Pep Guardiola praises Julián Álvarez: “He adapted to the team in two afternoons”


Pep Guardiola commented on Julián Álvarez in an interview for ESPN Argentina. Manchester City´s coach praised the young Argentine striker stating how well he adapted to the team.

Here is what Guardiola had to say about the former River Plate man:

“The first thing I can say is that we were not wrong with Julián. We had said that he was a fantastic boy, which we have proved. He is an absolute team player, you can tell by the effort he gives, and he can score too. He is an extraordinary signing and hopefully he will be here for many years.

“He has already adapted. He just needed two afternoons. The good players do not need time, the good players adapt quickly, they adjust, they understand quickly. Soccer is universal. Whoever knows how to play, knows how to play. Whoever is a scorer, is a scorer in Argentina as well as in England. Whoever is astute, is astute in Argentina and here.”

When Pep was asked about the chances of Álvarez playing with another striker like Erling Haaland, here is what he responded:

“Yes, he can be complementary. If we play with very open wingers, I see it difficult. When we play with tighter wingers, he can adapt. I have no doubt.”


  1. I am happy to see our players playing in these big games it has been a while without the usual Alvarez licha Molina all of the sudden are playing in big I want some Argentines in the classico may be in a year or two enzo or another surprising name will play there let’s hope

  2. Man City fans already hyping Julian Alvarez in twitter
    Some are suggesting, him and foden should start ahead of maherz and grealish,

  3. Alvarez crossing was indeed terrible today… but is just nerves.. when he settles in it will be different.. his goal was great cause he shown quick awareness.. he did better than most today.. that Darwin guy is unbelievable though…

  4. city lose against liverpol pace and some reason they just can’t match up with liverpool press, and city had lot of miss passes, city needs some quick player from middle, rodri is physical but i think he was slow and all of the city mid such as barnardo, debrune was slow , clueless today mid wasn’t in control , but from the back natha ake was good

  5. The goal was good and important both for city and especially Julian but after that goal Alvarez’s passing and decision making was extremely poor for the most part today. We tend to over focus on our players and over criticize them even though Halland missed from point blank but Alvarez will have to keep performing good in the first 10-12 matches in order to get regular minutes on the pitch. He doesn’t have the same luxury Halland has!!

    • Passing and decision making? Fool. The kid had one bad cross that went out of play . He came in and scored that’s exactly what pep requested and he answered the call. Go back and watch what happened after the Goal. Bernardo Silva was the clueless one him and Grealish couldn’t cross one good ball in the area for their new pretty boy . Alvarez did his job

  6. it looks like city has no control over the midfield and so many miss passes, and liverpool quick in arriving opponent box, it is reason of their pace and tall player

  7. we talked about how the AFA has scouted 2 more Europe based kids to represent the U20’s namely Alvaro Killane, goal keeper playing for Getafe youth and Rafael Pfauser, RB playing for a youth team with a German club.
    They have also lured 3 more 2 for the U17’s and 1 for U15s.
    Nicolas Meringolo, CB playing with Juventus u17s.
    Nicolas Marcipar, CB playing with Bacelona 15s.
    Mateo Sciancalepore, winger playing at Espanyol youth team.

  8. I saw Molina play today. A little shaky defensively and was subbed out with the rest of the team around 60 minutes in. Let’s hope he stays a starter and Simeone can help him become strong defensively.

    Was hoping to see Lisandro but he didn’t get to play. Probably too soon to play.

  9. I’m happy that he is seeing Alvarez true potential… I’d hate for Alvarez to be benched because Pep decisions to play with Grealish and Mahrez with Haaland up front.. I think Alvarez can play with Haaland by opening space for him with his movement upfront- he just needs chances… his preseason plays were very promising…if Alvarez plays and scores in Supercup all of Argentina fans will be superhappy!

    • Yes he will be surely getting minutes in today’s match due to haaland injury concerns. Hitting a goal against the title contenders would be a huge boost for Alvarez.

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