Facundo Buonanotte transfer to Brighton from Rosario Central falls through


Facundo Buonanotte’s transfer to Brighton from Rosario Central has fallen through.

Buonanotte will not be joining Brighton. Despite confirmation from the player and his agent that a deal has been agreed, Rosario Central have rejected Brighton’s offer.

Rosario Central stated on Tuesday that they have rejected Brighton’s offer and have offered the 17 year old a new contract where he will be the club’s top earner. His new release clause will also be $20 million.


  1. congratulations to Rosario. they show they are not beggars.
    they keep their dignity. hat s off from me.
    i wish and the other clubs in Argentina could show some dignity and don t sell their property (players) to Europeans for a piece of bread. without exeption even the morons that run my beloved club River plate.
    Or the f..ing Europeans will pay or no deal.
    In Argentina we should stop behave like beggars.
    Just like mr Brito that when somebody with a dollar come to him he is starting to jump like a dog when he see a bone.

    • In Brazil they wouldn’t accept for a player like Enzo Fernandez to go for under 20 million. Alvarez would have been 10 million more at least. So I hope we stand up and stop selling for cheap. The concern I have is usually the first foreign clubs that do offer okay money are MLS teams.

      • exactly that my friend. this is the point. Brasil are not beggars. in Argentina we behave like them. this is our difference. as about our team from the day Brito take over we are counting his economic “crimes”. that piece of shit for a dollar he selling and his mother.
        my friend i miss D Onofrio.

  2. What players stay in the Argentina league is better for Argentina the league will be more competitive And young players will not be under unnecessary pressure. I guess most of you don’t care about the Argentina league you became Argentina fans after Messi .

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