Julián Álvarez, Alejandro Garnacho stats to start the Premier League


Julián Álvarez and Alejandro Garnacho have both been substitutes for their respective clubs in the Premier League.

Garnacho has only played one minute in total for Manchester United while Julian Alvarez has played 28 minutes for Manchester City. For Garnacho, it was one minute in United’s opening match of the season vs. Brighton.

Since that match, Garnacho has not played for United as coach Erik ten Hag continues to include him in the team. With United’s struggles, it would be interesting to see if the 18 year old does make start or if he is substituted on for United in their match on Monday vs. Liverpool.

Julián Álvarez has one goal for Manchester City. Even after coming on as a substitute in the Community Shield and scoring vs. Liverpool, Álvarez has not started a match for Manchester City this season. Instead, City boss Pep Guardiola prefers Haaland in the starting eleven.

Álvarez, who was signed before the league champions got Haaland’s signature, played 12 minutes vs. West Ham and 16 minutes against Bournemouth. The club made it clear that Álvarez will not be leaving on loan and will spend the season with them.

It remains to be seen if this could prove to be beneficial to the Argentina national team. Having Álvarez on the bench, resting and training with some of the best players in the world could mean that he reaches the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in tremendous form.


  1. Garnacho is young and can afford to be benched for the most part. However, Julian is our main back up to Lautaro and his lack of playing time is concerning , especially the world cup is in 3 months. He will have to wait for 2nd tier competitions like FA and Carbaro cup to be in the starting lineup. For Epl and Champions league Pep will most likely go for provek striker in Europe, Haaland. Other than less playing time, Julian not being able to win confidence of his midfield is even more concerning. Instead of passing to Alvarez city midfielder are going for goal themselves!! For a 22 year old striker who needs to play as much as possible , this move could be a big set back in his career. Fingers crossed!!

  2. Looks like MU will get stronger as they get Casemiro and will probably get Antony from Ajax too. But again it will be interesting if MU lose again against Liverpool.

    As for Licha tough start, let’s see if he can improve. All I remember last season Cuti also had a tough start at the Spurs. Even here people said that Cuti made a bad move to the Spurs, but then at the end of last season Cuti was voted the signing of the season of EPL. Not only that, the Spurs said Cuti is the best signing they make in 10 years.

  3. None of Man U starting wingers are particularly impressive now, neither Sancho nor Rashford. Might as well give Garnacho some significant minutes because he has talent and hunger to prove himself.

    As for Julian, I think he’s going to be a rotation player but I expect him to get a decent amount of playing time in general, coming off the bench.

    • Yes, MANU’s current wingers are not impressive at all so i really hope that ETH gives more playing time for Garnacho as it can improve MANU’s game in my oppinion comparing to theese non impressive wingers of their’s as Sancho and Rashford for example, also hope that Casemiro will start for Licha’s sake as forsure he can at least defend better than Mc Tominney and Fred for example etc..and please no more Maguire !

  4. At this point in as Manu continues in chaos it doesn’t really matter who will they play up front or as left winger, so if i was ETH i would start Garnacho as i maybe a bit of trying to surprise Klopp and if it does not pay of i highly doubt that it will be Garnacho’a fault, though i can allredy seeing the English press criticing him too, LOL!

    Complete maddness it has been with Manu and sadly it looks like continue with Manu in this way until, maybe they get rid of Glaziers family as their owners and are able to sign some more quality after Licha to the team as for now they are pretty slim with Penaldo being Penaldo and apart from Licha, Garnacho, Eriksen looks like all the rest is way below their best as even Bruno looks fully lost it not even mentioning the English players of team as, maybe they can get Still more out of Elanga or perhaps Varane too, but Fred and Mc Tominney are done for good, so no wonder everyone is blaming Licha who’s been amongst their latest arrivals and has absolutly no support from other players at all…LOL ! Many who might think and blame Licha are actually acting maybe a bit like selfish Golden Boy who is even worst than her majesty or at least will be as it is funny how after 2 games in such horrible team all the blame is put on the latest arrival as i think it should be completly the other way around…

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