FC Porto interested in Carlos Alcaraz of Racing Club


FC Porto is reportedly interested in Carlos Alcaraz of Racing Club. Per a report from Olé, the following European clubs would be scouting this Argentine young talent: AC Milan, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Juventus, Arsenal, Tottenham, Inter, Wolves, PSV and Fiorentina.

According to the Portuguese newspaper O Jogo, FC Porto will try to sign Alcaraz in this transfer market. The 19-year-old midfielder has a contract with Racing Club until 2026 and his release clause is $25 million.

Although Racing’s president Victor Blanco had declared the player “non-transferable” before the interest of these clubs, it seems that an offer over the $18 million would be accepted.

Alcaraz is one of the best young talents in Argentine football. At his young age, he has already played 63 matches in the Primera División with “La Academia”, scoring seven goals and providing five assists.


  1. Its amazing that these lesser known talents attracting clubs from Europe, where as more hyped youngsters like Thiago almada, alen velasco had to settle in MLS

    • I think it is partly the fault of Argentina agents too. 15-20 years ago Argentina players were not valued that cheap. It was equal pretty much with the European talents.

      Nowadays because of youtube, social media and all that stuff, their agents trying so hard to get quick money by selling their players. The players themselves are all dying to go overseas. So they make a bunch of video clips of the players to promote themselves. The European scouts notice this and some of the players are not as good as advertised. I mean come on every player looks world class in youtube clips. So the Europeans start to be more skeptical is signing Argentine talents if they are still UNPROVEN.

      The Europeans only want them when they are sure that they are proven. For example Julian Alvarez was only rumored to be wanted by the likes of Aston Villa, West Ham, and some other European mediocre clubs before the Copa America. They never even made a bid in the first place. Quite possibly only a rumour. They still saw him as “unproven”.

      But when he had his breakthrough year for River where his goal/game ratio was absurd, big clubs start to want him. City finally won his signing.

      The same with Enzo Fernandez. He only caught the attention of the European scouts only after his performance in the last 6 months or so. Before that pretty much was an “Enzo who?” case.

      If you are a “talented youngster” but fail to dominate the domestic league, most likely the options are 2:
      1. Stay in Argentina or South American/North American league
      2. Go to European joke club like Russian league or a super small European club.

      • I think there is more to it especially Brazilian becoming sports director like Edu of Arsenal and leanardo.
        Arsenal has 5 Brazilian and trying to add a 6th one

  2. It is not just epl. It is manu. I always hated this club. Most of our players didn’t do well there just because they didn’t get fair chances. I remember in 2003, during Ferggie’s regime, manu used to have Forlan, one of the greatest strikers of that time but Ferggie prefered to play Solskajer instead, who in comparison to Forlan was mediocre. After a decade, manu had Tevez, who despite his mediocre overall performance with our beloved team, he was a monster of a striker, but once again Ferggie used to prefere Berbatov instead. If you ask every single objective individual about who was better, Tevez or Berbatov, i think that all of us know the answer but still Ferggie prefered to play his own boys.

    Licha is very talented and world class, no doubt, but i would like to see him somewhere else instead of this shitty club with its shitty fans! The only thing that gives me some hope that Licha’s talent will be appreciated there, is their current manager. I wish all the best for him!

    • Amigo the only reason man utd getting licha is ten Hag
      If he wasn’t manager of man utd, they would not even thinking about licha, I heard man u executive wanted pau Torres instead of martinez but ten Hag stopped .

      So let’s hope he becomes big success at man utd, epl in general.

  3. Lisandro to Man UTD almost done. 50 millions + add ons. He will be the most expensive Argentine defender ever.

    Man Utd is not a good destination but it is what it is. 50 millions are a lot of money. This will bring much needed prestige to Argentine defensive football image.

    • You’re right, it’s not a good destination since there will be no CL and he’ll be fighting for game time with world cup just around the corner, not to mention that historically Argentines haven’t done well at ManU, but I guess money talks.
      Still, Licha is class and eventually he could usurp the likes of McGuire (overrated) and Varane (often injured), here’s hoping.

    • Don’t forget he will have the same coach as during his Ajax years.
      A coach that made him a better player.
      In the PL he will face strong strikers so very good for his development.

      • Exactly Richard, I believe he will prove many doubts wrong including some of us in here who thinks every Argentine player who goes to epl is either finished or will struggling but the guys must understand if our players wants to be a world class they must move big clubs in big league and the epl is the best in the business right now ,

  4. Juve are highly interested in Pau Torres, after the imminent departure of DeLigt to Bayern and the player seems to be seduced with the move. However, Villareal wants to seal the deal around 50M Euros & this type of cash injection is what Villareal required to purchase LoCelso (as he is Emery’s no 1 priority, as per some reliable and authentic sources).

    Not gonna lie, Gio’s situation is concerning for an Argentine fan, but if we connect the dots, it seems it’s a matter of time till GLC deal is sealed with Villareal.

  5. Alcaraz, Enzo Fernandez, Almendra etc. are modern B2B players. ARG produce a lot nowadays. After De Paul, Lo Celso and potentially Palacios and Nico Dominguez.

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