Gio Simeone scores for Napoli in 4-1 win vs. Liverpool


Gio Simeone scored for Napoli in their 4-1 win vs. Liverpool.

Simeone got his first goal for Napoli and his first ever goal in the Champions League. With Napoli leading 2-0, Simeine was substituted in for the injured Osimhen.

The Argentine would score just minutes after, following an assist by Kvaratskhelia as Simeone would score from close range.

Still only 27 years old, he became emotional after scoring his goal, kissing his Champions League tattoo. The reason for his emotions are because his first tattoo was that of the Champions League logo and he always dreamed of playing in the tournament.

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  1. Van Dijk aka the best defender of the world has a slow start. He already caused 2 penalties for Liverpool in their first 5 games. I still believe “class is permanent, form is temporary”. I am not saying he already declines or something. But now it is time for our defenders like Cuti and Licha to step up to be at the same level as him.

    • If you’re not gonna say then I will, Dijk is TOTALLY on the decline ever since coming back from his ACL injury and Cuti/Licha are way ahead of him right at this moment but neither are the finished article just yet (nor should they be at 24yrs). Cuti needs to…….temper his temper so to speak because he continues to get silly yellow cards while Licha is still adapting to the rigors of the EPL. Still it’s nice to have 2 quality CBs for a change not to mention the likes of Foyth, Medina and Nahuen Perez continuing to improve. I just hope that things will work out for Molina, Montiel and Senesi because they’re all good players and would be sad to see them waste away, especially Molina.

  2. Simeone a goal and assist. should have had a hat trick, he was wasteful. His first match in a while so no harm there.
    Fausto Vera could be the next midfielder in Europe. Atletico and Inter keeping tabs.

    • 😄 add that list to spurs too so boring to watch under conte it’s myths how conte and Fabio Paratici think Bentancur is better player than lo celso.

      • Because locelso performed very poor for spurs just go to some spurs fan forums u will see how every spurs fan just despise locelso. Conte even said in a interview locelso can’t tackle the fast nature of premier League and he can’t be a success in premiere league

      • Spurs boring? Lol if you hate someone then they are boring. Too bad they are doing well, it will make you even more upset because of that. Just like back then you spread the propaganda that Di Maria is shitty all over the forum, now you are trying to make the same thing here that the Spurs is boring.

        Boring is the definition of Jose Mourinho’s team.

        • My friend spurs is shitty club they won’t change.
          Your beloved cuti plays them doesn’t change nothing it’s mockery team every fan in England laugh at them bcs they think they are big club but ain’t and you it’s same as always crying complaining talk like child bring back di maria crow up man, I’m Argentina fan I have right to critisise our players when they play sh..t like di maria did over 95 games unlike you who just deluded with the love of di maria. the fact I love that you hate me cus i don’t like to entertain your nonsense please respect us stop reporting same two players every match they play Or be fair reporting all those players who are under consideration of scaloni’s list.

          • please respect us stop reporting same two players every match they play

            Yeah right go ban me then Mr moderator. Lol since I am committing a crime here reporting the actual game reports of Cuti, Emi, Buendia, and now Licha.

            As for Di Maria, I am the one who is laughing at ppl like u since I have been defending Di Maria since day 1 (you were not even born yet, since the day of Sebastian Garcia (probably you didn’t even know who he is)). Di Maria has proved himself. Enough said. Lol.

            I know who I defend and I know who I criticize. It is not like I am always a fan of a famous player. I was not a fan of Tevez at all. I never wanted him to be near our team.

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