Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni speaks on Lionel Messi, World Cup


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about Lionel Messi and the World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni has played in one World Cup as a player. At the 2006 World Cup, he was part of the starting XI which played against Mexico when Maxi Rodriguez scored his memorable goal.

Scaloni will now be coaching at the World Cup. He was part of the 2018 World Cup coaching staff and was named coach shortly after the tournament. Speaking in an interview with ESPN, Scaloni mentioned how Lionel Messi found out that he was going to be the coach. Here is what he had to say:

“After Russia, we called him with Pablo (Aimar) from Valencia to tell him that wer were temporarily going to take over. He was the captain of the national team with Masche (Javier Mascherano). It was time for him to hear it from us.

“He showed love for the national team. That reflects on his team mates. That desire he shows to win. It was all very natural.”

In regards to the 2022 Qatar World Cup:

“The first is Saudi Arabia. The three are difficult but the first one has something different to it. It’s the debut.

“After that, Mexico, historically, we know that they grow at World Cups. They have a great coach (Gerardo Martino) and great players. Poland is the European opponent. Beyond that they qualified through playoffs, they have their players, Lewandowski, Zielinski, players of good level.

“I go match by match. It’s useless to say we are going to win (World Cup). It’s a lie, there are great national teams. Yes, we are going to compete. This team can compete with anyone.

“There are 10 teams that are going to fight for the World Cup.”

Regarding the list for the World Cup:

“We don’t rule out anything because it’s not good and we shouldn’t. We are quite clear that the list would include those who have been with us. We still have a reasonable amount of time.”

He also spoke about a goal that he celebrated as coach:

“Lautaro’s (Martínez) goal vs. Bolivia, I celebrated with them (players) because I believed that goal could mark something. I felt that goal was important, at altitude, we were suffering.”


  1. Lets watch this 2 months, who will be selected Enzo or MacAllistar. Scaloni have his own judgement. A lot of option and consideration. Technically, maturity, pressure, chemistry and team work

  2. Macallister established himself in PL, beat MU. Mdtylland and Arouca are not the same level, he has to kill it in UCL groups against the big clubs to be there in the squad.

    • i don’t agree with you about macallister, if he established himself in pl then all the top tier team would go after him, winning one mach against team which is not even acquireded champion league permit is not called establishment, now every coach want to play macllister as defensive midfielder there is reason for it. macllister positioning is good but he is too slow, he is best for all those average team but not for the top. this is really wrong some of people rated macallister very high

        • how long did you watch enzo play, just the recent matches where he plays as defensive midfield, enzo is ofcourse faster than macallister, enzo is tall physical energetic player, he is not slow by mind, if you say enzo is not faster than macallister then i believe your knowledge is limited you haven’t any prior game experience with him before he moves in europe.

          • Enzo is rather static, he is not a fast sprinter, not built to dribble, slow to dribble with the ball. Only a retention dribbler. Similar to Palacios. Macallister is not fast, but faster dribbler, more natural.

          • Enzo Fernández is really the heart, lungs and brain of Defensa y Justicia.
            Superb midfielder with some amazing engine.
            this is one of early scout comment on enzo.
            he done it with river, he is doing with benefica, enzo is static, enzo is not fast sprinter , not built to dribble slow to dribble only retention dribbler this only gives me some reality of bad taste knowledge nothing else.
            this is what enzo is
            – playmaker
            – ‘orchestrator’ who can perform at all midfield positions
            – superb vision & passing skills at all distances
            – brilliant technique
            – creative with very high football IQ
            – impressive long-range shooting skills
            – accurate tackler

          • We were talking about speed and now you comes with bullshits. Man retire! Enzo is slower than Lo Celso, RDP and Papu and not faster than Macallister, Buendia, Palacios or Nico Dominguez. These without the ball, with the ball (dribbling) even more. He loses a lot of speed while dribbling, ofc he is not Messi who is faster with the ball than wo it.

          • enzo is deep-lying playmaker he is not winger that he needs to be fast sprinter, he is tall built energetic, he is not bad in dribble as you mention, if needed he can move ball fast, he reads game very well and very quick, high passing accuracy, good in aeriul duels, strong in through the balls.

          • i disagree , enzo is not slow at all he is not fast sprinter but he is not slow neither he is bad dribbler, he is just in new club adapting with his roles, you are judging him with the amount of you are watching him, those who are not nt material overhyping for those is common problem in here

          • What is the definition of “a slow player”: 1) A player who doesn’t run fast or 2) a player who doesn’t move the ball fast or 3) both depending on which position the player is playing? I think it is the 3rd option. For a winger or a defender, you need a sprinter to call him a fast player. For a DM or CM, you not necessarily need a sprinter but you need someone who can move the ball faster (particularly vertically).

            All I saw about McAllister is that he is slowwww moving the ball faster vertically.

    • Mac Allister took a year to become a starter in Brighton which is a mid table premier league club. Enzo just joined a champions league club good enough to beat Liverpool at Anfield and is an integral starter there in just three games. Even if he loses some influence in the champions league he will still be very good when you deduct that from his level now. He’s not borderline, he’s killing it. You may get less touches and have less output in the champions league but the technique and style (shooting, passing, decision making) stays the same in a player and is not erased against a better side. Do the eye test and you can tell he’ll succeed. About his speed I don’t know where he stands compared to Mac Allister, but he’s not a fast runner (doesn’t have to be) and is a slower retention practical dribbler.

  3. Fabrizio Romano

    55 mins
    Napoli are closing on Gio Simeone deal on loan [around €3.5m fee] also with buy option clause worth €12m from Verona. 🚨🔵 #transfers

    Busy week for Napoli working also on Giacomo Raspadori from Sassuolo and Keylor Navas on loan from PSG

  4. Enzo was very dominant in qualification and against small portuguese club, but i want him to shine in UCL KO and against Porto, Sporting. Still long way to go. Maybe his good start will open the way for other argentine midfielders (Alcaraz, Zaracho, Almendra) to Porto.

      • This guy looks real deal, if he continues this way i”m he will go world Cup and he may even push to be first sub of our trio midfielder but only if he continues this way though

  5. enzo with another goal, man i’m now expecting something good from gernacho, i hope he will get more minutes before world cup, he is one heck of talent

    • As I said Enzo vs MacAllister is similar to Cuti vs LM Quarta in the past. Scaloni had already trusted LM Quarta. He had prepared him to be our starting CB along with Otamendi. Then Cuti came on out of nowhere. The good thing is Scaloni saw the clear huge gap of quality between the two in training somewhere before the Copa America. Scaloni had the guts to sacrifice his favorite LM Quarta for Cuti. The rest is history.

      Now it is the same. He has MacAllister. According to reports, Scaloni likes his versatility and has been preparing him to be our 7th midfielder. Now Enzo, a central midfielder who is just as versatile as MacAllister with much more quality comes to the scene. I mean 3 goals in 3 games as a starting central midfielder? And you’re saying he won’t get picked to the WC where midfield is where we have the least talents compared to other positions? Really?

      Well They both scored goals anyway. The difference is one is in CL important qualifying game another one is an own goal.

      • “And you’re saying he won’t get picked to the WC where midfield is where we have the least talents compared to other positions? Really?”

        what do you mean? are you buggy? i don’t understand your word

      • “Well They both scored goals anyway. The difference is one is in CL important qualifying game another one is an own goal.”


        I agree el_principe ,MacAlister is without doubt our weakest link in the midfield. But since we have may be one or two practice match before the world cup , Scaloni might not be able to test Enzo as we need our regular starters to get the chemistry going for the world cup group stage matches!! Hopefully, Enzo will force his way into the team like Cuti !!

        • SulaV

          “Well They both scored goals anyway. The difference is one is in CL important qualifying game another one is an own goal.”

          El principle is taking mick bro that is not good
          Alexis MacAllister may not be everyone’s favourite but he deserves little respect at least plus he plays best league in the world in regular basis , scaloni and coaching staff likes him too that isn’t coincidence.

          • no new experiment will happen as scolani prefers team chemistry . enzo might come after WC but argentina won’t experiment in wc with new players even though they are better.

      • I am not so sure that just by merit, Enzo will replace McAllister in Scaloni’s heart. This is one aspect, I give Scaloni a lower score. Scaloni’s favorites got chances after chances only to be replaced by the assistance of a Devine touch. Scaloni is a cautious coach. He will play safe taking McAllister given that there isn’t much games left to test Enzo with the team.
        But, I want to be proven wrong.

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