Gio Lo Celso could remain at Villarreal, Fiorentina an option


Gio Lo Celso could remain at Villarreal with Fiorentina also being an option.

Lo Celso’s priority is to sremain with Villarreal. According to Gastón Edul, there is going to be a final meeting in the next few hours.

Fiorentina are also an option with rumors emerging in recent weeks that the Italian based club would be interested in signing the Argentine. Lo Celso spent last season on loanfrom Tottenham Hotspur at Villarreal, helping them reach the semi finals of the Champions League.


  1. Gio Simeone is closer to join Dortmund.
    I think it will be a great move & surely make him technically sharper by regularly playing in Germany!

  2. Some of u are determined to make mediocre players great by writing to much about doesn’t work like that locelso and foyth are very average players u can not convince people by stating they did that and that. u know good players by watching them for five minutes. locelso especially is bad he will be club-less in a few years like Ricky was at least foyth does his job well he can be a good squad player like nacho is no more than that. locelso does not look good on the eye does not assist has terrible finishing he loses position 25 times in a game on average this is a fact.

    • Does not look good on the eye? I don’t think so. When he has the ball he looks very pleasing to the eye. When he gets into the right team he would be always a very good player. Don’t judge him with his spurs years and with goal scoring abilities. He has other great qualities of a midfielder that contributes to our title winning journey.

    • If not played under appropriate system even Messi can look mediocre !! Before his move to Villarreal, I had the same impression of Locelso. His one season at Betis , felt like one hit wonder season but his last season in LaLiga completely changed my perception. His ability to hold on the ball with his not so strong build body and generate creative passes while being challenged by multiple opposition player was the highlight of that season and in our team beside Messi and Dimaria , no-one as him in creating chances!!

      Regarding Foyth, yes he is not a natural RB but Villarreal and Emery don’t want him to move forward like a traditional full back. He was a fortress in that right flank and I wouldn’t mind Scaloni sub Molina out and play Foyth if we are defending a lead in the world cup.

    • Quote
      [ocelso does not look good on the eye does not assist has terrible finishing he loses position 25 times in a game on average this is a fact]

      You’re talking absolute nonsense! How the hell is he supposed to look good on the eye when you clearly haven’t watched him play.
      Celso has shown in the CL against the likes of Juve and Bayern that he’s total class and THAT is a fact!

    • Highly disagree. Watching him is the very reason why I and many other people do rate him. It blows my mind that people can come here and comment on an Argentina National Team page and say Lo Celso is average or poor, have you ever watched him play for the very team this page is about? He was great in the qualifiers, Finalissima, Copa America, one of our best and most important players. And it’s not to say I haven’t watched him at his clubs, I watched him when he was in great form at Spurs and at Villarreal, so the only way you could draw such a wildly different conclusion from also doing the eye test is if you watched a couple of substitute appearances during his injury riddled bad form season in 20/21 and stopped there.

      • I followed him since his rosary days I had high hopes for him he was good at PSG he was growing but Tuchel didn’t want him he was very good at Betis but not as a midfielder he was a second striker lets not talk about his Tottenham days at Villareal you say he was good but he was running everywhere doing nothing he does not score assist loses the ball because he Dribbles with no end goal

  3. Villarreal simply holding out since they do not have pressure to buy. I’ll bet they’ll get a damn good price … and spurs can piss off with a loss.

  4. Nowadays many teams are successful with 3CB formation, and it will be the most popular formation at WC. We can also play: Licha Otamendi(Foyth) Romero – Acuna Paredes DePaul Papu Molina – Messi Lautaro.

    • Zaracho is a good player but Lo Celso way ahead of him in terms creativity and virtually everything else. The only thing Lo Celso lacks is finishing, he is not good at converting chances but he is an absolutely indispensable pat of our midfield. With him on the pitch Messi plays better. We really missed Lo Celso vs Ecuador for example.

      • Equador was a decent side. The match was meaningless. Even with locelso nothing would change. He is not that great. Stop overhyping it. Even papu is better than him apart from his age

      • Spot on. Its not a competition to me at least right now. I firmly believe GLCs best position is an advanced midfielder. But he can do a lot more a swiss army knife if you will. I think with players of that profile coach’s find it difficult to set in a position. Also fans with attention span of a donut dont help. Unai played him exactly the way he can be successful. Scaloni too knows of a way for him to contribute in NT. We should be happy we have a player like him.

    • Zaracho is actually a very good player, b-2-b type that can score goals, defends deligently and plays in multiple positions BUT…Lo Celso all the way.
      You do have to remember that Celso is 3 years older and who knows, maybe in 3 years if Zaracho moves to europe he can prove to be a bigger success.

  5. Montiel should not be selected although he is a good player but Foyth and Mollina are much better than him. Right Back situation is fully sorted.Montiel and Ocampos should be dropped. Nico Gonzalez, J. Correa, A.Correa And Garnacho should be in consideration only two of them should be taken.
    J. Correa looks more focused now he should be in the team, A. Correa played good last season in La liga, N. Gonzalez has good positioning sense although I think with age his level dropped in 2019 in Saudi Arabia he was great,N.Gonxalez also looks good.

    • i couldn’t agree with you about j.correa, the amount of chance he got in nt , he just could n’t fill up or show any spark in the team, he always become clueless when he arrive in box

      • J. Correa this season looked good even against Estonia he was good. He looks motivated this season.

    • Scaloni does not see Foyth as a RB though and if you pay attention at our tactics and formation the only source of width for Scaloni is fullbacks as we tend to play quite narrow with a lot players very close to each other in midfield. Especially with Di Maria on the right we need someone to overlap on that side because Di Maria always drifts inside. Foyth is not overlapping, he’s stays put even in Villareal.

      • We have already seen Montiel against Son so against European pacy wingers Montiel will be eaten alive. Warrior Foyth has handled every elite European wingers in last season with Villareal.

        • It seems like we’re talking past each other. I personally want Foyth included in the final 26 squad but that does not change the fact that he does not overlap. If Di Maria or any other left-footed winger starts on the right we need somebody else to overlap. Foyth does not overlap, like ever so in attack he will be a non-factor considering how narrow we play otherwise. We need somebody to provide width and that somebody is not going to be Foyth. You’re only focusing on the defensive side of things whereas a modern fullback’s job is to both defend AND attack.

          • Foyth don’t need to be attacking. When we want attacking fullback we will play molina and when we will play little cautiously we should play foyth no need to play montiel. Villarreal is deep block defensive team obviously foyth will not attack there. In big knockouts u need the security of foyth no place of romanticism in world Cup. We many time saw how the best team is knocked out just because of coaches stubbornness

          • For width Di Maria and De Paul are enough on right side , Foyth can make sure nothing goes bad behind them.

    • The right back position may be fully sorted in your invented reality but Scaloni has given no indication that Foyth is above Montiel in his pecking order or that he has a clear single back up. That is still very much in the air. And your idea of putting “warrior Foyth” at left back is ridiculous, when has he ever played there and what makes you think there is any need for radical changes in that position? At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if you try to hire someone to clone multiple Foyths to fill in every position or even to have a few for yourself

      • ” I wouldn’t be surprised if you try to hire someone to clone multiple Foyths to fill in every position or even to have a few for yourself.”

        You have be a very good laugh @ Olive. Thank you!

      • Yeah who warms bench for whole year is rated high over the one who played like warriors in European soil, no wonder these Argentine lives in the world upside down.

        • World upside down is calling Foyth to be a left back for no reason. When did I rate Foyth higher as a footballer than Montiel? The argument I clearly made is that unlike what you seemingly convinced yourself of the right back position is not sorted and Scaloni has not shown at all that Foyth is ranked higher in that position than Montiel. Hold your horses before assuming that

  6. both papu and locelso is very good for arg, but they both have defensive weakness, if any of them falls into injury the first player to replace them it is zaracho, in my opinion he is also similar levels of player but zaracho is little good advantage is that he is not bad in defence

      • lo celso is creative player but he lacks physicality, you can’t win match always with creative player prime example is last liverpool and city match.. pep always give importance on creative player, his game plan importance on creativity , in pep system , barnardo silva, gundokan, de brune etc are key player they didn’t match with liverpool energy and physicality which help them to maintain level of pace and defence this is why city has less control in the game,
        but i have no doubt about lo celso skills but he is not defensive player and he has weakness in finishing , but when lo celso play with his full strength , messi has more freedom. so he is a very important player for nt.

        and i see zaracho is also similar quality player who is box to box player, he also lacks physicality but zaracho has some pace and defensive contribution, (i will suggest look at his play) so gome or lo celso fall injured then zaracho is first player to swap them

        • Lo Celso’s physicality is just fine, he contributes a lot defensively, he tackles, he intercepts, he hassles and he is very good at bringing the ball from the deep and is hard to dispossess.

          • i agree with you lo celso is very important player and everything you mention is right, but conte. “Italian manager does not believe Lo Celso has the physical capabilities needed to succeed in the Premier League”.

          • That’s an opinion of one manager. Conte’s style requires a lot of stamina and intensity, he basically uses box-to-box midfielders who are just runners and not creators per se.

            Pochettino signed him knowing well what to expect despite Premier League conditions. So it’s just Conte’s peculiarity. Lo Celso is very decent in tackle when needed. Still, I think Lo Celso’s style is much better suited for Spain and Italy.

          • GLC did succeed for a while under Mou but then all the turmoil hit and GLC wasnt performing as expected. I actually think Conte clashes with creative mids….hd demands a rigid system which doesn’t leave creative players like GLC much room to operate and feel comfortable. Conte even remarked one interview that “GLC didn’t stick to his position”

        • @Brightk your opinion with papu is right. He is not good at defending. But lo celso is far better than papu in defending. I think we saw that with villareal. Lo celso helped foyth many times in that right flank. Also in city’s case it’s not due to physicality they lost the match. It’s coz of both grealish and Mahrez. They didn’t track back to help the wing backs. it’s where a player like Jesus was vital for pep especially against liverpool. If city had started with Foden and Alvarez the result might have been different. Also city is adapting to a pure striker like haaland. The game changed a lot when Alvarez and Foden came in.

          • U run a lot when u are not good that’s what locelso is doing like milner do for Liverpool.locelso a creative player who doesn’t create I am 100% sure palacios will take his place during the world cup

    • Never ever will start another 34 years old midfielder next to Messi and Di Maria, Papu only a super sub. Palacios or Macallister are the back ups of RDP and GLC

      • i couldn’t agree with you about macallister to replace rdp or glc, a slow phased player in place of your best energetic midfielder and creative midfielder is complete disaster and foolish act.. this is a modern football you have to be fast, energetic and creative all in together

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