Nicolás Tagliafico accepts Lyon’s offer, will join the club


Nicolás Tagliafico has accepted Lyon’s offer and will be joining the club.

Tagliafico will reportedly be playing with Lyon next season. Per Mike Verweij and Gastón Edul, the Argentine has accepted to join them.

Per the report by Mike Verweij, the 29 year old will join on a three year contract. He is presently in Austria with his agent to finalize the €4 million deal.

Part of the Argentina national team which won the Copa America and the Finalissima, Tagliafico joined Ajax back in 2018 from Independiente.


  1. Man City offers 30 m for a mediocre left back playing at Brighton while Tagliafico is available for one sixth of that amount. It’s a weird world in the PL.

      • Marc Cucurella is not a better player than Tagliafico and certainly not worth 6 times as much even if he is 5 years younger.

        • LOL Cucurella is better, you probably never watched his games before and Tagliafico is on the bench of Ajax since 18 months ! Ten Hag gave his position to Blind, a 33y old dude who was done for Manchester United !

          I know people here love to think every argentinian dude is a world class player but if Tagliafico was good as you think he should have more option than Lyon.

          And in National Team Tagliafico always was a “so-so” player, this is why Acuna is the titular now.

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