Erik Lamela scores, gets red carded for Sevilla in 3-2 win vs. Espanyol


Erik Lamela scored and was red carded for Sevilla in their 3-2 win vs. Espanyol.

Lamela had a great start to the match. The Argentine scored after a great run only 45 seconds into the game.

The 30 year old has taken part in every game for Sevilla this season and scored his first goal of the new season. He did however get red carded.

With Sevilla leading 3-2, Lamela went in leg first and the referee gave him a red card.

Marcos Acuña also started for Sevilla in their win. Gonzalo Montiel was an unused substitute.

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  1. We don’t need Messi to score we need him to run the match which is what he does at PSG. Set up and control the game. He is the playmaker at PSG and that’s what he’ll do in Qatar…he’ll chip in with a goal here and there but he’ll be the anchor of the team. This isn’t 2014 our team is different now

    • He needs to score. Psg version of messi means we have practically no chance in the wc other than lautaro there is noone prolific scorer. Julian alvarez may not start plus inexperienced our wingers r not a major scoring threat apart from dimaria who i don’t believe will be fit in later half of the tournament our midfielders r not scoring midfielders and our fullbacks never scores. We need a fit and clinical messi in front of goal otherwise bye bye world Cup dreams

  2. The only reason why Felix is always preferred is the tag of €114 million that made him the 4th most expensive signing of all time. I don’t know who recommended Felix to Atletico, maybe Simeone himself. I mean he was good for Benfica but nothing like the young Ronaldo of PSV good. That €114 million is the reason why Simeone is so stubborn starting Felix over and over although his numbers in Atletico in 2 years have been nothing but pathetic.

    His numbers are not even close to Aguero or Torres’ 2 of the Atletico forward legends. Safe to say he has been one of the most overrated signings ever.

    Correa transfer fee was so so. But he does more damage to every opponent than Felix does. A Correa is just very underrated. I liked him since the day of u20 of South American qualifying where he was the star of Argentina. I was hoping he could be the next superstar. Too bad Simeone kinda stalled his development by never giving him the “Felix treatment/minutes” that he deserves. Had Correa moved to a team that trusts him like Felix, he would have been one of the finest attackers.

    I hope Simeone sees the reality now. It is not too late for Correa to make the WC squad.

  3. Ledesma was busy today receiving 4 goals from Barcelona but also grabbing a defibrillator from Cadiz medical staff and running towards the stands where a fan needed medical attention.

  4. What a goal from Ãngel Corréa! He is more clinical and is a better creator in front of the goal than Jõaquin. Last week he created and this week he scored a banger!! He should and must be picked ahead of Tucu.
    My 7 forwards Messi, Dimaria, Lautaro, Dybala, Julian, Ãngel and Nico.

    Regarding, Messi’s poor scoring form. Something sees off!! A player who able to make a pass wherever he wants and however he wants shouldn’t have issues putting in simple chances for his standards. Barcelona Messi would have already scored 12+ goals this season with the amount of chances he has wasted.

    Its not old age like many if you have mentioned. He is still producing those short burst of speed to dribble pass multiple defenders, unlike last season due to covid. Its more psychological!!! Yes, at this age its hard to equally allocate same focus and energy on both scoring and creating which is also a major factor in his goals decline but i still believe he needs to be more direct at goal instead of passing or dribble near the box like Lewandowski and Benzema, who are similar to age.

    Yes, Messi’s poor scoring form is little concerning but I wouldn’t want him to battle with defenders toe to toe and break his foot for worthless matches!! He is trying to play safe which is evident and providing super assists every match, making man childs in PSG happy!! I am okay with no goals as long as Messi is in sublime form heading into the world cup. He just needs to score few bangers and will get his scoring boots back!!

    Just I was writing this, Depaul also scored a very good goal!! A goal and assist so far! 😄

  5. El Toro is fire today 🔥…the intensity, tackles & pressing he shows is too good…I hope next year messi join inter and help Lautaro to score more goals ✌️

  6. Looks like Cholo has read some comments. All 3 Argentines starting. Now lets hope they don’t get less than 60 minutes. Hope Correa scores a goal to justify his minutes now

    • i asked an ATL supporter their thoughts on RDP and here’s the response. Seems like RDP still struggling with form and mentality. Hope he he kicks into gear soon.

      “Right now in my opinion: Not quite justifying a place in the starting 11. With our current problems mainly being a dysfunctional midfield, where we at times barely even bother with build up play, he doesn’t exactly bring calmness into our game.

      As much as some people here don’t like Koke or Saúl starting, I don’t necessarily think RDP is a clearly better alternative. I’d rather give Lemar a chance due to his possession recycling/ press resistant qualities, as opposed to RDP’s ruggedness combined with sudden bursts of creativity if that makes any sense.”

      • That’s very interesting, considering that for us De Paul brings a level of authority and calmness with the ball and is a big part of our build up. I think this proves that De Paul’s problem is Simeone’s tactics because it seems that what Simeone expects in build up and possession is different than Scaloni and it doesn’t align with De Paul’s characteristics

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