Antony of Brazil, Manchester United praises Lisandro Martínez


Brazil and newly signed Manchester United player Antony praised his former and once more current team mate, Lisandro Martínez.

Antony has joined Martínez at Manchester United, a former team mate of his at Ajax. In his first interview with Manchester United, Antony spoke about the Argentine. Here is what he had to say:

“Martínez has his Argentinian style, we know it well. I love it and it motivates me to see him play. The way he competes, the way he plays and he gives his heart and soul on the pitch. Watching Martínez, I know him well, up close. He’s a great player we can all see, people recognise this. Martínez is a crack.”

Lisandro Martínez was named as the August Manchester United Player of the Month.


  1. According Cesar Luis Merlo, Barcelona are set to complete the signing of 18-year-old left-back Roman Vega from Argentinos Juniors imminently. The teenage defender is expected to join the Catalans’ B team.

  2. The transfer windows will close in around 5 hours in some part of Europe. I feel bad for some of our players:
    1. Emi Martinez. His team is in embarrassing spot 19th in the standing and they don’t seem to try to buy new quality players near the deadline. They just got a Wolves DM from Belgium and they want Lucas Moura from the Spurs, someone who had already passed his best. The worse thing is Emi is the complete opposite of CR7. CR7 want to go to anywhere to gives him CL futbol. Emi loves Villa to death no matter what (similar to how Batigol used to love Fiorentina even when they got relegated to serie B). He needs to win the best goalie in the WC maybe then in January he would go somewhere.

    2. Angel Correa. Fourth of fifth in Atletico pecking order now after looking like Atletico best player in the first half of last season. I feel sorry for him because Atletico players such as Felix, Carrasco, Morata, Lemar are wanted by some teams near the deadline but not Correa. His poor second half of the season last year due to limited minutes and another limited minutes this season really affect his value.

    3. Rodrigo De Paul. If he wants he can go to equally as big team as Atletico somewhere else where he is guaranteed to start. The Spurs wanted him a month ago but after watching what happened to his buddy Lo Celso in the Spurs, he rejected the Spurs. Maybe for some people here, he made the right choice. The thing is… Atletico is even worse! He is treated like a mediocre player by Simeone. De Paul working under a manager like Conte would have been perfect. Conte wants his 10 players to be box to box players. That’s very De Paul.

  3. Mou on Dybala 🙂

    Mourinho spoke out about his summer signing after watching him score twice in a 3-0 win over Monza and is tipping the Argentine to maintain his impressive form. The victory maintains the Giallorossi’s unbeaten start to the season and sees the team move top of the table.

    “He has a history of injuries, but he’s improving now,” The Portuguese tactician told DAZN. “I think this is a sign of what is to come in Qatar for the World Cup. Maybe [Argentina boss] Lionel Scaloni should send me a few bottles of wine, because he’s going to have a fantastic player at his disposal.”

    • yeah he will be the perfect fit with Mou. I like this 3421 with a box to box and 2 fullbacks next to him, many coaches using this formation including Tudor who wanted to sign him.

  4. Here is my strongest (budget) XI for Argentina transfers this summer transfer window

    —Di Maria-Dybala-Lo Celso—

    Benitez (29) – free
    Molina (24) – 20m
    Avila (20) – 4.4m
    Senesi (25) – 15m
    Tagliafico (30) – 4.2m
    Paredes (28) – loan, 15m+5m buy option
    Enzo (21) – 10m LOL
    Di Maria (34) – free
    Dybala (28) – free
    Lo Celso (26) – loan without buy option
    Alvarez (22) – 17m LOL
    (Numbers from transfermarkt so I don’t know if they are exact)

    Full XI for 70.6m (or 90.6m if you count Paredes buy option)

    8 of them have previous experience in Europe
    8 of them likely to be in WC squad
    4 of them regular starters for Argentina
    6-7 of them are Copa America & Finalissima champions

    • Meanwhile this 22 year old Brazilian Antony sells for 100m after a mind-blowing 12 G/A season in Dutch league (everyone knows he’s not worth anywhere near that, it’s just Man U tax, EPL tax, Brazil tax & Ajax fuck you price tag + he’s young). But still…
      Nuñez 75m, Richarlison 58m, Raphinha 58m, 30 year old Casemiro 70.6m

      And while 21 yo Alvarez was the best forward in South America sold for 17m…………. to OIL CLUB CITY

      Many things wrong with the market but Argentine players are very undervalued/underappreciated I feel… There was a lot of interest for Lo Celso but nobody willing to pay 20-25m? Really? You can build a full XI for 70m with class players & international champions or buy 1 “promising” Brazilian or English for the same price… Wtf

      • Players from Arg need to consistently do really well in Europe and then clubs may buy direct. As it stands looks like Prem clubs buy once players tried in Portuguese and Dutch league. this is why Alvarez success (and Enzo to a lesser extent since he already transferred) is so important (olive made the same point earlier). If he skyrockets, I would assume clubs will start buying direct and Arg clubs can start charging more.

        Dear Enzo and Alvarez, to the moon please

      • We need to win the World Cup! Then it will all change. Then we need to remind the world, look how many stars are on the jersey!

        That’s what Brazil does. They keep talking about glory days and hyping the next 16 years. We need media to hype the next Messi, next Maradona, next Batistuta, etc.

      • Choripan & Wisdom good points and I agree with you!
        A WC win would inject much needed recognition to our players and help future generations immensely.

        I’m not sure if this has been discussed here before, but Argentina is currently seeing a HUGE emigration wave at the moment (mostly to Spain) due to the economic crisis and inflation. I suspect we will start seeing more and more players born and raised abroad to Argentine parents, like Garnacho, Luka, Carboni, Paz etc… Very important for AFA to continue and expand upon the youth program for foreign Argentines if this is the case. And again, La Scaloneta lifting it in Qatar makes Argentina NT more attractive and prestigious

        Regarding Alvarez, his success could indeed be a kickstarter for big clubs buying directly. He’s on the right track and it’s clear that Pep trusts him from all the praise he’s given him. And to quote Haaland himself “Julián looks like Aguero. I love playing with him”. Indeed the two goals were very Aguero-esque
        To me he seems like the perfect player to complement a striker like Haaland. Looking forward to follow their partnership

      • In recent years Argentine clubs have been in decline. Brazilian clubs dominate the Copa Libertadores nowadays. Yesterday Velez was humiliated in their own stadium. Maybe that decline in club level has something to do with it.

      • You see Arsenal are going for Douglas Loius to make it a mini Brazilian team. Who is to get credit for that Arsenals Brazilian sporting director.

        We need more Argentina ex players to join big European clubs like we have at Inter.

  5. The smile on Pep’s face after Julian scored his second was great! Both goals were from extremely tight angles and space, proving he is a very clinical striker and will help him gain respect from his team-mates and that means they will pass to him more often and Pep will have more confidence to bring him on when they are trailing. Those two goals couldn’t have come at a better time for Alvarez!!

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