Jose Mourinho praises Paulo Dybala after Roma’s 1-1 draw vs. Juventus


AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho praised Paulo Dybala after their 1-1 draw vs. Juventus.

Jose Mourinho only had nice things to say about Dybala following the 1-1 draw. Dybala, who had an assist on the goal, was up against his former club. Speaking at the press conference after the match, here is what Mourinho had to say:

“He always makes a difference. People think he does well when he scores or assists. Tonight he made the difference. He is a point of reference for the team.

“Dybala played well, Cristante did a great job to leave a more central route open for Paulo. It was enough for us to step into the box in the second half and there was the feeling of fear of their fans.”


  1. Luís Campos PSG advisor pushed for Portuguese players in order to kick out Paredes.
    I would rather support any club to win UCL except PSG and Barcelona.

    • Hurts to see Messi being ignored in the final third by his team mates. He has been in wide open goal scoring positions numerous times this season already and due to selfishness of players like Mbappe, Hakimi and Verrati (keep an eye on him and he never passes to Messi whenever Leo is free) the GOAT has to go through this goal drought!! Today he could have scored 2 goals minimum had Mbappe passed to him when he was wide open and Ramos had left the ball for him instead of missing a open chance! Also, ever since Mbappe was back , Messi stopped scoring!!

      Juventus is the only club that needs and can utilize Messi the most and after the world cup He should go there. But for now let Mbappe and his bitches take the glory. Today he was even subbed out around 85min ,may be he was gassed out by trying to create numerous opportunities to his selfish teammates. On a positive note, his goal drought will only make him more desperate and hungry for goals when playing for the national team.

  2. Monaco has 3 to 4 defenders checking Messi all the time and as a result PSG didn’t create one single chance in the first 40mins. Without Messi’s playmaking both Neymar( who was having ballodor winning season so far) and man child Mbappe look so mediocre. Need to sub out overrated Verrati who has been nothing but useless and bring Paredes in. Mbappe’s bitch Hakimi has been invisible.Last 5 mins Messi’s super dribbling and vision finally created 3 good chances and GOAT hit the post in very well taken shot!! Messi need to try shooting directly at the goal in the second half as he will not get many chances due to Mbappe only passing to Messi (once) if he has absolutely no options near him.

      • There is nothing to be calm about when a selfish teammates igone the GOAT!! Messi needs to score to be in top scoring form and confidence leadingto the wod cup and Mbappe and his bitch are trying their best to repeat last year for Leo. So Fcuk Calma!!

        • Calm down, it is not only his teammates that are against him the whole country: media, journalist…I hope he get enough goals and assists to help boost his confidence but he doesn’t need to push himself too much, we are in World cup period. It is more important he and our boys get to Qatar healthily.

    • Injury hip problems, he played first leg of conference league and scored but I been told he has little injuries, just let you know nico gonzalez is key player for la viola from the board, Italiano to the fans is highly appreciated in Florence.

    • Villareal left-back Pedraza playing high up the pitch and stretching the play on the left while Foyth stays back and forms a 3 man defense with Albiol and Pau Torres. So Unai Emery’s 4-4-2 becomes more like 3-5-2. Foyth playing very well defensively so far but he is not even trying to be a fullback in this game.

      • And when he went for a forward run there he got injured. He won’t dribble during the run and not has enough pace to run. He would be a good CB and a helpful right back when the team playing full defense. And lo celso today played well but got substituted earlier?. But he is looking more comfortable in the right side, when he cuts inside with the left foot, than the left side.

        • Buendia made 1 or 2 good through balls. But I think he is a type of player who needs time for making good pass and won’t be good enough against pressing teams.

          • I think Buendia is pretty much out. He just rotates with Coutinho in Villa and Villa is doing really bad. Plus, Scaloni thinks he is an AM not midfielder. I would be surprised if he makes the final squad.

  3. Aston Villa is a joke. Maybe they should be relegated first then Emi would consider going somewhere. Very bad offensively, very bad defensively. Nothing positive at all. The goal of West Ham not Emi’s fault tho.

    • I Said before and I’m saying again Aston villa”s problem is Steve Gerrard English overhyped manager last 15 epl game Aston villa just won three of them two relegated ones Norwich and Burnley plus horrible Everton, any other manager would have gone by now because he is English, media doesn’t put him too much pressure….
      But he will be gone very soon the way I see as matter fact Aston villa supporters depending Gerrard to be Sacked.

      As emi Buendía he is better than Coutinho now. He makes more impact whenever he plays, ask Aston villa fans who they want in thier team, They will tell you 100 % Buendía, Coutinho plays bcs of Gerrard .

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