Enzo Fernández scores for Benfica in 4-1 Champions League qualifier win vs. Midtjylland


Enzo Fernández scored for Benfica in their 4-1 Champions League qualifier win vs. Midtjylland.

Fernández made his official Champions League debut for Benfica and stamped it with a goal. With Benfica leading 2-0, they were awarded a corner kick.

The cross was sent to the Argentine who was standing on the edge of the penalty area and his right footed shot would beat the goalkeeper and score. The 21 year old has impressed for Benfica since joining them in July.


  1. Alario is scoring game after game 🔥🔥…he will be the perfect substitute for L. Martinez in case we have a must win game in WC…he can be a Trump card for Scaloni like M. Gotze in wc I hope 🤞🤞✌️✌️

  2. Great window Argentina’s pointview
    Lich martinez to utd 8/10
    Molina to Atlético 8/10
    Alvarez to city 9/10
    Tagliafico to lyon 7/10
    Pérez to Udinese 9/10
    Enzo to benfica 9/10
    Di maria to juve 8/10
    Dybala to Roma 6/10
    If paredes move to juve it will be amazing 9/10
    Lo celso will definitely move 7/10
    Depending on which club
    If senesi move to seville or roma will be 9/10

    • Dybala’s Roma got a new teammate: Gini Wijnaldum. A really good midfielder.

      Messi’s Barca got a new teammate: Renato Sanches, which is a sign that Paredes is gone for sure.

      Acuna’s Sevilla will have a competition next year from Alex Telles. Before Telles, they were rumored to sign Reguilon from the Spurs. So it seems like Acuna will rotate next year with the new left back.

      Juventus need to sign an attacker/left winger, otherwise Di Maria will be overused.

        • PsG I mean. Btw Ten Haag is furious at CR7 attitude of leaving the team before the match finished in their last friendly. He said it is totally unacceptable behavior. CR7 has become a complete toxic now. He does whatever he wants.

          At the same time MU already approaches Ben Sesko. It seems like CR7 is as good as gone. The question is to where?

  3. enzo played very good, but we want to see him something similar to rdp, more advanced position in midfield, more active, more involvement, more progressing ball upword, playing in defensive midfield is not progressive for him as a player similar to de paul, defensive midfielder are little observative both in defence and both in forward they act like half defensive player, but enzo is not to be build as defensive midfielder, i hope he soon get chance to play like de paul, if he build as defensive midfielder i’m afraid he will lose some pace, attacking instinct

    • I think Benfica tends to use 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 formation where one central mid is a DM and another one is typically box-to-box who can shuttle back and forth and contribute in attack and in defense. Which is what Enzo is likely going to do. Box-to-box midfielders are a very typical feature of modern football so the more we have of those the better in my opinion. For a while Argentina produced good DMs and number 10s but nothing in between. Well, this has changed in the last couple of years with a plethora of central midfielders who can play that crucial midfield role in a modern game, i.e. connecting defense and attack (number 8 or 6 type of players).

    • Football has been changed, Enzo Fernandez is playing as deep laying playmaker for benfica which isn’t bad
      He similar profile player to leo paredes.
      The way I see enzo can play anywhere in middle weather it’s deep, double 5 , 8 or more advance role So far looks joy to watch .I”m so glad Argentina are producing right profile players rather than to many nu 10s or center forwards.

    • Very surprised to see Benfica using him as a DM position. I have similar itch to see him in RDP role. Hopefully we can get few more friendly before WC so Scaloni can use him to show Benfica actually his true potential.

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