Mauro Icardi to join Galatasaray on loan from PSG


Mauro Icardi is set to join Turkish club Galatasaray on loan from PSG.

Icardi will be leaving Paris and joining Turkish club Galatasaray. According to RMC Sport, it remains to be seen if there will be a purchase option or not.

He is expected to be in Turkey on Wednesday night. Already 29 years old, he has not played one minute for PSG in the league this season and was not part of the team for their Champions League game vs. Juventus.

PSG would be covering a big part of his salary while on loan.


  1. Spurs won 2-0 against Marseille. Cuti as usual played good in 73 minutes. Was substituted because they want him fit against City this weekend. Cuti made the defense look really good.

    I feel sorry for those who wish him do bad for the Spurs because he is doing better and better and the Spurs look better and better. Conte’s team lost just once in their last 18 games. Eat that shoot! lol

    • How was the other Argentine defender in opposite team did btw spurs didn’t have single shoot on target in the first half they come a live after red card
      Is that good team or it’s team just getting results I just i wonder

      • Balerdi came as a sub because Marseille player got a red card. He did not do well. Spurs played bad in the first half but Marseille parked the bus after getting a red card so the Spurs went attack mode. I don’t think Balerdi has a future for the NT. He was a hot prospect when playing in Argentina but his development stalls.

  2. Simeone is trying to destroy De Paul he will destroy Molina as well

    I don’t want any of our players to be Coached by him he’s really irritating me

    • Felix and Morata started every game and their stats are horrible. Correa just got an assist hope that is enough to restore his starting spot, I do agree that Simeone is a bitch. I used to wish that he would coach us (before Scaloni took over), good thing it was never materialized.

    • Actually Molina will improve under him. He is master in defensive plays and he will improve Molina’s defensive play no doubt about that plus Molina starting every match

    • Simeone has high standards, it’s not like he wants to bench his own countrymen, that’s not the case. It’s possible that De Paul is not giving him what he wants. Starting someone just because they are from the same country is nepotism.

      • That is probably correct , you can’t play a player bcs he is from same country as you if he doesn’t earn it right to play but still I don’t simeone’ stlye
        I don’t think Rodrigo will thrive under him.

    • From an Argentina point of view it’s annoying but this is a club. Simeone is paid to consider the clubs point of view only. Luckily in the last 20 minutes that I watched De Paul looked really good (same with Correa) so hopefully Cholo adjusts accordingly.

    • Simeone is the worst manager managing a team for so many years… He has already ruined Angel Correa, ruinning De Paul’s career and Molina is the next..

    • Every manager tries to put the best 11 in the pitch for the outcome he is trying to achieve. Lautaro is playing for Inter, for example.

      Now if Palacios is not best for what he is trying to achieve then it is unfortunate. Be it injury, performance or whatever he is not a regular or automatic starter for the team. This is not new.

      Whenever there is a Leverkusen game I go and check the lineup on the phone before I bother to turn on the TV. Often he is not in the starting 11.

  3. It’s really hurting to see Rodrigo de Paul sitting on the bench, f…k Simeone, Poch will never do that a good Argentina player who deserves to start like de Paul

  4. in case that exist any friend here that interested about Argentine sports beyond football i want to inform or remind that
    tomorrow Argentina playing against Brasil in quarter finals of volleyball world cup. the game begin at 12.30 Argentine time.

    Tomorrow too Argentina national basketball team playing against Venezuela in quarter finals of America Cup. the game will begin at 17.30 Argentine time.

  5. “……35 years old Messi is faster than peak Lewa was”. Spot on, Csabalala.
    But I think this Anuparno guy doesn’t watch football. The whole world said Paredes had a very good game vs. PSG, but this guy says Paredes was average. His negativity has no limit.

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