Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile announce candidacy to host 2030 FIFA World Cup


Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile have announced their candidacy to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

The four nations put their name in the hat to host the World Cup in eight years time. It would be exactly 100 years since the first World Cup which was also hosted in Uruguay.

A conference was held in Montevideo, Uruguay on Tuesday where executives of all four countries were present for the announcement.


  1. Hopefully South America gets the WC in 2030, a century after the first edition.
    If all 4 teams qualify automatically (don’t know if that is the case) there is little use in setting up WC qualifiers. Already in 2026 Conmebol gets 6,5 spots (6 qualify and one play off).

    Conmebol needs to get Guyana, Surinam and French Guyana in to be able to set up some sort of qualifying campaign.

  2. Enzo with a goal what a player we have Argentina has a very good midfield generation now 21or 22 year-olds are very good Enzo Alcaraz Almendra if he improves his behaviour fausto and Varela are very good players

  3. Kevin aka kanivder you are absolutely disgrace, You are most inconsistent and irritating guy in here.

    As Enganche is one of the well balance , rational and good guys in here.

  4. Alex Tellas to Sevilla is done it will be good to see Acuna vs Alex Tellas.Alex Tellas is good player he will put some pressure on Acuna to perform well at Sevilla

  5. Kavinder, are you a football expert? You want Foyth to play LB, RB, CB basically everywhere. You don’t care that he has next to zero offensive contribution, you used to call Tagliafico awful, called for inclusion of Franco Russo after he had one good game for Mallorca and then forgot all about him, claimed Senesi was bad at passing the ball, claimed that Scaloni played as a LB during his career, that Montiel was bad and then you called him good etc, etc, the list goes on and on. You constantly make a fool of yourself. More often than not you have very strange, peculiar, idiosyncratic opinions based on arguably alternate, parallel reality.

    In any case, I wish you well, whatever you or I or whoever may want at the end of the day it’s up to Scaloni and his entourage.

    • “According to Mundo Deportivo, de Paul is currently locked in a legal battle with his ex-partner Camila Homs. One of the entry requirements for Qatar you must not have a conviction, legal complaint or any other such matter in order to obtain a visa. While the issue is not a criminal one, de Paul and Homs are disputing child maintenance payments, the Catalan daily claims it might impede his entry to the World Cup.”

      • OMG! this sounds like a serious matter! Please, for Arg’s sake i pray and hope that this one will be sorted before WC as it will and allready feels like horror movie without RDP at WC in Qatar!

        It is just really so important to have him with Arg at WC at Qatar!
        Please ” El Diego from the heaven’s or whereever u and your great soul are i really wish from the bottom of my heart that u will hear this prayer of mine and also and most propably too from anyone who truly supporting Arg and Arg only, that RDP will be able to play at WC in Qatar!

  6. “He played pretty well – he is just a teenager but his performance was really good”. Erik ten Hag, so happy with Alejandro Garnacho.
    young player are giving really tough competition to be included in selection..

    in midfield, RDP and locelso at the moment is non-replaceable
    position wise if it is seen.

    paredes and guido is currently the option in defensive midfield

    palacios who can play all three position of midfield, but majorly he plays in central zone and defensive midfield..

    nico domingues who also can play all three position but mainly he is a defensive midfielder,

    enzo who is another player who can be play all three position, but he is also now experincing with defensive midfield.

    gomes who is technical player, his finishing and handling ball is very good only thing he has problem is defence and short in height may don’t help for pace or quickly arrive in opponent box, player to substitute glc

    though i don’t like macclister bcs of his slowness, he also experienced in defensive midfield.

    correa , dybala, alvares who can used as attacking midfielder but i don’t see any of them good defensive attribute..

    and zaracho who is attacking midfielder he has good pace, defensive contribution, some good finishing, b2b type of player

    so defensive midfield is quit a overwhelmed , but you have to choose only two player in here which is paredes and guido , and palacios he is just consider allrounder in midfield, but he is also majorly plays in defensive midfield

    so nico dom, macllister , enzo until he experience to play advance midfield, they have very little chance to be included

    • Depends who you drop for him, it’s either Lo Celso or De Paul which I would not personally do just yet. I would say if Enzo has to be in the squad then it’s probably at the expense of Mac Allister.

      • I will take anyone decent for McAllister and Joakin Correa. I admit that somehow I developed allergies to these two players (when it comes to the National team).

        For me, he can substitute for LoCelso or Parades. I think he would fit well in a four men midfield.

  7. hahaha, first the third world country thing and now this. Seems that for whatever reason the topic of Foyth generates a lot of geopolitical tensions and clashes

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