in the finalissima. He was screaming for the ball from the left side most of the time but whenever he gets the ball he maintains his quality. He is as important as Romero Messi de Paul martinez.

  6. According to all sources, as of today with respect to Gio’s future:

    – €30M + add-ons, direct deal (no sufficient resources from Villarreal)
    – approx. €18M + Pervis Estupiñán (Since Spurs is interested, but need to sell Reguilón)
    – another season-long loan + obligation to buy (unknown amount)

    Practically, the 2nd or 3rd option seems to be more realistic, unless Villarreal sells either Pau Torres, Danjuma or both.

    • And other clubs are interested: Betis, Atletico Madrid (better conditions, competing in higher ranked European competitions)

      Villarreal will pursue and push 💯 %

      Personally, I will be happy with any of the deals. Villarreal and Betis will bring out his best football, while Atletico would give him the platform to gel up with DePaul more plus none of his offensive abilities would be hindered in 4 months of Simeone ball. It’s in his DNA.

  7. This is GREAT news for us!!! LoCelso is made for LaLiga or Secondly Serie A…. He will never be what la seleccion needs him to be playing in England…

  8. His playmaking skills was outstanding with Villarreal but his scoring abilities wasn’t that satisfactory which is why I think Villarreal isn’t pushing for him. However since Conte doesn’t want him on his team , Spurs might be forced to bring down his price or send him out on another 6months loan to Villarreal with an option of buying him in the January transfer window.

  9. Lo celso is one of the best midfielder,Premier League does not suit him.He is an impactful player and now he also plays full 90 minutes game. In final third pass no one can beat him, his final third pass rarely gets intercepted.
    Lo celso should go for La Liga teams they suits him best because there he can plays systematically unlike in Premier League where hit and run tactics works more.

  10. Guys…This is going to be a problem for us. We can have discussions on many topics but this one is important. For me GLC is our only midfield option in starting 11 (considering our 4-3-3 system) who can carry the ball from the midfield to the final third before making a pass or shot. No matter how people rate him. But he is important for us. He is the only midfielder who can make one twos with our front three, near the edge of the box, on his way to the box. So we need to get him in playing shape and form. For that he should start for any above average team in top 5 leagues. Let me know your thoughts.

    • Tbh gio lo celso has been overhyped including me.
      I had hoped Antonio conte will take him to different level sadly he didn’t even fancy him plus he did do anything special at villareal either , Glc is decent player who has been overhyped so much at best.
      he isn’t the only midfield ball carrier we have, there is papu gomez who is better than lo celso in every way except age which against papu but still will be usefull for us in few months time.

      • Agreed. But Papu is not in the regular starting 11. Right? I was not saying that GLC is world class. For us he is important, infact atleast for Scaloni he seems to be an integral part of our regular starting 11. Also I don’t think it would be wise to start with Leo, Ota, Di Maria and Papu. For our kinda pressing game, starting all these old legs together won’t be a nice idea.

        • “Also I don’t think it would be wise to start with Leo, Ota, Di Maria and Papu. For our kinda pressing game, starting all these old legs together won’t be a nice idea” 100% I agree on this, that is my concern too. Rdp is ball carrier too in case , my hope is palacios stays fit and relevant till November.
          Believe me palacios game has improved a lot since he moved to Europe but the problem is, he wasn’t fit all the time.

          • Rdp is creative,no offence to that, but for me he is playing a bit more deeper in national team jersey so that he can help when the possession is lost. Occasionally he arrives near the edge of the box also. But he is not meant for that regularly I think. Considering our mid 3, the one who is asked to stay more attack minded is GLC. I think we are yet to see some valid contribution from Palacios.

          • Why you always saying lo celso is over hyped? He is one of the most influential player in the scalonis plan. With all due respect to palacios I don’t think he can be a influencer like lo celso. Just like Kevin said the system in PL doesn’t fit lo celso. That’s all.

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