Argentina national team series on Amazon Prime Video released on July 22


The Argentina national team series on Amazon Prime Video is set to be released on Friday, July 22.

Argentina’s Amazon Prime Video series, which was originally set to be released on July 10 has been pushed back. The video will instead be released tomorrow with the first two episodes.

As we reported last month, the series will cover Argentina at the 2021 Copa America, the road to the 2022 Qatar World Cup and the Finalissima. It will cover behind the scenes footage with many anticipating to watch Lionel Messi’s famous Copa America final speech.


  1. What happened suddenly?? 1 copa win and suddenly here people insulting the legends of argentine football. That’s unbelievable and quite disrespectful for argentine football. A tournament win is always needs some luck. Messi retired after 2016 copa final. If he didn’t break his retirement and didn’t win 2021 copa here people maybe insulting messi also.

  2. Juan Roman Riquelme is one of greatest midfielder football has produced. People born to be a midfielder like him. It’s a shame that even in dreamland to compare Lo celso with him. Even 100 Lo celso can’t become a Riquelme…

  3. Roman ain’t overrated or overhyped. That’s wrong to say with all due respect guys. Yes game has changed alot since his days but still he is one of a kind player talent wise but like other said he was very hard man to manage. It such a shame that player his caliber along with Lucho,Ayala,Samuel,Zanetti, Sorin,Aimar,Cambiaaso, Crespo didn’t win anything.

  4. Roman ball control and play maker the game second to none, I was really impressed with him while he played for us, one of my best player in Argentina jerseys, that’s why I’m looking for a kid with those kinda play from our young player to be next Roman but no one is come near except Enzo, hope he will be our general in the future after Messi retirement, he will be our next Roman for us.

  5. Rodrigo de Paul at risk of missing world cup because of legal battle,court case needs to be settled before World cup.

  6. Zinedine Zidane after playing his last match for Real Madrid: “Riquelme is magic. He ruined my goodbye match with his quality. He drove us all crazy. It’s an honor have retired with his shirt in my hands.” ……Roy tweeted this in 2021.

    With those words of Zidane we have to say “enough is enough”.

  7. About riquelme … even germany players said they were happy to see the back of him… his substitution changed the game in their favor…

  8. Riquelme is an iconic player.
    He will always be remembered.
    I feel the 10 is the ultimate footballer.
    the heart of the team.
    skillful, technique, passing, tempo, shooting, organize,…
    simply put an artist.
    We want our players to be track field runners with rugby body to push and shove.
    we want footballer without the skills.
    we want chocolate without cacao(chocolate) so we eat white chocolate which isnt chocolate(no cacao).
    Riquelme has cacao while most players are white chocolate.
    favorite players:
    2.Zidane, Riquelme, Messi, Aimar (cant decide between them)
    6.Van Bastan

  9. I have never understood the obsession with Riquelme. A lazy player by his own admission, (let the ball do the work), and not even the best of his contemporaries as Pablo Aimar was WAY better than him and before that Ardiles, and Redondo too. Most of his goals came from set pieces or wide open spaces. Incredibly talented he was, but he just did enough to be better than his competition but not committed to be the best.

    • While I dont agree to this and slightly offended as a huge riquelme fan, I wont abhor you like some of the motherfucking mundo members did to me for way less than this……

    • Look up Riquelme’s back heel panna on YouTube.
      It is a trick you very rarely see on the pitch.

    • I am big fan of Riquelme too. Instead of one flick, one trick etc. on YouTube, allow me to highlight why I liked him…

      1. I have not seen many control the game like this (at his peak). he could slow down the game or speed up like anything. He didn’t run but he was amazing to control the pace of the game. The big reason for Villareal success.

      2. He has lethal scorer for a mid fielder. Amazing shots on both foot, set pieces were terrific.

      3. Passing and vision of the game. That Villareal was fun to watch. The goals Forlan scored. Amazing passing range and accuracy.

      4. He took a club no one knew the name of. A town of 40000 population and made it a world wide name. His time during Argentina was very good. He owned and led from the front. He didn’t hide.

      What I didn’t like…
      1. Slow, but that was his style. Obsolete for today’s game
      2. Not flexible in head. Very difficult personality to work with

      • One thing you missed is his ball control. It wasn’t easy to take the ball away from him even when 3-4 opposition players were surrounding him. Ronaldinho had a similar control. People who criticize him for being lazy is okay but dismissing him for being lazy is astonishingly foolish. I haven’t seen a lazy player like him controlled the game as artistically as he did. What would have happened had he not been lazy!
        One of my favorite players of all time.

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