Nicolás González scores for Fiorentina in 2-1 win vs. Twente


Nicolás González scored for Fiorentina in their 2-1 win vs. Twente.

González scored his first goal of the season and in the Europa Conference League. In the first match of the playoff, the Argentine scored after just two minutes.

It was a cross inside the penalty area and the 24 year old scored with a header. He had eight goals and nine assists in 39 matches last season.


  1. Nico gives us width on left. He gives us husstle and sacrifice. He doesnt shrink when it gets intense and physical. He gives us pace. He gives us real goal scoring potential (his air game is great for sure). To me he is a no brainer as starter. He can also cover as center forward and left back if we are down players. Him and fideo should rotate after 70th min. Keep them both fresh.

    • Spot on! Really amazing header from Nico and hopefully he keep’s on playing like this during this very exiciting Serie A season and keep’s him Self fit and healthy… less than 100 days to go and he will be very important player for Arg at WC in Qatar !

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