FC Porto offer €15 million for Carlos Alcaraz of Racing


FC Porto have offered €15 million for Carlos Alcaraz of Racing.

Carlos Alcaraz could soon be making the transfer over to Europe. Per César Luis Merlo, the Portuguese league champions have submitted a €15 million bid for the 19 year old midfielder.

Two more European clubs are willing to pay a similar fee to that of FC Porto but Racing, in principle, request €18 million for him.


  1. I don’t know where the obsession for locelso comes from I think other people who support other teams or other players will see Argentina line up and when they see loceslo in the first 11 the first thing they think is that Argentina midfield is not good.I am sure he will lose his place in the middle of the world cup he might even not make make it because he will be club less even Villarreal does not believe in him

      • Napoli also interested in lo celso. And it is no secret that almost all Argentine midfielders suits Spanish or Italian leagues than EPL. May be due to the similarities of the playing style of Argentina and those clubs. Lo celso would challenge any world class midfielders in the opposition team and can dominate them if he plays for the right team. I think during those spell in villareal lo celso was like what papu was to the Atlanta. All passes and important plays goes through him.

        • May be most of u are seeing what I don’t see may be he is good but u can not compare him him to papu @visnuvenu papu scores and assist a lot of goals when he was in atlanta which locelso didn’t do at spurs or Villarreal.at Villarreal he was all over the place I accept but without an end product.and I don’t watch the premier league I watch series A laliga and the Argentine league my judgment toward locelso is not influenced by English pundit.

          • Papu was the Messi of Atalanta, rather a second striker than an attacking midfielder, Lo Celso is rather a zentral midfielder (plus offensive midfielder, second striker in Villarreal ocassionally, but only namely). Careerwise Papu in 45116 minutes 111 non penalty goals 115 assists, Lo Celso in 17748 minutes 32 goals 41 assists. Papu without his Atalanta days (when he wasnt the attacking player at the the focal point) in 25178 minutes 53 non penalty goals 40 assists. Not even better than Lo Celso in end product (Lo Celso 243 min. per non penalty goal contribution, Papu 270 mins), and def worse than him in everything else. (Defending, pressing, build ups, box to box movements etc.).

          • i dont see Papu starting in bigger matches in WC, he is too old, not a natural midfielder, and defensively a jeopardly. Palacios (first option) and even Macallister will play before him in 3 men midfield with De Paul or lo Celso injury. Papu will be a late supersub.

    • > I don’t know where the obsession for locelso

      uh from my own 2 eyes looking at him play and comparing him to others…

      > I think other people who support other teams or other players will see Argentina line up and when they see

      nagh, only some dumbass Premier league / Spurs obsessive fans think GLC couldn’t cut it. His stint at Spurs does not tarnish what i think hes capable of. Spurs were in transition, an effin nightmare shit club to play for. no one did really well yet some like to point to GLC as if its his quality and not the shit team/coach that messed up his performance.

    • @Danieldani

      Listen man, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but opinions need to have a basis in reality, otherwise they come off as trolling.

      First of, no one here is obsessed with Celso, he’s simply a superb footballer and we (albiceleste fans) appreciate the fact that Argentina can call on someone like that.

      Those “people” who look at Celso in the midfield and underestimate Argentina are clueless idiots who clearly haven’t bothered watching football’s most important annual competition called the Champions league, where Celso lit up the tournament.

      He can lose his place in the world cup squad if he craps the bed at club level, that’s possible, but I really doubt that will happen because -when injury free- Celso has excelled in every club he’s been in, even at no growth Spurs (people forgot how good he was for them in his 1st season).

      Lastly when you said “even Villareal doesn’t believe him” I have to go back to my first paragraph and reiterate the fact that even opinions, which are subjective by nature, need to be based on something that has a basis in reality, otherwise said opinion becomes a form of trolling.
      Celso is 1st on Emery’s list, he’s also been followed by Sevilla, Atletico, Napoli and reportedly Milan. The interest in the guy is plentyful but here is the problem: Spurs and Levi are idiots!! They have a player that they spent alot of money on and the club wants to recoup that money hence they’re asking for 30-35 million euros while at the same time making it clear to the whole world that they don’t want the player and that’s just….well, stupid!! Because Now, no club will be willing to pay a relatively heavy wage like that when they KNOW that Spurs are ready to sell, basic business logic.

      I don’t expect any club to make a concrete offer for Celso until close to deadline day because they all know that Spurs will HAVE to lower their asking price since, again, they made it very clear that they don’t want Celso in their squad and they are desperate to sell hence they have ZERO bargaining power.

  2. messi > locelso, gomes, dybala, correa, alvarez this all are top class player but they lacks physicality , and some extend pace but if the question is creativity then link up their are no better then them.. paredes is slow by his style

    now if put some young blood , like enzo , alcaraz , obviously they will give physicality some extend pace but they will lack the level of creativity like all those mention above.. bcs of their lack of development or experiences

    it is coach choice to understand when he should use creative player or physical player..

    in midfield .. if you put guido, enzo, alcaraz, rodrigo depaul obviously they will extend physicality of defence but they will lack creativity of locels,gomes, correa,dybala, alvarez, t

    they are still young i hope they improve their vision, passing skills, creativity like gomes, locelso

    enzo is smoth talent, people will see quick growth in his play

    ocampos has pace aggression, some defensive attribute such as interception, but he lack short space playing skills link up, creativity this is why he lost his space in nt.

  3. This guy has the shooting technique of CR7. Too bad he is 2 months older than the age limit of the next year WC u20. Otherwise he would join Garnacho, Soule, and Luka. At least I am glad that he is a talent as the midfielders of the Toulon team are all pathetic.

    • he looks good, at least better than joquin correa, only things he is behind from joquin is experience and development. arg has top, creative, technical and very skillful player, in forms of locelso, gomes, a.correa, dybala, only things they are behind is height and physicality , which has little disadvantages on pace, alcaras looks tall and strong in header, i hope he develops his technical skills as like as gomes or locelso, and ofcource his finishing,, which is lackings of joaquin correa..

      • Please watch 18 yr old 1.87 CM tall striker of Rosario Central scored two stunning goal in last two matches. I think he could be our next big forward after lautaro Martinez….

      • J.correa is a second striker alcaraz is a midfielder why are u comparing them.or u just hate correa so much.

        • j.correa is a second striker , what does that means a false 9 what correa did as striker what amount of goal he brings for his team, striker main quality is agility, lethal finishing, he is so poor in finishing, so what he was doing in scaloni system left sided midfielder or winger , i didn’t see anything from him to be match with striker bcs he is poor at finishing, i think scaloni point him or saw him as left sided midfielder or winger or central midfielder

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