Gabriel Batistuta comments on Argentina team, World Cup, Lionel Messi


Gabriel Batistuta commented on the Argentian national team, the World Cup and Lionel Messi.

Batistuta is one of the all time strikers in world football. One fo the best ever, he managed two hattricks at two separate FIFA World Cup tournaments with the Argentina national team.

Prior to Lionel Messi, Batigol was the leading scorer for Argentina. Now retired, he spoke in an interview with La Nación. Here is what he had to say:

“Argentina are well, they are very well. They got a good draw, no?

“Winning the Copa America, it relaxed them, you see them univted, the coach is firm, you see them following him… If they are going to win it? What do I know, I played football and this is not math.”

Regarding Lionel Messi:

“I didn’t play until I was 40 because my ankles didn’t let me but I understand his mentality. It shows that he can, why stop? We all play because we have a goal and his goal is to be the best in the world… Forever. And that’s what moves him. And I imagine he is going to play until he gets kicked out.

“Messi is going to play well at this World Cup and not because it could be his last. Because I’m sure he also wanted to win the previous ones but now he has a good team.”

In regards to Lionel Scaloni:

“I don’t know him but the skinny guy prevailed. He went with logic: You see when you throw a pebble into the water? The waves are doing like this, one by one… Well, the skinny guy (Scaloni) started with the players. He didn’t start by wanting to convince the fans, the journalists. No. He never gave anything. Never any controversy, nothing.”

On the favorites for the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup:

“There are many. In Spain they say that it can’t escape them this year… And Belgium and there is England and Germany is Germany and we still haven’t named France. And no one is talking about Portugal; wait a bit and you will see Portugal.

“But I come back to it: Our national team is going through a great time. We debut vs. Saudi Arabia. The name tells you nothing but they are at the World Cup. Congo is not here. Chile is not here.”


  1. Premier League is tough. I am happy Romero and lisandro playing there this will make them stronger for the wc. molina, acuna, foyth also playing in laliga and senesi also moving in premier League will help us a lot

    • > lisandro playing there this will make them stronger for the wc

      not necessarily. Joining a TRASH team like United was terrible but it’s too late now. We simply have to wish for the best.

      Lisandro joining a squad like Villarreal is 10000% better than trash united but Prem fanboys just want to see players joining shiny clubs that have large fanbase on facebook. Lisandro is at a huge risk right now ..what if Ten Hag gets fired? what if United continue sucking ass and Lisandros confidence is destroyed…i dont think it was worth it but like i said, we can only wish for the best at this point.

  2. Romero against Foden would be a great one to watch. Grealish is not that good. Hoping lisandros case is just a starting trouble and I am waiting for him to start against liverpool and pocketing Nunez. Those trolls against Martinez are frustrating and toxic especially his height factor. He is a fast learner. And behind every success there should be a failure.

  3. What a game between Chelsea and the Spurs 2-2. Tuchel and Conte fought at the end of the game. Cuti played OK. Nothing spectacular. Nothing amazing defending but no mistake either. Kai Havertz pushed him hard and Cuti got angry, luckily only Havertz got the yellow. Cuti lost his tempered in the dying minute by pulling the hair of Cucurella but he escaped another yellow.

    My rating for him 6.5

    Spurs look much stronger than last season. And Cuti is one of their key players.

    • That sliding tackle is one of the masterpiece moves already for Romero. Havertz tasted it. And by the way what was that arrogant boy richarlison doing there. He almost made spurs 1st goal offside by blocking the goalie sight. 🤭. Romero looking comfortable against a formidable opponent. That’s good. Tuchel was getting frustrated with all the calls of the referee and var and that he reacted against conte.😂😂. Actually it was like Newton’s 3rd law😂😂.

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