Nicolás Tagliafico comments on Argentina, World Cup, Lionel Messi, Scaloni, Lyon


Nicolás Tagliafico commented on the Argentina national team, the World Cup, Lionel Messi, Lionel Scaloni and joining Lyon.

Tagliafico gave an interview where he spoke about several topics. Speaking in an interview with D Sports Radio, here is what he had to say in regards to the Argentina team for the World Cup:

“We are in the countdown and we have a FIFA fixture ahead. We must continue to add and to believe that everything well go well. We’re all walking the same line and we can’t let our feet off the ground.

“We have to be prepared for the bad moments because at the World Cup, there will be moments where we are going to suffer. That happens in every short tournament.”

Regarding Lionel Messi:

“I think Messi realized he had to enjoy the national team because this has a start & an end. Being a father has opened him up a bit more. He is the best football player in history but he’s a human being and has to live.”

In regards to Lionel Scaloni:

“Scaloni must have 400 or 500 hours of less sleep. He is very focused and very tense. He wants to be in every detail.”

He also spoke about joining Lyon:

“This city is convincing me more and more. Little by little I am getting to know it and know why they call it a capital of gastronomy. It’s a new experience for me and a new challenge.

“The first thing I looked for was an Argentine spot. I found a restaurant with empanadas. I’m still living in a hotel and my wife in Amsterdam.”


  1. ETHag must concentrate on his midfield and attack…
    Attack is the best defense………..
    Ronaldo and Rashford doing dull work on forward line.. Eriksen also not so good now at this level….

    Fred is shit, Mctominy is overrated player..
    The way ManU-days are going on .. next loss against Liverpool will make questions clear about Coach ETH, … ManU supporters should questions about the performance of cr7 not about ETH…. bcoz a coach needs some time..
    I am not so worried about Lisandro and Garnacho..
    They are not our starters..

    I am more concerned about GLC, Paredes DePaul
    Meanwhile in current situation Enzo of benfica is doing well.. and he is an interesting option as he is and will be a starter always for Benfica midfield …
    I think scaloni is monitoring him….
    I am looking forward to Lautaro,Dybala ,G.simenone, L.Alario .. ..
    I don’t like
    Foyth moving to Barca..
    Cause Big team takes quick decisions on a player after two three performances …
    Lastly I am praying for M.Senesi..wish he will be playing very well and catch eye of many experts

  2. 1. There are rumours of ETH dropping Maguire against Liverpool and starting Lisandro-Varane duo in central defence. Whether it’s true or not, it shows that ETH recognises the concern regarding Maguire. Subbing LM after the half-time vs Brentford sent some people here into panic attacks. I think ETH did that just to save LM’s confidence. There’s no way a coach would bought a £50+M defender just to drop him to the bench. He wouldn’t do that if he was concerned about his height and unsure about his capabilities. Also, the 3rd goal was LM’s fault but it wasn’t due to his height. He reacted slowly and didn’t jump in time. I can easily remember 4-5 times LM winning areal duels in the first half. Obviously, less height for a defender is an issue. But LM has shown time and time again that he can compensate for that with his jump. Suddenly, the name of Fazio comes to my mind who was a very tall defender. Would you call him better than LM?

    2. There’s a tendency among some members in this forum to hype or write-off a player or coach too soon. The case of Scaloni, Molina, Enzo, Senesi are some of the recent examples.

    • I hope those rumours are true, otherwise if ETH doesn’t regonize the problem with Maguire, then he might not be clearly up to the task at the moment, as it fully obvious that Maguire won’t be !(as i doubt he will never gain his Leicester form),and then there is something clearly wrong with ETH too, right ?

      I can completly agree on what u said about subbing Licha off only for Licha’s sake to save his confidence, so in otherwords this might proove that ETH is clever enough and regonizes the problem with Maguire as the game was allready lost and his thoughts allready in the next game vs Liverpool at Old Trafford as there is lot of tendency at least from some Manu fans supporting Maguire instead of Licha, which is quite obvious as ETH is a Dutch coach coaching English team in England and Licha is an Argentine in England as Maguire is obviously English men in his own country ! Simple as that ! So fully agreed about what u wrote about subbing of Licha.

      What comes to Licha’s transfer price is also completly obvious that no manager or team would pay such amount of money for player who is not possible to play in that team which bought him or should i also add that in that position that the manager of team thinks that player is suited for most etc…so fully agreed on that too !

      And obviously as usual and way before he even played for Arg NT and pocketed Haaland and Nunez in UCL, most of the people or at least many were complaining about his height as i remember @Mamoun constantly repeating to those post’s that there is no issue with Licha or with his height or with his what so ever, period !
      So also fully agreed on his aerial abbility and about his jump abbility that can make the difference as i seen it with my own eyes,

      Only thing which might be different to the Dutch league where they have even more taller players than in premier league is that in premier league or should i rather say that in typical British old fashion way of playing football which is obviously constant long balls and crosses to box for headers as this has been their tradition for so long and even Still if they feel to play that way they all can play in that way as most of them as young kids have basicly growned up heading crosses in to the net or at least practicing that from very young age etc.,

      but, now that by arrival of european or foreign managers and then followed by more and more incoming players from other european and from another countries for the English football has played a big part for example why, maybe some their current young British players are coming to more better players and why England has succeed at youth’s level’s and has won some youth’s competition’s etc…as they been teached differently as nowdays in their academies have many people working and training their youth’s who are not from England as they come from all over the place etc…

      Obviously this has changed a lot the English football nowdays called as Premier League or Championship, league one and two etc…

      So they have got hold of more knowledge and have learned to play also different way than just old fashion British way, but Still specially in modern football set pieces, corners and crosses to box are coming more and more threat as they are basicly looking for tall and very strong physical players as the game has got so much more pace and come so much more faster and this just keep’s on growing a year by year, but it doesn’t neccesaryly rule out smaller players out of game as if the player inteligent enough to cope with all the tall and strong players by his own skills and methods that his practised for to compete at toppest level, well we have many examples as players been smaller than others, but Still been so dominant to world football allmost for 2 decades, LOL! And it doesn’t matter which position the player is playing, but offcourse if are talking about small defenders, well then they just have to be up for the task as every defender knows(tall or small, as it doesn’t matter) that they have to strong for example in aerial battles or to know how to deal with them, perhaps in other way etc…

      So fully agreed on Licha’s height that there is no issue with it as there is no issue with Licha in anyway, period.

      And fir the last i do understand that there will be allways tendency’s with what so ever and many are too fast either to hype or write off an player with few perfomances as it is completly normal in life as we can’t all or none of us can never fully see the future what lies ahead of us, so also fully agreed with this too…etc. as with everything else u wrote on your post !

      • Lol, I was expecting something you wouldn’t have agreed with me in the last part. To supplement your opinion, although the average height in the dutch league is higher, Epl is more physical comparatively. The dutch teams like to play more in the ground. I’m pretty sure that if given proper time and opportunities, LM will settle down in that team eventually, whether as a Cb, Lb or Dm. As Casemiro’s arrival is imminent, Man utd defence will get more coverage. The current mid setup is shit.

        • Yes, i think so too as the Dutch way of playing has allways been more based on the ground or total football etc…
          And for sure Casemiro’s arrivall will give more cover for the defence and if ETH will be given enough time and with right players we could see easily MANU to turn to very like Ajax style of play that we have seen in recent year’s as they were also with that style very or quite succesfull at least in UCL too as this is offcourse my wish for Licha’s sake to able to play with his natural gifts that he has been gifted and from that worked hardly to become very good player etc…

  3. Some people here think Lisandro is done and will be benched. Ten Hag made Utd pay 60million for him and Lisandro’s failure will be ETH failure. He will get plenty of chances. He should start against Liverpool.

  4. I know a lot of people who don’t have an independent mindset when they hear malicious media say that Lisandro’s weakness is his height while coach Ten Hag doesn’t think so either.

    • You can tell they don’t have an independent mindset because for them Lisandro only became relevant to criticism two weeks ago when he moved to England because that’s when he became relevant to criticism from the media. Height concerns existed before but were very sparred out. Where was everyone crying when Ajax conceded four goals to PSV? Did that scenario stop Lisandro from being a very competent player for us every time he stepped the field for us since then? Why should it be any different now? He didn’t suddenly become shorter since he moved to United. In fact, what changed is that the players around him became slightly shorter (the eredivisie is only barely taller than the Premier League) but did become more ground physical. I am surprised that the real big concern on this forum is his height and his team’s performance in a competition that is very unlike international football instead of the concern surrounding his confidence moving into November. That should be the big concern. The fact that he chose a risky move and that if all things were kept equal he would be just as good a player for us in three months as he was six months but now that is thrown out of balance. Odd that people care more about how a player plays for their circus club than how a player plays for us.

      • Very well written Olive, once again!
        ” Odd that people care more about how a player plays for their circus club than how a player plays for us.”

        U could not said that any better than u did!
        As there is exactly in that context all and everything we need to talk and think about Licha!

        Thnx for great post of yours!

    • On a similar note, too many people here want a new face in the NT after just a few good games and conversely as we’re seeing with Lisandro, he already is not a NT material according to the opinion of some. Knee jerk reactions, nothing more. Wait until you see a recognizable pattern, a larger sample size and only then your conclusions would be justified.

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