Feyenoord submit formal offer for Ezequiel Bullaude of Godoy Cruz


Feyenoord have submitted a formal offer for Ezequiel Bullaude of Godoy Cruz.

Ezequiel Bullaude could be the latest Argentine to play in the Netherlands. According to César Luis Merlo, the Dutch club have made a formal offer and are already negotiating with Godoy Cruz.

Bullaude has scored 18 goals in 93 games and the offer is close to €7 million for the 21 year old striker. If the offer is accepted, it would be the most expensive sale in the history of the club.


  1. Hakimi sucking Mbappe’s dick by providing 1-2 passing every fucking time which he refuses Messi!! Also, Verrati unwilling to pass to Messi when he was free to shoot directly at the goal reminds of last season!! Glad Sporting director missed the penalty!!

    • Greatest scorer of all time and seldom seen inside the box!! The only positive of Messi playing for PSG is he will be extremely hungry for goal when playing for Argentina!! I don’t want him to extend his contract with PSG. Don’t know why Pep didn’t sign him when he was available for free last season!!

  2. Like I said at first, risky move that’s completely unnecessary before the WC. We need players with confidence, even if Licha isn’t bad he’s going to have to watch out about getting his mentality crushed by this circus he’s joined

  3. utd needs to get rid off de gea many times ago, whole discourage or discomfort comes from the back of utd team, de gea maguire this is weakest link of utd team, manchester utd always needs to solid leadership from the standing of goalkeeper, their incompetency getting a goalkeeper like emi is always reason for their low confidence despite spending plenty of money on player time after time.

    de gea, magire, rashford, manu consider them as superstar and this causes their incompetency to take team to top compettive level, rashford has shit finishing.

    licha has nothing wrong in this team. football is team play, all 11 have to generate the confidence to make the team solid, and utd sets their back with low confidence player like maguire , de gea

    • Agreed. Following a manager is a bad call. Licha will be blamed but he did not do much wrong. Arsenal could have been a better choice. But now we must how it unfolds for him. He is a good defender. Feeling sorry for him.

      And Garnacho should ask for a loan move.

    • player selection of ten hag in that two match is not so great, he could go for varane, van de beek instead of fred, even he could go for garnacho rather than deadwood ronaldo , if he would lose with young and new player either way new player would developed or his lose won’t be considered so big, this is a wrong decision from ten hag, now whole confidence will be low, it will be not easy to sustain from here, i think gernacho should go for loan

    • By the way, it is so painfully obvious they need an actual defensive midfielder and yet they keep on persisting season after season without getting one. They buy players in every position except DM which is the position crying for MULTIPLE upgrades. I am 100% certain that if you swap Cristiano for a world class DM they will improve significantly. Maybe, just maybe Licha could be tried there and work out

  4. Once again we are witness to the fact that the Premier League is way more competitive than the Dutch league. Licha was fantastic at Ajax against mainly mediocre opposition. Now he faces an uphill battle against top opposition and often way taller than him. Next week against Darwin Nunez…

    • I agree. Conte says it best. He coached Chelsea and Inter and he knows what EPL is all about. He thinks that players must be very strong physically to be able to play in EPL. EPL is not a league for “technical” players. That’s why he does not trust the likes of Lo Celso, or Bryan Gil who are not physical at all and bought strong players like Bissouma and Richarlison (quite strong) this season. For example I don’t think the likes of Neymar and Di Maria fit EPL.

      A Lot of MU fans doubted Licha when they signed him because he is a pure ball playing defender. Physicality is not his thing. I just hope Licha somehow finds a way to survive in EPL being a technical defender.

      Conte said Cuti is perfect for EPL. Well we know how physical and strong Cuti is. Think about previous/current EPL defenders who succeeded there such as Stam, Vidic, Terry, Kompany, or Van Dijk. They all are physically big and very strong.

    • I don’t disagree with the physicality argument from El Principe, but Richard, you are ignoring his performances in the champions league when you make the comparison between the level of the EPL and Dutch leagues. Darwin Nuñez is precisely one of the players he pocketed in the CL so if he struggles against him next week we can say with some certainty that it will most likely be because of the team around him and the structure he’s playing in.

      • I said mainly, not only.
        Ajax including Licha performed well in the CL.
        The Dutch league allowed Ajax to save energy in the weekends and go full in the CL. That will not be the case in the PL.
        Agree that the players around him make a huge difference.

  5. Ten Had needs to approach his tactics like Scaloni!!! Scaloni literally started by parking the bus against Brazil. His main target was to achieve defensive stability. He was criticized a lot because of his defensive approach and lack of goals and plenty of draws!! At Man-Utd no manager has the luxury to start defensively, he will be murdered by the fans and media.

    Regarding, Licha today! He is struggling and its all because of Utd’s midfield!! For the third goal, Martinez got outdone by the header and should have done better even with his short height. 4th goal was a counter attack and he was unlucky to be pushing forward when the ball was passed. However,Licha getting subbed by Varane is not a good news!!! So far everyone is struggling because Utd toxic fans and media has unreal expectation for their mediocre team!!!!

    Also today at city, Alvarez only played 15 mins got ignored by his teammates a lot!! FA cup and Carabao cup couldn’t start sooner for him. Champions league doesn’t start for next 3 more week. Until then he will be limited to bench most of the time. Got almost zero chances to score today and that is why he will need to start shooting directly at the goal now as his teammates clearly are ignoring him. Its a world cup year and we need Julian to play more and to boost his confidence and form!!

  6. Remember Frank de boer done so well st Ajax come to crystal Palace lost first three games without scoring and Sacked, I don’t think Man utd will allow to be embarrassed like this it’s way to bigger club to get humiliated, I can see pochettino name soon will mention if things doesn’t change so quickly so fast.

  7. If Liverpool beat MU next week especially by 2-3 goals margin, I am almost 100% certain that Ten Haag is out. MU is not thar patient. The situation of Licha is very worrying. I am not sure it the intern coach (if Ten Haag out) would be a fan of Licha.

  8. This Man u team is a joke and lisandro is not physical at all. He does not seem to have a chance in areal duels. This has increased my respect fr the Argentine coaching team. They took 2 practice sessions to make Cuti a starter and Licha could not become a starter even after so many days. Henceforth I would really respect all their decisions.
    I desperately want him to succeed but really disappointed so far.

      • Exactly how cuti replaced Pezzela. But I am good with Cuti and Ota pairing now. I agree that the team is very poor. No one is confident but guess what I font care abt anyone else in that MU team. The style that ETH is trying to employ is not possible with the players they have. I just dont want licha to lose all his confidence.

  9. Eric Ten Hag is going through what Sampaoli went through in 2018 WC. Implementing a new strategy takes a long time. Licha could be a victim in this Man Utd team.

  10. Before going to WC Scaloni must rethink the backup positions of locelso and DePaul. 2 important players if they got injured just before or after WC starting who could replace these two.. He can’t yet find a perfect attacking midfldr and an alrounder like depul

    • Emi Buendía will bench Coutinho, his overall play a lot better than Coutinho and Aston villa fans crying for him to start ahead Coutinho but he is Gerrard ex teammates and friend.

  11. Since threats of being relegated (3 year average) are staring out at Godoy Cruz, it’s quite natural that they’ll try the level best to ensure their starman doesn’t leave them so soon. Better European offers could arrive in the winter or Botafogo could just up the game!

  12. With due respect to this players It’s big a surprise that players like Thiago almada,Alan velasco,farias and many more talented players didn’t get offer in Europe

      • I don’t think the height factor or even physicality is that important. Thiago Almada is a few cents taller than Javier Saviola who spent many years in Europe and played for some of the best teams. Club bad marketing and the economic disaster in Argentina are the main factors rather than height and physicality.

    • Because he’s already negotiating with Botafogo for December which is pretty disappointing because his stats would indicate that he could be successful at least at a midtable club in Europe.

    • Since threats of being relegated (3 year average) are staring out at Godoy Cruz, it’s quite natural that they’ll try the level best to ensure their starman doesn’t leave them so soon. Better European offers could arrive in the winter or Botafogo could just up the game!

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