Paulo Dybala scores for AS Roma in 3-0 win vs. HJK


Paulo Dybala scored for AS Roma in their 3-0 win vs. HJK.

Dybala scored his first goal in the Europa League this season to bring his tally to bring his tally to four goals and two assists in eight games this season.

The 28 year old started the game on the bench for Roma and was brought on at half time where he instantly had a positive effect for his club. The ball would fall to the Argentine on the edge of the penalty area and he would score.

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  1. Dybalas next two matchs are againt atlanta and inter which will show us is he in really good form or not, personally i want all our big guns firing against big teams ahead of worldcup and opposition needs to know our quality the fear factor is important

    • I have been watching all the matches of Roma and Dybala is in super form with respect to build-up play and creating chances. the problem with Roma was apart from tammy, other players who were playing are not so good at converting their chances.

  2. I was watching Barcelona vs Sevilla’s full game, for 2 of the goal, Montiel was responsible, he was not even able to catch an ambling Lewandowski and was allowing too much time to the opposition player. in addition, was out of position most of the time. I hope it is transient and that scaloni is able to fix some of the issues. I think we require foyth more than say an extra midfielder or a forward.

  3. My personal opinion nico Gonzalez(if he is fit) would be more deadly for us than paulo dybala.
    It’s so absurd to think dybala and messi can play together. We need pace and energy. Lautaro has energy but he lacks pace. Di Maria or nico Gonzalez is must in the team.

  4. If Messi can play together with both Neymar & Mbappe and PSG can still dominate matches then Scaloni should not have too much trouble fielding both together. We have superior midfield and better defense & team chemistry compared to PSG. However Scaloni will have to bench Dimaria to enforce and maintain his pressing game!

    Dybala’s current form is only second to Messi and it demands more minutes if we are to utilize his form and the only way to provide him more time is by either subbing him in for Lautaro and subbing Dimaria with Nico Gonzalez to maintain the balance or subbing him in direclty for Dimaira! Dybala is very much capable of playing the striker /no-9 role. He is like poor mans Barcelona’s Messi , can play as a midfielder or a pure out and out striker with that x-factor to create or score out of nowhere! I am glad he is back in form!

    PS:Please stop referencing Gotze all the time, his name gives us headache!!

  5. Cuti Romero complete interview.

    Cristian Romero exclusive interview: Tottenham defender on fighting for Spurs success and ‘infectious’ Richarlison.

    By Nick Wright, Comment and Analysis @nicholaspwright

    Cristian Romero walks through the door and the sound of laughter follows him. He has just shared a joke with Hugo Lloris in one of the corridors of Tottenham’s Hotspur Way headquarters. He is still grinning as he takes a seat in the bustling canteen.

    “I think the togetherness of the group is the best thing we have,” Romero tells Sky Sports. “We live together really well as players and get on really well every day. I think that’s the most important thing.”

    We are meeting only two days on from Tottenham’s Champions League loss to Sporting Lisbon, a setback which brought an end to their unbeaten start to the season. But there is little appetite to dwell on it. Spirits are high following the morning’s training session.

    “It was a difficult game, but losing is part of football,” says Romero. “Of course, we really don’t like it and, clearly, it wasn’t our best game. But it is just the beginning. We have to trust that things will turn out well if we keep working in the way we are.”

    It is an attitude which has served Romero well.

    The centre-back, fiercely combative in the way he defends and yet unerringly composed in possession, has become a key figure for Spurs since his arrival from Atalanta in August of last year and his impact has not gone unnoticed.

    “There is something special about him,” said Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher when naming Romero his signing of the season in May. “He isn’t the biggest of defenders, but he is clever, he is switched on, he is cool on the ball. I think Tottenham have a real player there.”

    Spurs paid £42.5m to make his loan move permanent this summer, the Argentine signing a five-year contract with the club having taken to the Premier League like a natural despite what he describes as a “big difference” in style from Italy’s Serie A, where he had flourished over the course of the previous three seasons.

    “Serie A is much more tactical,” he says. “There is a lot more pausa in the game. That’s partly because of the referees, who don’t let play go as much. Here, the ball is in play all the time.

    “All the teams are also very aggressive, and the majority of them have a good way of playing and are offensive too. Physically, they are all at a very good level and that means the games are always very, very competitive between the two teams.

    Cristian Romero confronts Kai Havertz during Tottenham’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea
    It is ideal, in other words, for a player who relishes the physical side of the game as much as Romero.

    “Yes, yes, yes,” he says with a smile.

    “The Premier League was always one of my favourite leagues, so when I had the option to come to Tottenham, it was an easy decision and I was very quick to finalise my transfer here.

    “Fortunately, my first season went well. I know I have many things still to improve but I will try to do that.”

    That first season, while an undoubted success – culminating in a fourth-placed Premier League finish which ensured Tottenham’s return to the Champions League ahead of north London rivals Arsenal – was not without its challenges.

    Romero spent three months on the sidelines having suffered a hamstring injury soon after Antonio Conte replaced Nuno Espirito Santo in November. All the while, he was having to adapt to a new country and, most significantly, a new arrival at home.

    “In the beginning it was difficult, above all because my wife was in her seventh month of pregnancy and there were a lot of changes,” he says. “Fortunately, she supported me in the decision I made, like she always does, and now everything is good off the pitch.

    “Family is the always the most important thing for me. Obviously, football is my passion and I don’t take it for granted. I know I am lucky to do what I love. But the most important thing is family.”

    His son, Valentino, arrived safely in December. So, how is he sleeping? Romero smiles. “Better now. He is great, he is growing. I don’t always have a lot of time away from the pitch because we train a lot and travel a lot, but whenever I am at home, I love it and we are always together as a family.”

    Romero clearly has a sensitive side but out on the pitch he is a different beast, ferociously aggressive, unafraid of confrontation, and, at times, he admits, guilty of overstepping the mark.

    Romero challenges Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson during last season’s meeting at Anfield
    The 24-year-old arrived in England having received 39 yellow cards and three reds across his 102 appearances in Italy and there have been notable flashpoints in England too, including the Marc Cucurella hair-pull for which he was fortunate to escape punishment in Tottenham’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea in August.

    “It really depends on the game,” he says of his fiery streak. “I always try to give opponents maximum respect. If something happens which isn’t good, I always reflect on it and I apologise.

    “This season, I think I’m doing better in that sense,” he adds. “I know it’s something I have to improve, but I have only had one yellow card in the games I’ve played so far this year.”

    Spurs fans love Romero for his competitiveness – “I am always grateful for the support they give me,” he says – and the same qualities can be seen in his new team-mate Richarlison.

    The pair have history. They clashed when the Brazilian was playing for Everton last season. But all that is firmly behind them now and Romero’s admiration for the 25-year-old is obvious.

    “He has brought a lot to the team,” says Romero. “He is a player who is a little bit different to the ones we already had. He is a player who puts in absolutely everything, all the time.

    “We have Harry Kane, who, for me, is a maximum talent and one of the best strikers in the world. We also have [Heung-Min] Son and [Dejan] Kulusevski, who also make the difference.

    “But Richy is giving us different things and that’s something which I think is infectious.”

    Richarlison is already thriving under Conte and the same is of course true of Romero. The defender is still getting to grips with English. This interview is being conducted in his native Spanish. But language has been no barrier to his progress under the Italian.

    “He is a manager who has helped me a lot tactically,” he says of Conte. “The career he has had shows how good he is and I think we are on a good path. Every day I wake up with a desire to keep learning.”

    That openness to learning has certainly helped at Spurs.

    I just want to repay the faith the club has put in me. I hope things will continue in this way and I will be here for a long time

    Romero played in the middle of the back three for his previous clubs Atalanta and Genoa but, under Conte at Spurs, he has been moved over to the right-hand side.

    “It’s very different. My favourite position is in the middle, because that’s where I have always played, but I am playing on the right for the national team too now and I will happily play wherever I am asked to, so I don’t have a problem with it.

    “At the beginning, it was difficult, for sure, but I got used to it and I learned the role. I have to keep learning and keep correcting many things, but I’m good and I feel comfortable there.”

    Romero has had that same appetite for self-improvement since his youth. As a teenager at his boyhood side Club Atletico Belgrano in Argentina, he studied Barcelona – “their team that won everything” – and, specifically, their central defenders.

    “I always loved watching that team because I loved to watch Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique, and also Javier Mascherano when he played there. Those three were beautiful to watch.”

    What about these days? “Today, the best defender for me is Virgil van Dijk, always, and Lisandro Martinez from Manchester United.

    “For me, they are the best in the Premier League.”

    Romero knows Martinez well from the Argentina national team but his most glowing praise is reserved for Lionel Messi, another team-mate at international level.

    “Messi, for me, is a different class of player,” he says. “I haven’t seen a player like him in my life. He does incredible things and I don’t think there is any comparison. It’s brilliant to play with him.”

    Romero has played 11 times for Argentina and scored against Colombia in June of last year
    Romero hopes to follow up Argentina’s Copa America triumph last year with more success at the upcoming World Cup – “of course, that is on my mind,” he says – but for now his focus is on Spurs.

    “I just want to repay the faith the club has put in me,” he says.

    “There are a lot of years ahead if the club wants it and if all goes well. I hope things will continue in this way and that I will be here for a long time. Things have gone well. Last season, we achieved our goal of qualifying for the Champions League and we were very happy.”

    And what next? Does he see Spurs as contenders for major honours?

    “Talking is easy,” he says. “But we have to show it on the pitch. We have a good group of players to win trophies. We only have to convince ourselves.

    “It is early in the season. We are still a long way from that. We just have to go step by step, improving the things we need to improve. But I think we are on a good path.

    “We have to trust that if we continue like this, with the work we have done and the work we are doing, we can achieve big things.”

  6. In my opinion Dybala must be starter in WC… He is enough mature to handle the pressure of National Team…and it should be dream for anybody that messi dybala pair

    • No, Lautaro is a must in the centre and one runner with speed is crucial who attack open spaces wo the ball, defend and make pressings as well. Di Maria or Nico, maybe even Alvarez could work. He is only Messi alternative, a supersub in special situations.

      • @Csabalala – Lamela can do this too. I feel like Lamela can be like Lavezzi. Sadly Lavezzi was used in our NT just before he was about to retire.

        Lamela offers dribbling in tight spaces, speed, crossing, technical ability, pressing, passing, etc. Should have tried to integrate him in either of the Nicos (Gonzales or Dominguez) positions as backup (even though he normally plays on the right side, he played left for NT in the 4-0 win vs Germany – where he scored, and against Chile in Copa – where he scored).

      • > He is only Messi alternative, a supersub in special situations.

        No, there’s another dangerous option for any defense…..narrow 4312 with Dybala next to Toro with Messi in the hole

        Toro – Dybala

        • That would be awesome…Strong defense with Cuti, Otamendi, Foyth, Acuna and a midfiled 3 of Lo Celso, De Paul and Paredes/Guido along with the front 3 you mentioned above. Quite a spectacle! I would swap Dybala against teams like Spain with a player next to Toro who offers more pressing.

      • Imo Dybala can be a super sub replacing Di Maria’s role in the Copa America. At first I thought A Correa could be that super sub but A Correa spot is even in danger now. Dybala has good finishing, shooting power, and accuracy. He could be useful when we need to score to break the deadlock.

        As for him starting along with Messi, yes they are improving but I think it is not time yet to make them gel perfectly in less than 2 months time.

        Before this September friendly, Scaloni always made J Correa as his main back up of forwards (any of Lautaro, Messi, or Di Maria). Hope now it’s Dybala or Julian Alvarez taking that role.

        I think most of the European big teams must regret not to sign Dybala when he was available for free and not even asking much in terms of salary.

        As for Lamela, I think it is too late to introduce anyone new who are not among the 28 players list.

        • @el_principe – I agree with you 100% on Dybala & Lamela.
          I know Lamela is a stretch. It just sucks that such a talent was wasted. He always performed for NT with limited opportunity and yet guys like Meza were given longer stretches of games. I never understood this.

        • Really stupid on Scalonis part to ignore Lamela. He’s easily one of the best like kind subs for GLC and RDP. I never understood why he was hardly called..guess it’s his injury history. Only rational explanation.

          • “guess it’s his injury history. Only rational explanation”. You guessed it right. Scaloni can’t count on him due to his endless injuries. A fit and in-form Lamela is the dream of any team, but unfortunately that never happened except his days at Roma.

        • I would like to see Lautaro and Alvarez infront of Messi. Two high pressing forwards with great ability to score different types of goals from different angles and distance. They are less injury prone too.

    • Personally I think it was wrong of Scaloni to call up and PLAY Meza in 2022 instead of Enzo. Would have helped his integration instead of doing it a couple of months prior the WC. I think the Lamela shout is interesting, I really liked how he was playing last year when he joined Sevilla but I haven’t seen much of him recently. Would have also been a good option instead of Meza this year as well (assuming he wasn’t injured which I don’t remember). Either way I think external pressure got Meza called up.

      @Insider I like your shout for both Lautaro and Alvarez. Lautaro has a more opportune pressing style based on timing and sneaking up while Alvarez is an all out possessed runner. I wonder what that combo would look like. It’d also clean up the board for Messi to do his thing and could make him more dangerous.

      • @olive i think if enzo didn’t transfer to Europe and played so well im sure he would have been out of contention but his great decision to join Benfica this season and adapting so fast in European league made scaloni take notice and also many of our midfielders getting injury or less minutes made scaloni think about some players who can be replacements if needed

  7. @Anuparno, Redondo was egomaniac? Really? Do you know the meaning of the word? If you think Redondo had a self-centred personality, yo know nothing about him and his career. He refused to take salary from AC Milan when he was injured and his contract was still valid. Go and find a single player that can do the same for his team in this day and age. Check your facts before you write anything and think twice.

    • Spot on Dadir! Redondo was a class and that is a fact. No wonder why real madrid fans, maybe the worst fans in the world along with manu fans, consider Redondo as one of their team’s greatest legends!
      This is football and a manager’s job is not beiing the psychologist of any player but to try to get advantage of any better that his players can offer. I believe that most high rated players have a difficult character, so the manager has to cope with their potential in terms of foorball, let alone having long hair or not.
      Csabalala, Caniggia was 30 years old in 98, not that old.

    • Ur talking about club football im talking about country. For me a player who refuse to play for his country because just for his hair that’s completely his taking over his love for his country. No matter how talented Redondo was i don’t care. I don’t respect those who rejected the chance for playing a wc for their country just because he would not cut his hair

      • You didn’t get the point. This guy put the interest of his club ahead of his own interests. Do you think he didn’t want to do the same or even better for his country? The problem was Passarella, not Redondo or the rest of the players. He was a fan favorite in Madrid and Argentina fans in the 90s and early 2000s loved him a lot. Maybe you never watched him live and that led you talking about something you don’t know much.

  8. @Anuparno, Redondo was egomaniac? Really? Do you know the meaning of the word? If you think Redondo had a self-centred personality, yo know nothing about him and his career. He refused to take salary from AC Milan when he was injured and his contract was still valid. Go and find a single player that can do the same for his team in this day and age. Read this article and check your facts before you write anything and think twice.–injured-redondo-forsakes-salary/

    • while usually i don t agree with anuparno most of times about that subject i give him credit. Redondo was extremelly good player as much as friends here explain but he was same level of shit as character.
      now i don t feel the need to prove anything to anybody and i will not waste my time to find old articles for him because it is 2022 and no need to bring back old ghosts of last century.
      i respect your love for Redondo because he was one of the best as player but exist people like me which we have different opinion for him. No need to fight.

        • true. But i have nothing to gain by waste so much from my time to search evident for something happened last century. No reason.
          just i wanted only to write i don t agree with you.
          i remember his shit character and that s all.

      • Fight? Definetely not my friend! You are one of the members i respect the most. Regardless if i agree or disagree with a comment of yours, your opinion is always respected and your comments are a joy to read, at least for me.

        • he was one selfish and arrogant player which he put his personal desires more high than the national team.
          He didn t have discipline unless it was about his club and the (big) salary he was take there. in those cases he wasn t “rebel”.

          shortly this is why i don t like him but as i said i don t intend to fight with nobody. everybody can have his personal opinion and allow me to keep mine.

  9. I said it before, Dybala can be our Mario Gotze.

    In 2014 WC, we were begging for a super sub that could score – Rat tail missed his chance for me to never forget his full name.

    Remember Dybala coming in at the 90th minute against Italy recently?

    What about this goal against Chile (a team that stood in our way at the wrong time in history):
    h t t ps ://

    Assisted by my not-so-favorite player LoCelso (I must admit), even though Dybala had more to do with that through ball.

    • In 2002 we got Crespo who’s league top scorer and also Saviola, a great young prospect, but who did Bielsa chosed? C Lopez and Ortega again lol

      In 2006, we got Messi, Saviola on the bench, who did Pekerhead chosed? Julio Cruz lol

      Sometimes you wonder if Argentina managers gets bribed or something…

      • Saviola wasn’t part of the 2002 WC team. Claudio Lopez was a good winger, but the problem was Ortega who used to overdribble and Veron whose defensive contribution was very little. Aimar should’ve started vs. England.

        • Agreed about Ortega and Veron. Claudio Lopez was a very good player, left footed, who could be used both as a winger or second striker and he had also great pace. Just imagine if we didn’t have to deal with Passarella’s psychotic, moronic antics in 1998 and we would have had super speedy Caniggia on the right and Lopez on the left flank. They would wreck havoc to the opposition. Imagine if we had Redondo too.

          • 98WC was heart breaker. We had everything in every position. Just because our some ego maniac we lost it. That’s why I like our current coaching members. All they want better for team. Every planning, every selection is pure football also for team.

          • Yes, Wawe my friend, that would have been wonderfull and deffently a joy to watch, though sadly it did not happen as i would had loved to to watch those 3 among most of the 1998 players, but with different coach , though i have admit that as captain of 1978 team he was amongst my first Arg legends and favourite players, though at 1978 Menotti did not pick young EL DIEGO who was back then allready well known by worldwide ! Well, as Wisdom and many others said many great players just sadly either did’nt get picked mostly due to either injuryprone or coaching decission as curiously this time most of us as Arg fan’s agree allmost with every single player who has a chance to get included in those 26 players who will present Arg at WC in Qatar! So, i have to give credit firstly for Scaloni&;CO. and also for the players supporting each others as for so long there has not been, maybe or perhaps so much drama about players selection than before in the media as there been maybe a bit more of that in the previous WC year’s and sadly we did not all get all of our favored players included either due to injury or coaching decission or some stories created by media rootin for some and ignoring others etc…So i see a big change in this year’s WC selection than before, which might indicate something good, perhaps ?
            Ok, i have to honestly admit that maybe only Menotti at 1978 got it right expect not picking EL DIEGO, which i won’t forget, lol! And Bilardo at 1986 and 1990 he faced a huge task, because if i remember right there where some injuries even before the team had landed in Italy, not sure though as maybe memory is getting too much old, lol ! Also i have to give credit to Coco Basile and specially for that Copa victory at 1993 if iremeber right and for Pekerman and his staff as what they did with the youth’s and also for 2006 WC, though subbing of Riquelme and also bringining on Julio Cruz cost him badly etc…
            And for last to Sabella who managed to turn one of the maybe greatest attackwise team to super defending unit as obviously he was forced to this as most of Fab 4 where injured, but in such a short time it is not easy to change your tactics completly upside down and he did it very masterfully, indeed !

            Let’s all hope that this time will be the first payment from what happened at 1990 final and also from the 2014 final too, but honestly FIFA ow’s Arg way more than that and that is why i named it as a first payment meaning offcourse that Arg will lift that WC trophy once more !

        • Veron was the most important player of Bielsa system in 3-3-1-3 his sub off was a disaster vs England. Aimar was a different kind of player who couldnt replace him, he had to replace the out of form Ortega, not Veron.

          • Both Veron and Ortega offered nothing in that crucial match. sticking to a single formation without having a B plan was a real disaster. Against England we could’ve used 442 and put Aimar in the starting lineup. The English team had the better chances in the game and the reason was that bad formation Bielsa used against them.

          • Our best team would have been imo: WC98 Roa Chamot Ayala Sensini Zanetti Redondo Simeone Veron Ortega Batistuta Claudio Lopez, WC2002 Cavallero Samuel Ayala Pochettino Sorin Simeone Zanetti Aimar Veron Kily Gonzalez Crespo. (Bati was literally finished due to constant injuries). WC2006 Abbondanzieri Sorin Samuel Ayala Zanetti Mascherano Cambiasso Maxi Riquelme Messi Crespo WC. Riquelme should have been there in 98, 2002 and even in 2010 too, and not subed off in 2006

          • Against Nigeria Veron was our best player and with him imo we would have won against Sweden too, just Bielsa started to tick and dropped his best and most important midfielder after a bad half, and used quasi finished Batistuta instead of Crespo

      • yes, we should not repeat the same mistake of 2002, bielsa’s 433 formation was too rigid and he didn’t have any alternative solution. too many players in the 11 were there because of their legacy but were out of form. Playmakers like Aimar and Riquelme had no their place in that 433.

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