Leandro Paredes joins Juventus on loan from PSG


Leandro Paredes has joined Juventus on loan from PSG.

Paredes will be playing with Juventus this season. PSG announced on Wednesday that he joins Juventus on loan with an option to buy.

Reports about the transfer have been circulating since before the start of the transfer window and with one day remaining, Paredes has joined Juventus. The Argentine has previously played in Italy at Chievo, AS Roma and Empoli.

The 28 year old joined Paris Saint-Germain from Zenit Saint-Petersburg in 2019 and has since won three league titles.


  1. In this forum, some of very disappointing on Debu Martinez, yeh today he made silly mistake which aren’t expected from him but we know he is an human being, everybody do a mistake. If we see the whole match Arsenal made 22 shots and 9 shorts on target. So he minimum 2 or 3 sure shots save to make a goal.
    I feel it is a very important for our key players to keep away from injury. He is a Pillar for us and we have Romero and Licha who are give support to him lot which is he miss in his club football.

  2. Wow alverz almost all rating him 9/10 performance, too good for a PL first time starter, i think he is gonna dominate world footbal for us after post messi Era

  3. Lisandro Martinez’s biggest test will be against Manchester city. Im curious how he tackle Alvarez threat and most importantly that giant naned haaland

  4. Quality goals from Alvarez…good assists from Messi. Happy. If Alvarez playing like this…Pep will be forced to use both Haaland and Alvarez together in the first X1. Alvarez very dynamic player..do defending, pressing…never stop running…what a player.

    • He changed instantly the dynamics of Palace match too. He will be a super sub with Papu, Nico (for me a starter in group stages to save Di Maria) and Dybala. Neither team have such firepower and game changer factor on the bench.

  5. So proud of Alvarez. The second goal is incredible. He is visibly adapting very well. I know there were some doubts about his move but I actually think that both him and Enzo made the best moves they possibly could have.

    -Alvarez: Getting more limited minutes? Yes, but not that limited. He just did a full 90 and Pep’s trademark is to rotate players. I actually think that so far he’s had a very healthy amount of minutes. Especially when you consider the competitive jump he’s made in the last two months in league level. Most importantly, he’s training under the best manager in the world who can significantly improve players and training with the best players in the world all week. In my opinion Guardiola is so good it makes up for some of those minutes. Very ambitious move and I’m glad he didn’t settle for less.

    -Enzo: adapting to Europe in a league that’s been proven for our players and getting 99% of the minutes. He chose a club where he is a full on starter and crucial player. In my opinion that is more helpful for him than it would have been for Alvarez. What’s left is to see him play the group stages of the CL and see how he does there. He also chose a club that is known for selling young players for huge amounts, so he is already set on a path to improve and be sold for a large chunk in a year or two to a Liverpool, Barcelona, PSG, etc. Note that River have 25% of his rights so a future sale can help us keep this conveyer belt of talent going out.

      • Here, I’ll repost this that I wrote today from a few articles ago:
        [Pablo Solari, very interesting player. He played for some youth divisions of Argentina and went to Chile before he could make his debut for Talleres. He was so good in Chile that there was a movement to nationalize him so he could play for them. Not only is that impossible now but I doubt he wants to.

        Really good dribbler that can play on the left or the right (usually plays on the right but I think he may be better on the left). Also a really good finisher (check out his most recent goal). In terms of passing he has a low percentage of completion because his style of play is to dribble a couple of his markers and send a cross or pass into the box. He is good at low crosses and a bit inconsistent in high crosses.

        If you look at 2:10 you can see a really good forward pass in his second game.

        I like him because he always goes forward when he can. In terms of his potential I think he definitely will be a player that will play for us in the future. When he will play for us, and if it’s a couple of games or a temporary backup or a longtime starter I don’t want to risk predicting now because he’s still new and young. But I feel really confident watching him that he has potential to play for us some day if he keeps going like this (and I mean legitimate and currently visible potential, not Alan Velasco or Urzi or De La Vega type potential).]

        Also I want to add something I just realized that increases his chances of playing for us in the nearer future: Di Maria may retire for us this year and then our best wingers will be Gonzalez, Solari, Garnacho, and Soule. This will make an interesting mixup for Scaloni in the post Qatar project. IMO Solari is more talented than Gonzalez and older than the latter two so if he keeps playing like he is I wouldn’t be surprised at a call up or debut within the next two years.

  6. If you cheat a little and count the top 6 leagues, Enzo Fernandez is the player with most accurate passes and long balls completed.

  7. Off topic.. but Tagliafico is not talked about as much in this forum. I think he also settled very quickly in a new league. Moving to a top 5 league, you have to assume that the quality of opponent generally is better. I watched last couple of matches and he looked lively and created opportunities. But I think he does not provide many crosses.

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