Argentina opponents for September friendly matches in the United States


Argentina’s opponents for the September friendly matches in the United States are all but confirmed.

Lionel Scaloni’s team will play two matches in September in the United States. According to Gastón Edul, the team will play one match in Miami and the second in New York.

The first match will take place between September 20 and 23 against Honduras in Miami. The second match would be in New York between September 25 and 27 against Jamaica.

There are also rumors that the match in New York could be on September 27 against Peru. The match would have to take place on September 25 or September 27 as there is an NFL match between the Dallas Cowboys and the NY Giants on September 26 at Metlife Stadium.


  1. I am just wondering why all just writing off a talent like lisandro. He played full 90 minutes for Argentina against chile and Columbia and 2nd half against Brazil. The defense looked like a rock when he was in the starting 11. I mean in those 6 goals only 1 goal is directly linked with Martinez and his height. We all know Dortmund and Benfica were more quality teams than this Brentford and brighton and had better strikers such as haaland and Nunez. If this height factor is an issue means a team like Dortmund with haaland would have scored atleast 1 goal in that 4-0 thrashing from Ajax.

    • Not writing him off..I think he is short for that position. All I am saying is it may cost us. Just think about it. Senesi is solid, and taller. Licha may be just fine…But we are lucky enough to have options to explore. Senesi is sensible to me, and not a big difference in play without the height disadvantage. Just like there is ZERO, absolute ZERO chance I would take Macallister to the world cup over Enzo Fernandez at this point in time.

  2. Man Utd is becoming a market place where you can get free players and sell players with highest price. Example Pogba!

    Casemeiro is good at Madrid due to his partnership with Kroos and Modric along with Camavinga and Valverde, as they are at the peak moment, Can he find a good partnership at MU like his time with Madrid. A big question mark. ETH knows very well about Lisandro. Trust he will not loss his place due to coming of Casemeiro. One is pure DM and another is good in defense. Both are needed as well to strengthen the Man Utd defense. Drop Harry Macquire

  3. Wayne Rooney slams PSG star Kylian Mbappe over Messi shove: I have never seen a bigger ego than his.

    “A 22-23 year old player throwing a shoulder at Messi… I have never seen a bigger ego than this in my life. Someone remind Mbappe that at 22 years old, Messi had four Ballon d’Ors,” Rooney told Depar Sports.

    • Good and talking straight from Rooney. Mbappe feels like he is the Emperor of Paris. Should be sold earlier to Madrid to bring harmony in the PSG team.

      • The Golden child thinks he’s above Messi because he won the WC and Beat him and ARG on the way there………….getting paid 300million in 2 years doesn’t help either.
        This is not going to end well, I’m still glad he stayed so Messi doesn’t have to carry more load than he needs to into the WC but still a huge distraction to say the least.

  4. Licha really needs to move outside. A 5’8” central defender is suicide in a quality league. I am glad this is getting exposed now rather than on the NT. You have to bring up Senesi as a back up to Otamendi. Ota gets a couple yellows and we are exposed against a quality opponent in that spot. Senesi may be better than Ota already at this point

    • Champions league is considered the best club competition and Licha has managed to perform extraordinary well in that competition against very strong opponents and world class center forwards. Its not fair to judge him based on 2 matches especially where the midfield was non existent. Without good midfield no defense is secure. Rainy day in Stoke is not a proper metric to judge a player!!

    • Some of you keep talking about Lisandro’s height but forget that Fabio Cannavaro who was a great center back was 5’9″. If you’re good, you’re good.

  5. Bad news for lisandro as Manutd may buy casemeiro so it seems more likely he will compete for center back.
    I don’t understand how they still bpersist with Maguire.
    Lisandro is a better centerback than the ones available at My.

      • I meant Lisandro will only be considered for centerback if Casemeiro arrives. In best case scenario, I see him as a sub.
        I really hope Ten hag gives him more chance than going to Varane – Maguire partnership.
        The best thing for MU is to have both casemeiro and lisandro in midfield to prevent leaking of goals.

        • ETH prefers a high back line which doesn’t suit McGuire. That’s exactly why ETH brought Lisandro so he can play his style. Let’s see if ETH can start Lisandro + Varane despite the English media flame war

          • Exactly chori, I’m sure licha will play and will be first choice for ten Hag as long he is there as manager but he may let licha set the bench for next couple games in order to take the pressure of him having say that I believe Liverpool game suits lich’s stlye of Play my wish is to play against Liverpool and have great game

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