Agreement reached between Leandro Paredes and Juventus


An agreement has been reached between Leandro Paredes and Juventus.

Leandro Paredes has been linked with a move to Juventus and that is now set to happen. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, an agreement has been reached between the player and the club.

The only things remaining is for Juventus to reach an agreement with PSG who are asking €15 million for him.


  1. Oh this is sad for messi he told at the press meet when signed for psg that the locker room friendship made his decision to Psg eassier as he has his mates ney, angel, pardees there now two of them left and neymer is not the one who he was seen in barca colors he is now more slefish like wants penalties and even free-kicks hope these changes wont hurt messis happiness

  2. According to Fabrizio Romano Bournemouth is looking to sign Senesi. It would be a great improvement in league and competitiveness for his career but Bournemouth are one of the top picks to go back down and Senesi at worse is a Europa League level player. I doubt Sevilla would go for him since they signed Marcao. Hope he gets presented with better options soon.

    • Yeah I read it too. Bournemouth is not a mid-bottom team of EPL. It will be similar move to Fede Fernandez when he moved to Swansea. The only good thing is he gets to face a lot of world top strikers there but am not sure if Bournemouth is a good team to use as a stepping stone to a bigger club. For me not good news.

      Again it is strange. A lot of top clubs were/are looking for CB such as Chelsea need 2, Spurs, Inter, Napoli, Milan, Barca, PSG, Juventus, Arsenal, Roma, Sevilla, and many more. All of them go for anyone but him?

      • Yes, u and Olive absolutly right about Bournemouth who will be the most favored yo-yo teams to drop straight down back to Championship as it is also quite strange too even i think he featured greatly in Europa Ligue final in all and all during the game against Roma and that point i was thinking that maybe Mou would sign him for Roma, but as u said there are so many teams after Cb’s, but none else than Bournemouth seems to have intrest with Senesi who i Still rank quite high after what i saw from him in Europa Ligue final against Roma even Feynoord lost, but Still i felt like he was one of those players for Feynoord who played well enough or should i say better than at least quite many of his team mates in fact and so on…

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