Paulo Dybala scores twice for AS Roma vs. Monza, reaches 100 goals


Paulo Dybala scored twice for AS Roma in their 3-0 win vs. Monza as he reached 100 goals in the league.

Dybala reached 100 Serie A goals with his two goals for AS Roma vs. Monza. With the score at 0-0, a pass onto Dybala as he held off two Monza defenders and scored to give AS Roma the 1-0 lead.

The Argentine would make it 2-0 as Abraham’s shot was saved by the goalkeeper and Dybala was the first to get to the loose ball and score. He now has two goals in four matches for Roma. Here is where Dybala ranks in all time Argentine goalscorers in Serie A:

Gabriel Batistuta: 184 goals
Hernán Crespo: 153 goals
Omar Sívori: 147 goals
Abel Balbo: 117 goals
Gonzalo Higuaín: 125 goals
Mauro Icardi: 121 goals
Paulo Dybala: 100 goals

@mundoalbiceleste Paulo Dybala scores for AS Roma! #PauloDybala #Dybala #ASRoma #Roma #fyp #foryou #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste

@mundoalbiceleste Paulo Dybala scores for AS Roma! #PauloDybala #Dybala #ASRoma #Roma #fyp #foryou #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste


  1. Unfortunately, due to a decision from Rosario Central the Buonannote deal has broken down.
    Almería have made a 7M offer for Luis Vasquez after selling Umar Sadiq.

      • Pablo Solari, very interesting player. He played for some youth divisions of Argentina and went to Chile before making his debut for Talleres. He was so good in Chile that there was a movement to nationalize him so he could play for them. Not only is that impossible now but I doubt he wants to.

        Really good dribbler that can play on the left or the right (usually plays on the right but I think he may be better on the left). Also a really good finisher (check out his most recent goal). In terms of passing he has a low percentage of completion because his style of play is dribble a couple of his markers and send a cross or pass into the box. He is good at low crosses and a bit inconsistent in high crosses.
        If you look at 2:10 you can see a really good forward pass in his second game.

        I like him because he always goes forward when he can. In terms of his potential I think he definitely will be a player that will play for us in the future. When he will play for us, and if it’s a couple of games or a temporary backup or a longtime starter I don’t want to risk predicting because he’s still new and young. But I feel really confident watching him that he has potential to play for us some day if he keeps going like this (and I mean legitimate and currently visible potential, not Alan Velasco or Urzi or De La Vega type potential).

    • That’s a wise decision, I’d say! They have now decided to set his base price at €20 mil. If he continues to develop at Central, hopefully a much better offer arrives in January or next summer. Moreover I feel he is going to be an important figure in our Sudamericano Sub 20 team…

      • Yep, the only problem for me is that “better 20M offer” may very realistically come from an MLS side. Look at how much they spent on Almada and Barco. Brighton has a really good South American scouting team and would have been great for developing him even if it took a few years. I just hope that the reason Facundo and his agent where looking at Brighton was because of that and not wages. Because EPL teams offer HUGE wages which is the case with MLS, Saudi Arabia, etc (look at how Renan Lodi went to Nottingham Forest) which isn’t the case with other midtable or even European competition teams in the other top four leagues. And I don’t think another premier league club has that same scouting and will come for him.

  2. He is surely key player for Roma and Arg.this season. If he stays fit he should score plenty of goals.JUVE spoiled his three or four years. He could be a match winner always for his team

  3. That first goal was pure class from Dybala. People calling him slow should watch it again how he was able to out run both defenders and beat the keeper! If he can stay fit he can easily be our no1 backup to both Lautaro and Dimaria!!

    • Mou must have installed some sense into him . He seems to be busy with social media life in past few seasons lol, and CR taking all the chances and FK didnt help either.

    • He is fast and also runs smart. Remember his goal against Chile in Copa 2019, even now when watching that goal I don’t know how he managed to reach that ball before Bravo and put it past him.

  4. Certain party of British pundits got agenda against licha martinez because of Harry Maguire been of the bench. The other day Graeme Souness talk rubbish against martinez bcz of his height but tonight Che admes who licha pocketed him on Saturday match vs Southampton
    Made thiago silve and koulibaly look like small tonight’s match both are 6,1

    Statman dave
    Aerial duels won against Southampton this season:

    Kalidou Koulibaly – 2/4 won

    Thiago Silva – 1/5 won

    Lisandro Martinez – 5/5 won

    Too small?

      • J Correa reminds of Pedro, a very limited player that basically looked good because playing in dominant team that has Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Alves etc. The guy gets zero goal despite Spain winning in 2010, and it does seems like Tucu is in the same bracket as Pedro in terms of quality. Their only quality is speed and stamina.

        • To be fair Pedro used to do all dirty work though which we don’t tend to notice. All the running, hustling and pressing. You need player like him now a days.

          • For every Messi, Riquelme, Neymar, etc who does little in defense (messi is helping more now), you need other players to compensate with brute effort. Balance is how you win.

        • Lol C’mon bro have more respect for Pedro. That man scored crucial goals for Barca & Chelsea when needed. We only wish Nico Gonzales can be as clinical when given those slight opportunities.

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