Javier Mascherano names Argentina U20 starting eleven vs. Valencia


Argentina U20 national team coach Javier Mascherano has named his starting eleven for the match vs. Valencia at the Alcudia COTIF tournament.

Javier Mascherano will look for his first win at the tournament after drawing 0-0 vs. Rukh Ukraine. He has made three changes to the eleven which started the last match with Vega, Lopez and Maestro Puch all starting.

Mascherano’s team has already scored with a goal by Juan Gauto, Argentina’s opening goal at the tournament. Maestro Puch would play a ball into Brian Aguirre and Aguirre would score and it’s 2-0 for Argentina. Here is the starting XI:

Federico Gomes Gerth
Agustin Giay
Lautaro Di Lollo
Roman Vega
Valentin Barco
Lautaro Lopez
Agustin Rodriguez
Nicolas Paz
Juan Gauto
Ignacio Maestro Puch
Brian Aguirre


  1. When we think about the near future after the days of Messi and Di Maria, we look pretty solid in pretty much all positions but DM.

    Goalie we should be fine for many years as goalies can play up to 37 years of age and more

    Right back: Among Masche current teams there are no good ones but luckily Molina, Foyth, and Montiel are still quite young.

    Left back: Acuna and Tagli are around 29-30 but luckily we produce a lot of talented ones here starting from Bernabei, Carboni, Aude, and Barco. Also Medina too.

    CB: Maxhe’s team has really bad CB, but we still have Cuti, Licha, Senesi, Perez as all of them are below 25.

    DM: Guido and Paredes. This position is quite worrying. Masche needs to produce the next Masche among the toulon team. Maxi Gonzales is so so, not that talented.

    MF: De Paul, Lo Celso, Palacios, MacAllister should still be available for at least 4 more years Papu will be too old, but we need more injections so bad here. The most ready one is Enzo Fernandez. Among the youngsters, so far the most talented one is Carlos Alcaraz. Among toulon team, I say Paz is quite OK. Also the captain Infantino and Buonanote but I won’t say all midfielders of Toulon are special at all.

    Right wing: This is our strongest position currently but Messi and Di Maria will be gone. Depending on when Messi will retire, the 28 years old Dybala should be our replacement. We will hope Soule and Luka Romero to mature fast as both can play this position. Then there is still Prestianni of Velez. But the gap of age between Dybala (28) and all the youngsters above (around 16-18) is too big.

    Left wing: Currently Nico Gonzales, both Correas. maybe Julian Alvarez, and we have the real golden boy Garnacho here. Xeballos and Velasco are available too. We are very safe here.

    Number 9: Lautaro is young and is untouchable. If he keeps his consistency, he has a chance to be one of our best number 9 in the history of Argentina. The back ups? real 9 not many. But Julian Alvarez can be played here. Gio Simeone let’s see if he can still improve. Santi Castro of Toulon is a long shot.

    • Julian Alvarez’s position is a mystery. Some say he is similar to Thomas muller such that he will be hovering around the main striker and uses his intelligent to get into correct position.
      Some promising names in no.9 are Santiago castro, Alejo veliz, Ignacio Puch but they have a long way to go

      • True julian Alvarez is more like Thomas muller,
        Very intelligent guy but I also can say julian has bit of Dribbling on his game than muller, another simler player julian reminded me is maxi Rodriguez.

    • Just brainstorming about the DM challenge. For the DM position it’s Ascacibar and a couple of other makeshift players who can play there e.g. Palacios, Licha Martinez and Nico Dominguez. Fausto Vera was once promising but his move to Brazil is unlikely to help his career. Let’s see if somehow he can still develop.

      Also given Zaracho’s great tacking abilities and defensive contribution maybe he can be tried there. He also needs to move out of Brazil asap. Porto wood be a good destination.

      None of them are pure DMs except Ascacibar who is not everyone’s cup of tea. He’s 25 now so approaching his peak in a couple of years. Let’s see how he does at Cremonese and perhaps gets noticed by a better club.

      • zaracho is not a defensive midfielder, he should not be a defensive midfielder, playing in defensive midfield it is waste of his attacking ability, in my opinion he is almost near to glc, and zaracho got some pace beside his defensive ability, he could be the ideal sub for Glc and gomes even for rdp in right midfield, despite he playing in brazil, recently he improves a lot, he is better than two years ago that he was

        • I agree it would not be ideal and he is indeed a very good player, has been solid since his Racing days. I’m talking about the makeshift options since we don’t exactly have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the future DM position.

          However to say that he’s almost near Lo Celso is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. Zaracho would have to compete with Palacios, Nico Dominguez, Enzo Fernandez, Papu Gomez and Mac Allister to be a sub for Lo Celso or De Paul. He’s 24 so it’s about time he makes a move to a better league. I would love for him to go Portugal for example.

          • i don’t feel that zaracho is behind nico domingues, enzo, or lastly macllister who is in my opinion very slow and turn out to be bad experiences at any moment,

            lastly i want to say plz look at zaracho play how he steals ball, how fast he moves his body, how he take care of ball when he is crowded, his long passes his short passes, his finishing everything plz look at them,
            lastly, i want say pep words about player,

            “Soccer is universal. Whoever knows how to play, knows how to play. Whoever is a scorer, is a scorer in Argentina as well as in England. Whoever is astute, is astute in Argentina and here.”

          • I’ve been keeping an eye on Zaracho since his Racing days, he’s a good player. Pep is right too however there is also a reason why some players end up in better leagues and some don’t. Playing in Europe also gives more visibility for the consideration of the national team.

            At the end of the day we can wish for such and such player to be called up but there is also reality to contend with. Scaloni and co have a core group of players in mind and unless injuries and lack or form happens, I doubt new players will be suddenly selected.

        • That’s very questionable. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but if we do have a player at the same level of our European club midfielders in his current form that’s gone completely over our head in another league that would be very remarkable. That’s a very large statement and you need to explain yourself a little more. Do you regularly watch him at Mineiro? Or did you just watch some highlights clips? Is he truly at the level for us right now or do you think he could improve more with a move to Europe? You had an aversion to Enzo Fernandez after watching him one game and never looked again so it’s surprising that you’re so confident about Zaracho in Brazil. Maybe I’ll catch a libertadores game this week but there needs to be more context

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