Lionel Messi scores, gets assist in 10 seconds for PSG in 7-1 win vs. Lille


Lionel Messi scored and had an assist 10 seconds into the match for PSG in their 7-1 win vs. Lille.

Messi got an assist 10 seconds after the start of the match. From kick-off, the ball went to Lionel Messi and from the middle of the pitch, would send a sublime cross into Kylian Mbappe as Mbappe would score.

The Argentine would get his goal. With PSG leading 1-0, it was a pass into Messi from close range and he would score to give PSG the 2-0 lead.

He had a pass in to Neymar for Neymar’s first goal of the match but the ball was touched by a Lille defender and did not count as an assist. Messi would finish the match with one goal and one assist.

Argentina’s captain has four goals and two assists in four matches for PSG this season.

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  1. One red card and people asking Molina to out! This is ridiculous! Question to you guys would you prefer him to learn from this mistake or whatever it is now or during the world cup. Lately whatever happening to Lisandro,Senesi I am actually positive about it coz atleast they knows now what to expect from a European side. Im 100% sure our coaching stuff seeing those and making their note to do homework about it. Coz we probably ending up meeting those big dennis players. Also Molina is probably first modern fullback we have after long time. He is in better place now and hopefully Cholo look after him well till world cup.

  2. Those asking for Foyth to start instead of Molina seem to ignore a few things:

    First, it’s not one to one replacement, Molina is an attacking fullback/wingback, whereas Foyth is a central defender playing a false fullback or a defensive fullback. It’s a bit like replacing at attack minded box-to-box central midfielder with a destroyer type of defensive midfielder. They don’t perform the same function.

    Second, the job of a modern fullback is to both attack and defend in equal measure. Most modern teams do not use an old flat 4-4-2 where fullbacks never venture forward and overlap.

    Third, and perhaps most important, Scaloni wants to be a protagonist against most teams and how can he not be with an abundance of world class attacking talent. He uses a system where our midfield is quite congested, creating overloads where Messi, Di Maria are often in central positions exchanging passes in close proximity with our midfielders. In such system the only source of width is fullbacks. Playing a central defender on the right blunts our attack on that side. So to replace an overlapping fullback with a non-overlapping one is to ask Scaloni to change the system for the sake of one player, Juan Foyth. We’re not just talking replacing someone who plays in the same position because the role they perform is quite different. And Scaloni actually signaled his intention for Foyth when he played him as a DM first and then a right-sided centre back in a back 3.

    There is a place for Foyth in the team because he is a good central defender and I can see him being used against strong opponents in the play-off stages but only IF we decide to play second fiddle, give up possession and play a counterattacking game.

    • Scaloni has played as a right back in his career so I guess he knows very well whom to use in the NT…but foyth’s body language looks different and very confident as a right back… against big teams like France, Germany, Brazil, england foyth is needed…rest upto Scaloni to decide ✌️

    • Great opinion @enganChe. Our only source of providing width is our full backs and we are not going to play like villareal. In a 4 4 2 may be foyth is just better than Montiel currently. But I like Montiel more.

    • Different system, different teammates, different manager. The extreme case would be Sergio Romero who is 100% different player for NT compare to his club form.

  3. Molina just had a bad game but he will definitely improve. Again a great game by Foyth.. Its looks impossible for any attackers to overcome foyth..he looks Very confident and his passing seems also improve a lot. And its also impossible for scoloni to ignore foyth….

  4. Argentina 1st team players that are not performing,
    Molina , montiel, Depaul. Its hard for enzo to break into WC. Mac allister playing well as a packup for parades. Foyth performace is eye cathcing. Let see what scaloni thinks.

    • 1. True, DePaul needs to gear up. I reckon he needs some mental assistance from Messi and the coaching staff. Hopefully sharing the same dressing in September will make sure to unleash the beast inside him.

      2. Today, Molina was neither good, nor bad until he was sent off for the violent conduct. Foyth was simply sensational. I must admit both of them reside on a different stratospheric level compared to Montiel.

      3. Leo was Leo..he was by far the most threatening player in the first half. That was a vintage Leo Messi performance inside the first 45 minutes. He didn’t tried much in the second as the job was done and dusted in the first phase of the game.

      4. It’s high time for Paredes to get the deal done with Juve as soon as possible. No matter how he performs, he will eventually be benched. Probably it’s an order from the top hierarchical.

  5. Yes , it’s very painful watching Messi this days. He might improve from last season but he clearly lacks pace and always passes rather than shooting. Look at Neymer after heavily critisised he improves greatly and on a mission to answer fans boos.

  6. RDP loses his cool and pushing Lo Celso lol , he also confronting Foyth after getting tackled 😀

    I think he currently has legal battle with ex partner so his mind isnt in a good place but hopefully it doesnt affected his form leading up to Qatar.

    • Also because he must get frustrated as how come a world class player like him, the best midfield player of Argentina got benched by Simeone?

      Simeone ruined his mental too. The first 2 games being on the bench really? Di Maria got angry when Madrid benched him (and then asked to be sold). He thought he did not deserve that after being the best player of the CL when they won it a year earlier. De Paul must feel the same.

      • Someone is not good for Argentine players…
        DePaul moved to atletico at wrong time..Udinese or Leeds or other team should have give him more respect…
        Look at A.correa .. Simeone is ruining our players

  7. Now every fans of PSG asked what Poche is doing and wasted the last season. Messi is happy, Mbappe is in good form and Neymar is more free to explore. and they are playing beautiful football. That’s what superstar supposed to do. Enjoy watching the team play

    • True!! Even though I am disappointed both Mbappe and Neymar scored more goals than Messi, I am glad that Messi is trying to play super safe. He is not pushing too hard to score like Mbappe and Neymar. Also he is avoiding dirty tackles like against Venezuela which is extremely smart. He clearly has only one thing in mind and that is the world cup. He looked in top form and shape today and if he can carry this rhythm to the world cup then he can unleash his true beast inside!! Less than 3 months to go now!!

      • tbh goal and assist count is irrelevant messi dominated those stats his whole life and we did not win anything with argentina until recently so the most important is that our best players play regularly and keep form, 2nd and 3rd string player performance is the only one that needs to be outstanding for them on a personal level to solidify their ticket or turn heads

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