Ángel Di María’s scores, assists, substituted out injured for Juventus


Ángel Di María had a goal, an assist and was substituted out injured for Juventus.

Di María had a great start to his Juventus career but that went downhill quickly. The Argentine scored the opening goal of the match and in typical Ángel Di María fashion, it was a memorable goal.

A cross into the penalty area and his effort would bounce off the grass and over the goalkeeper to give Juventus the 1-0 lead. But Di María was not done just yet.

With Juventus leading 2-0, he would play a pass into Dusan Vlahovic and he would score. With Juventus leading 3-0 in the second half, things would turn bad for Di María.

He would hold his thigh and would have to be substituted out of the match. The extent of his knock has not yet been revealed.

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  1. Who are the favorites of the World Cup?”

    Carlo Ancelotti: “France and Brazil are the strongest teams, then I would say Argentina because they are back at their highest level and because they have Messi.”

  2. This is why Nico Gonzalez is essential to the NT. Di Maria should be spared for the WC knock out stages. I don’t think he can play 7 games in 4 weeks without him getting injured. Fideo is a high intensity performer. At 33 years, physicality of the WC will take its toll.

    • Yep. Gonzalez doesn’t have the same pure talent that Di Maria has but he’s a very useful player as a replacement. If he’s not going to tap it over Ederson’s head or score from 28 yards you want him to at least hustle the other team, help defend, press, and win in the air. He facilitates other players. He is much younger and entering his prime so he will be a very useful rotation option. I think Dybala could be useful in a similar way with Messi

  3. In this match, Di Maria has everything from goal, assist and injury. Maybe he doesn’t control his body at high speed, especially at his age. I wish him good health.

  4. I hope Fideo recovers quickly and more food for thought for Scaloni because injures will happen but how you cope is the question.

    Anybody see the golden boy bump into Messi during the last game and how La Pulga looked back at him!
    Its official, Frenchy is the next Prima donna…………then again, he did have a crush on her majesty when he was younger 😉
    I don’t give a damn about the infighting between him and Neymar………they’re both RATS and two-faced bitches and if you think the Brazilian really cares about Messi, THINK AGAIN because all he cares about is himself!
    I hope both get into it and bitch-slap each other to death Fuck ’em

  5. As much as I love DiMaria’s level right now I would rather start Nico at least until the second round to prevent injury. Many don’t remember we played a final without him against Germany and that would have made a huge difference

    Second, still no All or Nothing Argentina in the United States. Typical Amazon BS and they can’t get their act together.

    Three, anyone who understands Spanish should watch Scaloneta on YouTube. It’s a wonderful series that comes out every Sunday night and it’s a 35 minute show.

    Four, Lisandro love him but 5’8” guys playing center back have a VERY short shelf life. That guy needs to move to the outside. That’s why Senesi is an absolute must for the NT. You can’t have a short guy back there he will cost us against a good side.

    • I agree. I think Nico offers us with on the left, allowing messi space on the right (and the use of Molinas overlap). Nico defends better than Dimaria and is still a good offensive threat. He is younger and can last the whole tournament. We should bring fideo in on the 70th min like we did at Copa or at th final. He is magic, but not 90 min for a month straight.

  6. If any injury were to happen to our players, the best time is now!! Dimaria will be extra careful now. Less than 100 days to go for the World Cup and some of our key players are not getting enough time on the pitch. Especially, Depaul who is our engine but the positive side is he is getting just enough minutes to stay match fit and would be extremely hungry to prove to Simeone and Co.

    Also, Neymar and Mbappe saga will put a lot less pressure on Messi’s legs and his lack of goals will turn him into another hungry Lion!! Hopefully Alvarez will get more time on the pitch. We need him as he seems to be the only direct backup to Lautaro so far.

    Dybala however will play a lot and thats good for him as long as he can stay fit. His X-Factor will be very useful in the world cup!!

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