Emiliano Buendía scores for Aston Villa in 2-1 win vs. Everton


Emiliano Buendía scored for Aston Villa in their 2-1 win vs. Everton.

Buendía was substituted on 11 minutes after the second half had started in place of Philippe Coutinho, who left the field injured. When the match was coming to an end and Aston Villa were 1-0 up in the score, Buendía started a fantastic play from a fast counter-attack, which ended up with the Argentine pushing the ball to the back of the net to double the lead.

Emiliano Martínez was the other Argentine in this game. “El Dibu” was very solid in the goal and had some good saves that were also important for achieving the three points for his team.

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  1. The difference between Man U and Argentina is that in Man U everyone’s weaknesses are exposed because the team is horrible to begin with.

    All players have weaknesses. There are very few players in the world who have a perfect combination of physical strength, height, speed, skills, mentality… etc. if you have a good team like Argentina around you, your weaknesses get covered and you get a chance to utilize your strengths. If you play for Man United it’s a total opposite. You get exposed.

    My point is Lisandro will be okay in Argentina surrounded by Dibu, Romero and the rest… but of course as long as Romero and Otamendi are available nobody else should start.

  2. I see we got another OCD fan- this time it’s against Lisandro. Mr. MaxiLopez, could you take a step back and talk about somethings else than Lisandro so that the kid gets some time to settle in PL? Or, it is too much to ask?

    And, please don’t bring Foyth yet as his replacement in the National team. Someone, might get triggered to start another round of Foyth eulogy.

  3. Talent and physicality is very imp factor in a central back position. Unfortunately lisandro lacks height. better to use him in a DM role

    • You only know to come up with some unknown loca players which hasn’t proven yet , I believe you are lack of understanding morden game and how it’s works yes licha haven’t had the greatest start of his manu career but he isn’t fault rather it’s unfortunate situation that he has been surrounding by incompetent teammates ,anyone who is blaming lich for Manu disastrous start doesn’t understanding football or anything in life , it’s too bad that we have here so call Argentina fans who makes quick judgement based two or three games, shame on you , I hope licha survive this horror show and redeem himself for the sake of his career

      • Hopefully I am wrong but Iisandro doesn’t impress me a lot as a CB .Manu is silly choose lisandro rather than Pau Torres(Vilarreal). Pau Torres is what we need . Now we have cuti Romero, Hopefully Senesi, N Perez, Balerdi, Foyth can take up another CB later.

    • If you are a tactical expert on youtube you have to watch that ball go straight down, Martinez is a bit slower to come back in a rather messy situation. It has nothing to do with being tall and strong.

  4. Wow what bad attitude from Mbappe.. I dont know what happened to the princess.. he was sulking. I think he is unhappy that Galtier is not using the same Poch approach. Just wish Messi uses his time at psg to keep himself match fit till w cup. Nothing will come to this team with all ego and selfishness.
    For Man utd.. maybe ETH will use Varane and Maguire as CBs and Licha as DM to improve the defence. Lets see.

  5. lisandro has nothing fault in that game, it is sure if he had extra height he could block the third goal, but lisandro was prompt quick observatory he just can’t block due to height but that goal wasn’t target specific goal or planned goal by the opposition, goal and lack of height highlighting just coincidence, if play on the ground and plan attacking than lisandro is excellent, 3rd goal was just coincidence bad luck for lisandro nothing else

    • Lisandro physically weak ,that is the truth . If we have cuti Romero, senesi then we don’t need lisandro anymore. LB we have acuna, tagliafico.DM we have Paredes, Guido . So I think he has no chance to be included in world cup team.

      • No chance to be included in he World Cup? That’s a very exaggerated statement as a response to a single club match. It would be very unlike Scaloni to remove his 3rd/4th CB out of the squad especially when he has the precedent of having played very well for us the last few times. His match against Colombia (a physical and tall team) received a lot of praise and he beyond proved himself for us then. Senesi has been called up one time so no chance he is going to replace Lisandro in 3 months. Argentina is also much more structured and balanced than United so Lisandro won’t be subjected to the same as in Man U.

  6. Toxic Mbappe stopped running mid play because Vintinha decided to move the ball forward through Messi’s side and his bitch Hakimi instead if passing back to Messi who was unmarked and in excellent position to score, goes for a shot which is square and had toxic boy not stopped running, he could have scored a tap in.

    Beside Covid and Injury, Pochettino game plan played a big role in Messi having bad season. He wasn’t allowed to touch the ball at all and was blamed for everything. Pochettino only wanted Mbappe to score as ordered by Leonardo!! Again , first match Mbappe is back and Messi is seen outside the right side of the box waiting for a back pass from Hakimi!!

  7. From the new signings Erikson is sure to start all the match. I don’t think licha can start the match against liverpool. The 3rd goal is his mistake coz he couldn’t even make an attempt to block that goal due to his height. Brentford made this much damage and can expect another whitewash against liverpool. Senesi had a promising start with control of the ball.

  8. Lots of Manu fans are disappointed about lisandro Martinez. Especially his height ,yes he may not be the ideal CB for Manu when Maguire is mistake prone . In world cup Cuti Romero is very important , Otamendi is also mistake prone .Pezella is averaged. So Marco Senesi should be recruited, Balerdi, Neheul Perez need more time to improve .

  9. Feel really bad for Lisandro. I can’t imagine ManU decision makers wouldn’t give Ten Hag more time. They are in such a mess, it’s so obvious Ten Hag needs more time and i’d argue, i don’t think any coach could turn around the club in such a short window.

  10. Buendia will earn the place, Gerrard did realized how Buendia can contribute to the team.
    Agree Lisandro make a mistake joining MU, the club that has no future; ETH need a long time to rebuild the team and he lost the confidence and support from the players. Difficult time for MU fans 🙂

  11. lisandro Martinez isn’t CB material. He is overrated. only 175cm ridiculous ! He is not the same level as Cuti Romero. Hopefully scaloni don’t bring him to world cup otherwise argentina may suffer

    • nowadays first priority to be a central defender is physically strong. Tall ,strong ,fast . Don’t mention about many years ago ,Ayala ,Cafu are below 180cm .Nowadays football is different. So we don’t need lisandro Martinez in world cup . Just look at the third goal ,it proves the importance of a tall strong defender

      • Ayala? Most overrated defender ever in NT imo. Olympics 96 final 3 goals vs Nigeria, WC98 2 goals vs England, 2 goals vs Netherlands (Berkamp humiliated him), Copa 99 3 goals vs Columbia 2 goals vs Brazil plus a missed penalty, Copa 2004 2 goals vs Brazil plus another missed penalty, Copa 2007 3 goals vs Brazil and horrible performance. Never ever played in a WC KO match without ARG would have conceded a frkin goal.

      • > Just look at the third goal ,it proves the importance of a tall strong defender

        It proves you’re judging the play incorrectly. Height or strength weren’t the issue. it looked like a lapse in judgment and concentration. miss judged the direction and almost lost track if it to focus on the opponent. he didn’t even jump.

      • Just like Harry Maguire 🤣🤣🤣people forget hiw Lisandro pocked Halland, Nunez who in very tall & Strong. But suddenly after 2 bad game in new team & paired with Harry make him Overreted.. Come on guys wake up. He is very talented just give him time to settle, yess he lacks height but I’m sure he will come back stronger 🇦🇷🇮🇳❤

  12. Lisandro Martinez made the most stupid decision of his lifetime joining United. I argued saying it’s better he stayed at Ajax or joined Arsenal.

    Pairing him with Maguire will make him look back. But people argued about his height is being proved right.

    • Height? Cafu is 176cm, Passarella is 175cm (scores countless headers), Cannavaro is 176cm, Roberto Carlos is 168cm, Lahm is 170cm .

      All win the World cup.

      • Cafu and Roberto Carlos were right and left back not central defenders…not the same. If I remember correctly, Klose beat Ayala on a cross in World Cup 2006 when Argentina was leading 1-0 deep into the game. Height plays a major factor when you are a central defender and that’s a fact. Comparing Martinez to Cannavaro is ludicrous. Cannavaro was one in a million…no wonder why he won the Ballon d’Or. He is one of the greatest defenders that has ever walk to earth so please stop making ridiculous comparison. Martinez has room to improve, I am not saying that he isn’t good but we need more good games from him before making a judgement. A back three of him, Varane and Maguire should be considered I believe or playing him as a DM. But now, as much as I am no fan of Otamendi, there is no way that Martinez is a threat to his spot.

  13. Not a good day for all our seleccion defenders:
    Otamendi got a red card
    Licha conceded 4 goals
    Nehuen Perez conceded 4 goals
    Senesi conceded 4 goals (playing last 10 minutes only)

    Cuti is in action tomorrow vs Chelsea.

    • Defender getting a red card is not something out of ordinary. Materazzi and Ramos has 10 x more than Otamendi.

      I wouldnt overeacting or making judgement of any players just from first few games of the season.

      RDP and ADM has been average at best last season at their respective clubs, yet always play at higher level in NT.

    • Senesi conceded 4 goals ? What are you talking about ,Bournemouth have already conceded the 4 goals before he even came on, in fact he looked so good the ten minutes he played.

      • I mean his clubs got conceded 4 goals thats why I said “playing only the last 10 minutes”. He did nothing bad in 10 minutes but his club had already suffered before he came on. I am still not sure if Bournemouth is a goos club for him. Brighton and Brentford play negative futbol. They need good CB. But Bournemouth is too early to judge.

        • I think Bournemouth will be fine due other clubs will struggle likes Southampton, Everton, Leicester, wolves. I agree I’m not sure if it’s good move or not but one thing I know it’s massive upgrade from Eredivisie to epl

  14. Why did Xavi buy Raphina? Why did he not let Dembele go? smh.
    I’m asking these questions because there’s a possibility that Messi may return.

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