Gio Lo Celso to join Villarreal on loan from Tottenham Hotspur


Giovani Lo Celso will reportedly join Villarreal on loan from Tottenham Hotspur.

Per Fabrizio Romano, both clubs have reached a full agreement on the Argentine midfielder for a loan with no purchase option. Following this information, the Spurs can interrupt the loan in January of 2023 if they receive an offer for a permanent move.

Without being in coach Antonio Conte’s plans for the upcoming season, Lo Celso will go back to play with his last season’s team, where they reached the UEFA Champions League


  1. Messi was left off the Ballon d ‘Or list for the first time since 2005!!

    Messi was left off and that Christina cocksucker is on the list LMAO that is some funny shit

    • Because cr7 scored decent amount of goals last season for manu bt messi scored only 4 goals. Benzema most probably will win it so not a big deal. Neymar also not nominated.

    • He’s a victim of his own talent and success. He’s objectively still better than several other players who got selected (yes, and I am still referring to last season) but the football world’s focus on his goal tally (which somehow only looks at Ligue 1) and the all the crying from Lewandowski fans probably put pressure on them to drop him. I hate how subjective this type of journalism is and especially how subjective social media and the internet are with these types of matters.

    • This will make Messi to compete more and more. May be that could eventually be end up in the much deserved WC triumph for Argentina. I am expecting a carreer best performance from Messi in the wc. Experience of Messi di Maria otamendi with peak players such as lo celso de Paul Paredes Guido emi to do their best plus the young blood of Romero lisandro Molina Nico and Julian to provide game changing moments. The cup would end up in Buenos Aires.

  2. Lo Celso seems to be a natural fit for La Liga, he has done well both at Betis and Villareal. No better place to prepare for the WC for him than Spain.

    For what it’s worth that tracks players across various leagues, has his strengths and weaknesses:


    Holding on to the ball – Very Strong
    Through balls – Very Strong
    Defensive contribution – Very Strong
    Tackling – Very Strong
    Passing – Strong
    Dribbling – Strong
    Key passes -Strong


    Finishing – Very Weak
    Aerial Duels – Weak
    Discipline – Weak

    From what I’ve observed myself, a pretty fair assessment. What stops Lo Celso from becoming an absolutely topnotch, elite player is his pretty bad finishing and injury record. He does his job well for the national team though, as an example, his beautiful through ball (pre-assist) to Messi in the penalty box that Messi passed on to Lautaro to score.

    I started following Lo Celso when he was first mentioned by a veteran Argentine journalist Horacio Pagani probably circa 2016 (ish). He was calling for his inclusion in the NT even when Lo Celso was still an enganche at Rosario Central. Pagani is a big fan of Riquelme and in general of the type of players who are very creative with ball.

    • All his strengths make a great midfielder and his weaknesses are not really that important. Scaloni prefers playing out the back so when attacking, heading isn’t crucial. Besides, RDP and Paredes are similar so it’s a weakness across the midfield. Scoring also isn’t as important for GLC, RDP and Paredes when we have messi, toro, alvarez, dybala, ADM up front. Besides, there are many great / legendary midfielders that are not known for scoring either.

      • Yep, I think it’s very one dimensional to think that his finishing is what’s stopping him from being a great player or from being worthy of praise. He doesn’t *need* to improve it because of all the firepower you mentioned and it’s not really his role but I would certainly hope that if he gets a crucial chance in a closed World Cup game he puts it away, because not just him but the entire team is going to need to take advantage of those moments and they may only come once or twice.

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