Lionel Messi scores twice for PSG in 5-0 win vs. Clermont Foot


Lionel Messi scored twice for PSG in their 5-0 win vs. Clermont Foot.

Messi had two goals and one assist in PSG’s opening Ligue 1 match. A rejuvenated Argentine who was sharp from the opening minute.

It was Neymar who scored the first goal but it was Messi with the assist. A pass into the penalty area found Messi and his toe poke found Neymar who scored to give PSG the 1-0 lead.

With PSG leading 3-0, it was Messi who had the ball in midfield. He would start PSG’s attack and pass it to Neymar who would return the ball back to Messi and he would score his first goal of the match.

The last PSG goal, Messi’s second, was truly out of this world. Leandro Paredes would cross the ball to Messi who would chest it and score with an overhead kick.

@mundoalbiceleste Lionel Messi scores for PSG. #LionelMessi #Messi #ParisSaintGermain #Paris #PSG #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste

@mundoalbiceleste Lionel Messi scores for PSG! #LionelMessi #Messi #ParisSaintGermain #Paris #PSG #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste


  1. I am tired of this EPL sucker el principe…..EPL is different league my ass…..when the league is consist of overrated players and biased media u can say these things……el Principe u r the most annoying person in this forum because of your lack of knowledge about football….u are not a supporter of argentina that for sure.

    • I have been in this forum for long enough to say that I, including many others, enjoy reading el_principe but cannot think of reading anything good from you to take you to el_principe’s level.
      PS. I’m even worse than you when it comes to footballing knowledge. So, we should value and protect those who contribute good stuff in this forum.

    • I agree with Rahman here. This guy Shuvam have nothing positive to contribute. He just keeps saying no one understands football lol!! Though I have never seen anything but insults from him.

      Nothing wrong with el_principe here. I have been here since 2006, have seen many.

  2. BTW: If you look at both goals conceded by Man United today, watch Maguire’s positioning and movement.

    On the 1st goal, Lisandro reads the play perfectly but cannot react on time.

    The one thing I said is I hope Lisandro is paired with Varane because if it’s Maguire, goals will leak. He is a slow and confused player. Maguire has highlight reels of mistakes all over youtube.

  3. Transfer to City could turn out to be an extremely bad decision for Julian!! Playing 10-15mins per week and on top of that your team mates hesitant to pass to you even when you are in good position is a very bad sign for him. It’s his 2nd official match for City and in his last game despite scoring an important goal his passing and crosses were poor. A new player competing against a proven striker in Europe, Haaland, its must that Julian’s game should have very few negatives in his first 8-10 matches otherwise your team mates could lose confidence on you. Messi losing a lot of possession last season was one reason he wasn’t receiving too many passes. City midfield was always looking for Haaland and once he was subbed out for Julian, nobody was feeding Alvarez the same kind balls!!Today, Alvarez did nothing wrong but with zero shots on goal he did nothing right either. Its only first match of the league but Julian is 22 years of age and at this age where you should be playing 70-80mins per match, his playing time is limited to last 10mins+ injury time per week. If it continues this way then it is a very bad news for our direct back up to Lautaro!!

    • Totally disagreed. Playing 20 mins per week at City is better than playing 90mins every week at MLS or farmers team. We are lack of young players who are willing to challenge themself and compete at the highest level of European clubs. Julian already has superstar mentality.

      He will be a super sub at WC this year. So it’s also good for him to be an essential backup in his club this season

    • It’s only the 1st game and the EPL have ton of games, cups, and Champions League. Julian just needs to take his chances when the opportunity arises, impose himself, and demand the ball. He cannot be boyishly timid and shy – which I think he will when he gets comfortable and confident.

      I saw Haaland yelling at Grealish in the tunnel during the preseason during half-time, “pass me the ball. I was in position. That’s why I’m here! That’s why I’m here!” He wasn’t rude and even smiled.

      Sometimes you need to speak up to your teammates.

    • Disagree. This was one game. To make a jump from the Argentina local league up to the best team in the world and be getting minutes in every single game so far (especially in the Premier League) is actually a very positive sign. Look at how many of our players have ended up in the MLS or have struggled to get minutes at midtable teams. Man City are notorious for competing in all four competitions until the late stages and there will be many opportunities for him to get minutes. Look at how he dribbled past the supposed $100 million Declan Rice. This year is also special in that teams will face even more burnout because of the World Cup, so the group stages of the champions league will end sooner and many games will be crunched together. He’s also training with Guardiola where he will learn a lot even if he doesn’t get 60 minutes every game. If 10 minute cameos continue for several more games I see the concern but as of now he’s fine.

  4. I still believe Lisandro can be converted to CDM with Cuti & Senesi (or Otamendi) at CB.

    On the left side CM: Paredes (given a chance to play up the pitch and use his creative skills).

    On the right side CM: DePaul

    And Messi, DiMaria, and Latauro in the final third

    I would like to see at least 45 minutes of this lineup in a friendly to see how it goes.

  5. i was expecting some minutes for garnacho.
    in left midfield pecking order is
    locelso>papu>zaracho not j.corrrea or ocampos or acuna
    and central or right sided midfield rdp>Enzo>palacios
    defensive midfield paredes>guido>palacios>enzo>nico domingues

    in left winger
    nico gonzales = gernacho

  6. Yesterday Dibu conceded a goal similar to the header against Chile. Again it was a header from distance, he could have moved one or two steps back and saved it but instead he was slow and jumped without reaching the high curvy ball.

    In both cases, it looks like the ball was moving slow enough to allow him to step back a little then jump.

    I think he is the best in the world but he needs to learn from mistakes.

  7. After bad frist half Lisandro martinez played well in the 2nd half and He was best from worst manu…i think he will definitely hit at Manu.
    Freed, McTominay..what type of midfielder they are! Bulshit!
    And as defensive mid very good game from mac alsiter. He was just unlucky for own goal..
    Rasford,sancho all are just average player

  8. Those talking shit about Lisandro Martinez are trolls and don’t deserve to called Argentina supporters.
    The main problem was midfield with Fred and Scott McTominay; although it wasn’t the best game for martinez. When midfield is dead, the defense is exposed especially when playing high defensive line; the team will definitely concede a lot of goals. Fullbacks were terrible especially Luke Shaw. And perhaps Malacia should take his place.

  9. I see an encouraging start of Lisandro Martinez, the real problem is this man utd is struggling, it’s a real punishment for any football fan to watch them playing, this team suffers so much when the opponents press tough and nobody is capable of holding the ball or of giving an accurate pass, the run of the wingers and fullbacks are very predictable.

    • True I swear Lisandro had decent game overall, thier midfielder is the worst in the Premier league Way below average,
      I mean Fred and Scott McTominay
      They are sh…t and it’s the reason man utd lost today

      • yes exactly, btw good game of mc Allister he was tough defensively, I think the coach trying to convert him to a central defensivr midfielder, may not be a bad idea given that he wasn’t a great creative player so far.

  10. First of all, Licha played below average I should say. His second half was better but he appeared to lose his confidence in the first half. EPL is a different league, especially if you are a center back, you need to adjust.

    I remember Cuti first 2 months in the Spurs last year was not that good either, he got a red card in a conference league game and made a couple of uncharacteristic mistake here and there in other matches. But he ended up the EPL signing of the season according to the top EPL commentator, Jamie Carragher.

    As for Licha, well MU is a team that buys or has a lot of expensive super overrated English players such as Rashford, Sancho, and Maguire. Sancho? what’s so good about him? Right sided winger playing like that? Rashford also very average. Then Maguire, everyone knows how bad he is.

    Then there is an issue with CR7 and who seemed to be a toxic. Then there is an issue with the team itself. The team never looked that strong after Sir Alex retired. They tried everything but nothing seemed to work. We were hoping that the fact that Ten Hag is the coach, it could someone help Licha’s progress there but in the first match, everything seems to not go that way.

    Last year Nuno Santo won his first 3 of EPL match only to be sacked a month after after 3 games losing streak. I am sure MU will be more harsh. If Ten Hag failed to win next match, he could be in danger. Well Licha too.

  11. Why all the member furious on lisandro?he played very good,the entire man u team is juat a mess and midfield dosen’t control the ball or received the ball and all the blame is gose to lisandro?the team is new,coach is new,lisandro himself new and this is the 1st match of the season…. I Don’t know about man u how they perform entire season but i beleive lisandro will perform well from the next game

    • thank you Avi finally someone. I watched the whole game… The best player for the shitty ManU was Lisandro. Period. And I’m sorry to disappoint everyone but, not only coz of his owngoal, but the worst on the pitch was MacAllister. He needs to stay away from NT

      • MacAllister is a DM now which is good news for me because in the seleccion, the 2 DM we have Paredes and Guido are untouchable. The latest pecking order in the Estonia game shows that he is the third DM at the moment. We might bring him to the WC but I think (and I hope) he will not play any single significant minutes.

        He started off his career as number 10 then left winger, then number 8 now number 5 (DM). It reminds me of his replica Jose Sosa. Sosa was also an attacking midfield but then he turned into more of a DM or CM at least later in his career. He was doing OK in the match. One of his few good things about him is he knows his limitation and that he is willing to defend. He did that role today pretty much.

        I think the current pecking order of our seleccion is:
        Paredes -> Guido -> MacAllister
        De Paul -> Palacios
        Lo Celso -> Papu -> Acuna

        Scaloni will bring the 7th midfielder. It seems to be MacAllister, but there is still time for Enzo Fernandez to challenge him. Bringing MacAllister means we will have 3 DM: Paredes, Guido, and MacAllister in the World Cup. Bringing Enzo instead would mean we have the back ups of De Paul and Palacios in midfield.

        • There is plenty of time for Enzo Fernandez, even player like Carlos Alcatraz should he sign for Fc Porto. Otherwise inclusion of McAllister will be to be team’s detriment.

  12. L.Martinez was solid in the second half and also displayed his offensive threat . Can’t remember if the foul on Welbeck was in the first or second half but he was extremely lucky to not concede a penalty and a second yellow or even a straight red. How could VAR miss it!! Other than that yellow, foul on Welbeck and one minor error where he missed the ball , he was okay!!

    Alvarez is on bench!! Hopefully he will get at least 30mins today!!

  13. Man U totally outplayed in mid field and defence Martinez has played second half better with few more matches under his belt he will grow in confidence people are so poor they criticise everything this is first season and first match give him sometime

    • Exactly his first match only and he has shown a good fight in the second half but in these forum some shit 💩heads are criticising him…In the upcoming matches he will dominate mark my words 🔥🔥 Take a screenshot of my comment ✌️🇦🇷

  14. I am sure lisandro will play better with a few more matches under his belt. But the worry is if he doesnt start well and Man utd fans and the English media starts criticizing, his confidence might take a beating before the w cup. All the best for the second half.
    Macallister did well for the second goal though.

  15. Poor performance lisandro Martinez. short ,slow and physically weak when comparing to welbeck. Idon’t know why so many people rates him so highly .In my opinion ,he is moderate only . We need Romero ,Senesi, Foyth and Nahuel Perez . It will be dangerous if you use lisandro when facing Europe team in world cup

    • I think there is no place for lisandro in world cup . Left back we have acuna ,tagliafico, Defensive midfield we have Paredes, Rodriguez or Macallester
      .Central defender we have otamendi ,Romero ,Senesi, Foyth, Pezzela or Naheul Perez,

      • ” I think there is no place for lisandro in world cup .”

        Please, Maxilopez830 do not talk about things u don’t clearly understand about Licha and do not also judge him by his first EPL game at Old Traford as MANU has been completly lost since Fergie’s retirement and i higly doubt that without Fergie they would have never dominated in England as they did during Fergie’s time simple as that, though they might have had some great players in the past during Fergie’s era, but Still i highly doubt that most of theese players specially the British borned one’s would have never become such a known X-footballers or some known maybe as MANU legends with Sir Bobby Charlton and Co, etc…in fact on those who came from outside of England and had to go through every day from morning to evening and listen to a Fergie’s hair dryer or how he would feet players not performing to pig’s for having them eaten alive etc…where the one’s who should be amongst those British born players who are now called as X MANU legends as only CR7 and maybe Cantona were the one’s preciated, but in England never Mind how bad player u have in a team as rich as MANU as fir example Maguire who is not only a very bad player, but also very terrible Person indeed and now instead captaining MANU he should Still serve some time in Greek jail, but because money can allmost buy anything he is now captaining MANU and much, much worst than that he is partnering Lisandro who should clearly played with Varane who at least have won quite a few Champions League’s with Real Madrid in the past, but no instead Then Haag should have appointed another Captain, though don’t know who exept maybe DE GEA or maybe Varane, but because English fans though many are dissliking Maguire in theese days Still there is many who want have a English Captain at MANU and wish that he will reach the level which he once had at Leicester, but completly lost it all in MANU as there so many moreissues with MANU and i’m not talking about PENALDO as i let him alone, because simply not worth of talking about him at all!

        The MANU team been seriously so bad and even the ownwers as Glaziers family which i do wish to talk about either are so hated by most MANU fans, but Still they live and breath everyday from their money and want more signings with cost of anything as there is no limit in the sky for English transfer window as an average player will cost easily from 30-50 milliond pounds or even more as dickhead Richarlison was sold by Everton to Spurs as 60 milllion and Still Everton can’t afford to buy really quality players as the club is run by very poorly as for Brighton the Club been runned very cleverly and i do not talk about Mac Allister now or that they managed sold x Barca academy player Cucurella who joined Brighton from Getafe id i’m correct, perhaps i’m not, but Still Brighton have a very goog manager backed by very clecer board behind him who trust in his process and alkready the last 2 year’s Brighton has show’n that they are up for the task to be, not maybe yet in super 6, but perhaps just after if Then Haag continue to play with Maguire and Mc Tominney Fred and Rasford etc.,,in fact at the moment even Bruno looks lime complete shit as does Sancho too also Shaw and the rest besides De Gea and Licha and hopefully Garnacho too are in my point of view with Eriksen the players at the moment in Manu that can make the maybe the real difference, this sounds a bit crazy and scary too for every MANU fan’s out there as luckily i never been one, LoL! Not even when Veron and Heinze played there, though i admired both of players as Rojo was also Ok at the beginning for example, but a team with such a calibre as MANU has been one the biggest joke’s by allready many year’s and i truly hope for Licha’s sake that Then Haag can get it back to business as they perhaps say in England as i do not really give a shit about EPL only about those Arg players who are playing in there otherwise i would not even watched it at all, but since i was born at 70’s and after Arg won their first WC trophy at 1978 and quite quick after that Ardilesand Villa moved to Spurs and because my old man was a Spurs fan i have kind supported Spurs and can remember so many players lured out from Spurs specially by MANU, LoL! I have to admit that those players MANU lured away from Spurs deffenetly had more success and won trophies with MANU than Spurs as it is now 40 blody year’s from Spurs last FA CUP trophy ! Lol! Anyhow even Spurs did not treat GLC in a goid way, Still many Arg players in the past and present are Spurs fan’s favourite’s as because of Ardiles and Villa’s early days as i won’t compare it never to Napoli’s fans about Arg Players, but since El Diego there has not been so many Arg’s playing for Napoli which kind surprises a bit as i do know how fanatic they are in Napoli and also i know that the fan’s like Arg players, but somehow the board of Napoli doesn’t seems so intrested about Arg players , well whether it is coincidence or not i won’t comment more on that instead Ten Haag must do something about his team and buy at least one or 2 more players as specially creative middfielder could a option, but also hey should get instead perhaps more deffensive minded CM or pure DM would be even better or another option is like Wisdom said to put Licha as DM which i would dare to do, but i think Ten Haag see’s Licha as pure LCB or he at least want’s to buy one DM before the market shut down and if he don’t get any then, maybe his onlybiption will be moving Licha as DM not because Licha can’t play LCB, no,not at all Licha can play LCB very well, perhaps even better than DM or maybe it doesn’t matter for him at all as wehave not yet seen him play that many times as DM so hard to tell fully about it, but i’m sure that right now he is the best Cb and also DM currently at MANU as things stands as they are, period! So please anyone frustrated on MANU dont put it on Licha’s shoulders as he is perhaps currently the one best players in the whole squad and i’m dead serious about it even Penaldo is Still there and Bruno and now Eriksen which could turn out be major factor with Licha abroad if Ten Haag can get the other players or should say the English players perhaps as Rasford, Sancho, Shaw etc., but not Maguire as he should not be even close to the team at all as same goes for McTominney and maybe Fred too, so it is quite difficult job that Ten Haag has taken and he either needs a lot new players or somehow turn his English borned players back to their best they ever were as i never really seen them consistant enough for a single season only more just some glimpsesh and flashes and highlights etc.. and he must start to trust his young gun’s more as Elanga and now also Garnacho too and not just give them a couple of minutes etc… in fact i would not be surprised to see allready some big changes for the next MANU game, well we will see and all enjoy the famous Penaldo’s summer soap opera once more, lol!

    • Its his first match and on top of that Utd’s poor midfield is putting too much pressure on the defense. Non of the goals was his fault, yes he tried to dribble and lost the ball and got booked for fouling but the midfielder’s incompetency is making him look bad so far. Man Utd toxic fans are already putting too much blame and criticizing him and if Utd doesn’t perform then it will be Ten Hag soon.

    • The same guy that handled Haaland and Nunez with ease can’t deal with Welbeck? People in this forum watch football more than you do, so go somewhere else.

    • Has Senesi even played a match before making such comments.
      Licha was given his chance in NT and satisfied Scaloni. Thank God you were not the one appointed as the team’s manager.

  16. Good to see Messi back to his best, he’s gonna shut up all those doubters who dared to say that he’s passed it. Also should give props to Paredes for that pass *does a chef’s kiss*.

    I also managed to catch the Neverkusen game and Palacios actually played quite well, too bad his team lost to Broussia.

    • Very good to hear about Palacios too as so happy for Messi to once more proove all the haters so wrong as i never really understood where that hatred towards Messi even came from as for me he alkways been Messi and Still is and will allways be, but this is the year as we all know to try to lift that WC trophy once more so hopefully he most importantly stays fit and not get too much tired as for sure after all the french media+also some worldwide media too have treated him so badly as it is so unrightfully done as the world sadly is too, so i’m sure he must be super happy too for so far how things have started allready from preseason etc. Also what a pass from Paredes as completly insane one, Still i quess talks are going on with Juve and i would not Mind him to join Juve, but also at same time i want him to company with messi and show also PSG that they should perhaps treat him a bit better than they have done, anyhow all the best for every Argentine player whereever they are playing!

  17. Gio Lo Celso agrees personal terms with Fiorentina, but not sure if Fiorentina can agree on the fees as the Spurs ask about €20 million.

    Fiorentina would be good for Lo Celso if that’s true. He will get to play with Nico Gonzales as both Nico and Lo Celso are left sided players in Argentina.

  18. Poch is overrarted dude. He’s popular cause he stirred English side to CL final. Under this new manager, counting pre season , Messi already scored 4 goals and an assist lol

  19. Stunning bicycle kick ! Now everyone blame Poche for not optimizing Messi and Neymar during his term; focusing on golden Boy Mbappe. Meanwhile without Mbappe, another third super star the flow is more lively and all play well,

    Messi at age 35 is still the mega star and an inspiration for the team. No doubt with it.

  20. That pass from Paredes has added another 5 million to his price tag.

    It was quite frustrating to see Messi only getting one shot at the goal in the first half even though he was a lot more involved in the match and also provided lovely assist for Neymar’s first goal. Second half he started to play a lot closer to the goal but selfish Hakimi wasn’t providing him the pass back. Hakimi was one of the reason last season, Messi struggled to perform his natural game. I am glad Neymar passed the ball to Messi for his first goal. Had it been Mbappe he would have never passed to Messi from that range even though both Keeper and Defender were in good position to deny the goal. I don’t need to say anything about Leo’s Second goal. Its been discussed all over the internet. Opposition fans were
    chanting his name. His first bicycle/ over head kick goal apparently!! Great start to the season and these three goals will be a enormous confidence booster!!

    • Absolutely spot on hakimi doing the same thing from last season and also nuno Mendez & bernat do the same, very few passes to Messi. With or without goals Messi played beautifully yesterday and we have to give credit to graiter…

    • One of the best long ball passer and progressive passer itw (since 17/18):

      Progressive passes per 90:

      Paredes 8,18
      Kroos 7,75
      Thiago Alcantara 9,5
      Modric 6,8
      Busquets 6,44
      Verratti 9,29
      De Bruyne 8,14

      Progressive distance per 90:

      Paredes 504m
      Kroos 473m
      Thiago Alcantara 433m
      Modric 336m
      Busquets 376m
      Verratti 475m
      De Bruyne 318m.

      Passing genius. Irreplaceable

    • Paredes is one of the most underrated player in Europe. When I used say paredes is good as Verratti if he isn’t better people used laugh at me , leo paredes is such unique footballer on his position and joy to watch .

    • hard for Paredes to fit in a 3412, the 2 midfielders need to cover lots of zones, not really Paredes’s style. I see a brilliant future of him if he joins juve, much more compatible with the players there.

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