Julián Álvarez scores twice for Manchester City in 6-0 win vs. Nottingham Forest


Julián Álvarez scored twice for Manchester City in their 6-0 win vs. Nottingham Forest.

Álvarez got his first two goals in the Premier League in Manchester City’s win. The 22 year old started in his first Premier League match for the league champions and did not disappoint.

With City winning 4-0, it was a pass into Álvarez and his strike would beat the goalkeeper to make it 5-0 for City. The Argentine scored his second of the match after an initial effort was blocked by a defender and his powerful shot went into the roof of the goal.

@mundoalbiceleste Julian Alvarez scores for Manchester City. #JulianAlvarez #Alvarez #ManchesterCity #Manchester #MCFC #fyp #foryou #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste

@mundoalbiceleste Julian Alvarez scores for Manchester City. #JulianAlvarez #Alvarez #ManchesterCity #Manchester #MCFC #fyp #foryou #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste


  1. Last week Bournemouth lost 0-9 against Liverpool. Yesterday Nott Forest 0-6 against the Citizens. It shows the huge gap of quality between the top EPL teams and the newly promoted EPL teams.

    Last season Norwich also got relegated after looking very strong the year before. All second division league (Championship league) stars of Norwich, Bournemouth, Nottingham Forrest, and many more looked really good when playing in second division but looked very average when playing in EPL. I am talking about the likes of Skipp, Sessegnon, and yes Buendia. They all were stars of the second division. Sessegnon (Fulham) and Buendia (Norwich) were the Championship player of the season. Spence (Forest) was the revelation of the year. But they either look not that good in EPL level or the coaches are reluctant to give them proper chance in EPL like what happens to Buendia and Spence.

    The only one who after being a star in second division and still look good in EPL is Ollie Watkins (Villa). That’s all.

    I am saying this because I feel it is a bad decision for Senesi to move to a newly promoted Bournemouth. He should have stayed at Feyenoord and waited for a better proposal from somewhere else. I mean the likes of Bournemouth is probably weaker than the worst teams of La Liga or serie A.

    • Yeah but not fully. Fulham is good enough to compete in the PL. It’s not 1 match. They proved it more times against quality teams. They have a good DM. The surprising factor is that Fulham is not just simply keep on defending but making sure that they can penetrate any opposition with their fast attacking moves and they proved it.

  2. Yeah Julian is only starting his life in city but he became an unsung hero from these matches he played. I mean against liverpool the match turned into city’s favour when he came in as a sub. He didn’t play against New castle and it ended in a draw. But he played again as a secret weapon in the win against palace. And now he hits a double when got the chance. He could have scored 3or 4 in this match. And this is good for Julian as haaland is getting all the applause and still Julian is performing and keep on improving. That is a good sign.

    • Haaland is a great player but Julians goals were of higher quality than Haalands. Haaland is just a monster of a man and 2 of his goals were tap ins from 3 ft form the goal line. Julian has more movement and his goals were of higher quality, At least that’s just what I think.

  3. Underperformers (as of now):

    Emi Martinez
    Rodrigo De Paul

    Emi has been good, some great saves, but can do better and have to do better. Needs to work on gripping the ball in shot-stopping.

    DePaul needs to stop getting distracted. He’s going to start again and has the golden opportunity in his bag to prove the critics wrong. But I’m sure he will be soon back to his best in no time.

  4. Since the start of new season:

    Messi: 8 G/A in 6 games
    Lautaro: 4 G/A in 4 games
    Dybala: 3 G/A in 4 games
    DiMaria: 2 G/A in 1 game
    Julian: 3 G/A in 3 games
    Joaquin Correa: 2 G/A in 3 games (as a sub)
    Nico: 1 G/A in 3 games

    Scintillating display from our men

  5. I am sure Scaloni does not need to worry about the back up 9. Alvarez is the answer and he can also back up Nico as left winger. Another option there. Usually when Di Maria starts, Lo Celso moved up to left winger. Usually Nico, Papu play there too. Now we have Alvarez.

    About a week from now it is City vs Spurs. Alvarez on the left means he will meet Cuti A LOT. Hope Cuti won’t break his leg lol.

    • Palacios a goal and MOM too.

      The one in a serious danger of being eliminated is Angel Correa. He is just 4th or even 5th in Atletico pecking order with Felix, Morata, Griezmann, and maybe Cunha ahead of him.

      • Yes, and he has no one to blame, but himself.

        Could have earned enough recognition, if he had the guts to seek on a new challenge. But he was content being a rotational player for Simeone, despite in his prime. He has no mentality and rightfully so doesn’t deserve a place for Qatar.

  6. Good performance we can use him as a striker with lautaro or even can use as a left winger. I don’t think we have enough options in left wing yes nico can play but his scoring ability is not great

  7. lol Haaland is too greedy. He wanted the cross from Alvarez.

    Good job by Alvarez to take his chances. Now he needs to do this against the top 6 EPL teams.

  8. Julian hit a brace despite coming in later in the game. If he gets as many minutes as Haaland, he’d have at least 5 by now.

    He’s definetely closer to to Kun than Lautaro. He could start his run from the deep while Lautaro usually ineffective when he’s not a box player.

  9. Opening the scoring! More to comes. All eyes will be on Erling Haaland, but let’s take a minute to appreciate just how good Julian Alvarez is. He’s got the clinical edge of Kun Aquero full of engine and energy. Interesting to watch his movement and scoring ability. Keep moving

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