Alexis Mac Allsiter scores for Brighton in 2-0 win vs. West Ham


Alexis Mac Allister scored for Brighton in their 2-0 win vs. West Ham.

Mac Allister scored his first goal of the season. Brighton were awarded a penalty kick and it was the Argentine who took it and scored.

The 23 year old is fighting for a place in Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina national team for the World Cup.

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  1. Molina was terrible. Today its proved that if Molina starts Argentina will b destroyed against a decent side. Not every time depaul or Romero can cover for his defensive mistakes. Foyth is needed. I don’t think he will improve drastically and become a rock in wc. Attack win you matches defense win you championships.

    • Like vs Italy 3:0 vs Uruguay 3:0 (our two best matches) Uruguay 1:0, vs Brazil 0:0. Messi and Di Maria wo his attacking impact would struggle much more. He makes the width and the spaces from them in the middle.

      • Italy game was a friendly and they didn’t play a single first choice forward as they were experimenting btw italy didn’t even qualify for wc. Uruguay is a defensive side and that 3-0 game came when they were horrible they improved little bit recently. I would rather see messi and dimaria struggle and win 1-0 or penalties rather than see us loose by conceding 3 or 4 in a vital game. U can’t deny he is weak defensively. In an important match messi will be heavily marked and Molina will not be allowed to do those overlapping runs anyhow. Primary role of a member of a back four is to defend attacking transitions are bonus. No wonder scaloni dropped him in copa final. Don’t judge our level by friendlies with europeans we many times beat them easily in friendlies and absolutely battered in actual tournament. For example we did beat germany in friendlies before 2010 wc bt lost 4-0 against them also beat spain 4-1 in 2010 friendly bt do u really think that 2010 side can beat that golden generation spain in actual meaningful match. Copa America win is good for our confidence but it will have zero effect on us remember after winning 2015 and 2016 copa chile team failed to qualify for wc twice in a row. You can’t win wc with any weakness nowadays

  2. Foyth is the obvious choice for big match when Arg will play in WC…He look so confident in passing and defending is as always good…molina is the 2nd choice…he got frustrated for that goal due to which he got the red card but montiel sorry no place…With this match we can understand why barca want foyth badly ✌️🔥🔥

  3. Magnificent display from Rulli today.
    Molina was disappointing. His unnecessary clearance led to a goal and his foul at the end was just plain dumb. Foyth was so much better than Molina today. Hope Scaloni saw it too.

  4. I have been impressed by Juan Foyth he might be one of the most difficult players to go past. It will be difficult for Montiel to make the world cup squad. with MacAllister playing well and Enzo playing Great Palacios and Dominguez are in danger of missing out.I am a big fan of both.

    • montiel has 100% of going unless he is out due to injury. low chances enzo breaks into the squad unless he scores basically every game until the wc. especially if macallister continues his current run of form

  5. Good first half of Villareal vs Atletico. All Argentines playing well. Rulli looking very confident, Molina also good but Foyth looks great. Playing very very well.

    Lo celso doesnt look very sharp, may be due to lack of a proper pre season and match practice.

  6. Pepe the loser didn’t even use a substitute today..but one just because of injury.
    Alvarez would have a perfect try in the last 20 minutes…but Pep…still thinking…to whom he will use…loser…

    • Most of you don’t be negative please most Argentines are playing well I am positive as long as our players are talented and under a good coach it doesn’t matter if they are on the bench or not look At MacAllister he was only a number 10 when he joined Brighton and not playing regularly but now thanks to graham potter he is playing deeper and well he now can become an option to all our three midfielders. so don’t worry About Alvarez Martinez we know how good they are it will only take time to adjust to a new league be patient everyone, please.

  7. Pep doesn’t think Julian is good enough to come off the bench when City needs a goal. That is a confidence killer for Alvarez. City clearly bought him for FA cup and Carbaro cup to rest their forwards. Haaland will be their main man for Premiere league and Champions league matches. People who are vocal about Julian getting more matches when Champions league starts, doesn’t look like that will happen. Pep might play without a striker in those matches if Haaland is not available. Evidently, Alvarez hasn’t been able to impress Pep in training. Even his team mates ignored him despite being in good position multiple times in previous matches. Its not a good news for us as the world cup is getting closer!! Alvarez should have gone to Portugal or Dutch league or mid table Italian or Spanish club instead of City. Poor transfer decision by Julian and his agent whoever that is. Pep and City can’t afford to lose any points which makes it even more difficult for Julian to get more time on the pitch!!

    Looking forward to Foyth vs Molina battle in right flank now!!

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