Leandro Paredes could join Juventus after Adrien Rabiot joins Manchester United


Leandro Paredes could be joining Juventus as they are waiting for Adrien Rabiot to sign with Manchester United.

Paredes will reportedly be going back to Italy. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Juventus are waiting for Rabiot to sign with Manchester United in order for them to focus on Leandro Paredes to replace him.

The 28 year old Argentine previously played for Chievo, AS Roma and Empoli prior to signing with Zenit Saint Petersburg. He joined PSG in 2019 and has been deemed surplus by the PSG board.


  1. GIO simeone to Dortmund is off, as Gio was not for sale or loan immediately and Dortmund quickly moved to sign Modeste as Haller replacement.
    Guido to Man Utd. is a possibility before the transfer window closes.
    Parades to Juve is almost certain.

  2. It seems so obvious that he’ll be a good fit in this team, I believe in his partnership with Locatelli. Juve has been struggling in those pre-season matches, they need definitely a regista like him, able to dictate the tempo and able to break the lines with the pass.

    • I agree JUVE/Italy is a great environment for him but mr lethargic needs energetic pressing mids next to him like GLC and RDP. Pogba + Paredes might not be ideal but let’s see what happens..

      • yes agreed, pogba is world class with his national team but very different player with club unfortunately. GLC is the best fit to replace Rabiot but only Fiorentina shows interest. I guess Napoli will be keen on Lo Celso if Fabian Ruiz leaves for PSG.

  3. A lot of noise on Guido to Man utd everywhere. EPL will improve him further may be but then if it does not go well, it could be a problem right before the world cup. He is loved at Betis and is a starter.

    • Honestly, Guido should stick to Betis until after the world cup. Man Utd is a shit show and it was evident from their first match that it will take a while for Ten Hag to fix the issues. Their midfield is a huge mess and their forwards other than Ronaldo are suboptimal. Hopefully the toxic fans wont take their frustration out on Licha.

      • Yeah.. I agree. Also hopefully licha improves in the next 2 matches. You would atleast take 3-4 matches to get used to the new team. Also, he was not part of the Tours.
        But till the time their midfield is improved, the defense would struggle.

    • I would catch Man U games every week to watch him with Lisandro and if course Garnacho off the bench. Man U desperately need an actual DM (which by the way, I can not BELIEVE that for three years they haven’t gotten one when it is obviously the biggest hole in their squad perhaps even worse than CB. Really mindblowing. Even PSG are coming to their senses) so I am sure that if Ten Hag has sanity he will get many minutes since he’s better than Fred and Mctominay. But again, it’s Man U, probably the most risky team to join in the world. Guido will really have to weigh the risks if he’s considering his move and determine many things. I also don’t think there is any need for him to move from Betis before the WC so it’s an unnecessary risk

  4. Almost all english media repoting that more than 20 teams approach ManU for a loan move for A. Gramcho 😱
    Insane i havent seen this much hype and teams wantes a youngster other than MESSI. So surely something is unique in Grancho compare to others. I am so glad to see this i was wondering will we have a ballondor player after messi
    Seems like grancho going to get 1-2

  5. Despite one of the worst corners I have ever seen 🙂 Dybala had a fantastic game against Shakhtar. He really showed his technical skill, accurate short and long passes, 1-2s, mazy dribbling, shots on target.. he displayed it all… It was the Dybala Show.

    • But dybala is useful only when Argentina dominates the match fully like that against Italy. Then he can come as a sub and make an impact as there is no pressure. Any other situation dybala could make our team weaker. Scaloni won’t use dybala with Messi when we lead by 1 goal or trail by 1 goal. So dybala could be an unused sub with Messi in the 11. Don’t know how dybala can be implemented and make impact to change a game. Also in a 4 3 3 dybala would struggle to cope with elite teams in attack without Messi.

      • Dybala can be brought in if we desperately need a goal! He has that x-factor which draws defenders and is able to create or score a goal out of nowhere. But yes, we can’t have Messi , Dimaria and Dybala , all three on the pitch simultaneously under normal circumstances.

  6. Man, I wish this move would have happened already, kinda tired on this wait for Juventus. Paredes is our key midfielder and needs to have a piece of mind too and a starting role in Italy. I think he would do well at Juventus.

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