AS Roma offer Paulo Dybala contract, expected answer within hours


AS Roma have offered Paulo Dybala a contract with an answer expected within the next hours.

Paulo Dybala could be staying in Italy. Per Gianluca Di Marzio, the Conference League champions have offered Dybala a three year contract worth €6 million per season after bonuses and are hoping for a positive, definitive and final answer in these hours.

The club have presented a first offer and per the report, their confidence is increasing about potentially signing him. If he does join AS Roma, he would be coached by Jose Mourinho, someone who has a history of doing well with Argentine players.


  1. On the discussion about Lisandro my conjecture about him is the same as it was a year ago for Romero. He’s joining a toxic club that can and has ruined talent BUT if it goes well it will develop him a lot as the Premier League is demanding for defenders and even the relegation zone teams have better forwards than some of the top Eredivisie teams. First things first he has to find a starting role, and if they use him as a sub to Maguire that will almost instantly prove English bias as he one of the most mocked and out of form players in the world’s big clubs. I am against our players making risky moves right before the World Cup but it could go well and take him to another level. Fingers crossed.

    • It looks like Ten Hag bought Licha for 70 million (including bonus) to specifically replace Maguire. He is a new manager and doesn’t want to create toxicity in the dressing room by declaring Licha as a starting CB but it is only matter of few matches that Martinez will replace overrated Man Utd captain, Maguire who is nothing but another Andy Caroll, a very very expensive useless defender. Their other CB, Varane is very fragile and which is why Madrid sold him and there is no way he will even last half a season. Soon, it will be between Varane and Maguire for the RCB.
      Ten Hag is under tremendous pressure and under extreme scrutiny of English media and fans, he can’t afford to stick with unskilled Maguire and Varane and more importantly he doesn’t have a luxury of having a bad start or a bad mid season. Few losses or draws and United’s toxic fans and English Media will demand for him to be fired. No manager’s job is safe in Manchester united club.

    • I have been saying that all along. Man United is a toxic club especially for foreign players. I hope Lisandro Martinez lives up to the hype and delivers, coz if he flops English media are unforgiving.

      • The thing with Martinez is that United fans or media has expectation in his passing quality and possession in ball and expecting him to be as a CDM. So here he has to maintain this hype even as a CB with attacking instinct plus to prove wrong the natural criticism a player like him gets when plays as a CB. If he succeeds means he is on his way to become one of the best Argentine player to ever played in the PL.

  2. Very disappointing move for Matias Palacios who is only 20. A terrible age to go to the Saudi League. Other examples of this from the past indicate that this will probably crush his development and keep him a level below what he could have been even if he returns to Europe. Sad.

    On other news Fabrizio Angileri has joined Getafe after six months of inactivity at River. Maybe one to keep an eye on post world cup if there is ever a problem with Tag or Acuña. Gaston Avila from Boca to Royal Antwerp FC completed if reports are to be believed.

    I watched about 20 minutes from each of Benfica’s games and Enzo Fernandez is acclimating pretty well. He’s playing a role slightly similar to Paredes where he drops in between the center backs and makes simple passes until he finds an opening and breaks lines. He is good at his role but just like Lo Celso (Tottenham), Dominguez, and Palacios he is being played in a much more controlled defensive role than where a lot of his talent lies. At River he played much higher up the pitch and his goal, assists, and key passes speak for themselves. Seems to be a pattern now among our young midfielders in Europe. Kind of boring to me given how exciting these talents are but it may be positive if it helps them adjust to more controlled and tactical European systems.

  3. This could have been a good news, dybala could get alot more playing time to maintain his form and fitness as well, then scaloni might consider him as undisputed part of the WC Squad

      • That’s true and should be taken seriously. J.Correa can never be relied on but Scaloni blind love for him really annoys me.
        But dybala should blame his agent for messing up negotiations with Inter Milan. I wish Dybala was smart and fired his.
        But Good news is that Mourinho is a top class manager.

        • I think Dybala will make it to the WC because Angel Correa rarely gets playing time even though he always gets a call up and then the next few months we’re going to see J.Correa missing 30 sitters at Inter leading to the WC. So I believe one of them at least will be dropped in favor of Dybala.

          Despite his limited playing time, Dybala has some notable contribution in national team. In Copa 2019, he assisted Aguero first goal and scored the winner against Chile. He also assisted the Di Maria goal against Uruguay in qualifier and scored in finalissima aswell.

      • Infact Inter fans don’t like him at all. They say he is only good at the barbeque 😂😂😂.
        I hope J.Correa improves otherwise Scaloni should pick squad for world cup based on merit , and not shitty arguments of selecting player because they impressed him in training.

        • I remember clicking one of Biglia AC Milan highlight video and it showed 10 seconds of black screen and that’s it. I’m sure J.Correa isnt any better than that lol

      • Yeah I think the only advantage that j correa has is that he is a right footed player and we don’t have right footed players as wingers except papu. But papu most probably would play as a midfielder. Ocampos and buendias chances are slim. Garnacho also has no chance for this time. So as a back up option j correa could be tested after di Maria and Nico in the left wing position. No other option there. As a striker we still have hope in alario as a 3rd choice. And most of all his playing time with lautaro. It’s between j correa/ dybala/ alario.

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