Enzo Fernández, Thiago Almada included in Argentina list for September games


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has announced his list of players for the two games in September.

Enzo Fernández and Thiago Almada have both made the Argentina team for the games against Honduras and Jamaica. Four notable absences are Juan Musso, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Exequiel Palacios and Nicolás González.

Lionel Scaloni has picked Gerónimo Rulli over Juan Musso, which could be an indication over who he prefers to take for the World Cup in Qatar. Regarding Exequiel Palacios and Nicolás González, they are both injured and are not part of the team.

Scaloni has also left out defender Lucas Martínez Quarta while including Nehuén Pérez.

Here is the list of players:

Franco Armani (River Plate)
Emiliano Martínez (Aston Villa)
Gerónimo Rulli (Villarreal)
Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Nahuel Molina (Udinese)
Germán Pezzella (Real Betis)
Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
Nehuén Pérez (Udinese)
Lisandro Martínez (Manchester United)
Nicolás Otamendi (Benfica)
Marcos Acuña (Sevilla)
Facundo Medina (Lens)
Nicolás Tagliafico (Lyon)
Leandro Paredes (Juventus)
Guido Rodríguez (Real Betis)
Enzo Fernández (Benfica)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Giovani Lo Celso (Villarreal)
Alejandro Papu Gómez (Sevilla)
Thiago Almada (Atlanta United)
Paulo Dybala (AS Roma)
Ángel Di María (Juventus)
Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)
Julián Álvarez (Manchester City)
Joaquín Correa (Inter)
Ángel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Lautaro Martínez (Inter)


  1. we have a fact that our world cup squad will have 26 players.
    the second fact is that our starting line up in normal conditions is
    Emi Martinez, Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuna, Paredes, De paul, Lo celso, Messi, Di maria and Lautaro Martinez.

    we will have 11 back up for each one of them and optional 4 spots which 1 will be GK and the other 3 can be anything manager wants.

    So i want a favor from friends that mentioning one or other names here to tell us that name of player are mention in which place they consider to take.
    for example i want the A player to be starter in the place of B player or i want the A player to be the back up of the B player.
    this will help me and all of the rest friends here to understand better the ideas of the poster.
    a lot of times in here are spread names for national team without to be able to understand the logic and the place that the specific player are considered from the poster.
    this will help understand each other better i think.

    • Although I understand your point but in football you have to play with what you have. Let’s say that Enzo has to start. That doesnt necessarily mean that he has to replace someone else. the coach can reshuffle the whole system to include him as a player. If the coach wants to play Dybala, he can’t put him as a winger because Dybala doesn’t have the characteristics of a winger like DiMaria and Gonzalez.

  2. With due respect Yesterday Armani struggled in Argentina league and Musso is playing in one of the top leagues I don’t understand in selecting Armani..if they have to select someone from Argentina league Rossi is far better than Sir Armani

  3. Very exciting time indeed. I think we have 90% of the list
    Enzo Fernandez is the only one who will make it. Or should make it.

    I like what Mourinho said about Dybala: “Mr. Scaloni should thank me for giving a Dybala in top shape in November” – somewhat in those lines. I have a feeling he might be the magic.

    Montiel is someone I never rated. Yes he played couple of top games, but overall no. Foyth is better. Rest looks good.

  4. My 26 Man for qater world cup 2022..
    ## Goalkeeper :-
    1/ Emi Martinez
    2/ J,, Muso
    3/ G,, Rulli

    ## Defender :-
    4/ Foyth
    5/ Monila
    6/ Romero
    7/ Otamend
    8/ Lisandro Martinez
    9/ Pezzalla
    10/ Acuna
    11/ Taglafico

    ## Defensive Midfielder:-
    12/ Guido Rodriguez
    13/ Perades
    14/ Enzo Farnandez
    15/ Mac Allister

    ###Midfielder :-
    16/ De paul
    17/ lo celso
    18/ palacios
    19/ Angel Maria
    20/ Nicolás González
    21/ Granchoo

    $$$$$ Forward :-
    22/ Leo Messi
    23/ Lautaro Martinez
    24/ Jullian Alvarez
    25/ Dybala
    26/ Angel Corria

  5. So 28 are called. 3 of the regulars are not called due to injuries: Palacios and Nico Gonzales and don’t forget Foyth. So ouf of these 31 players, we just need to cut 5 of them to make it 26.

    The ones that obviously has the most chance to get cut are Almada, Medina, and Nehuen Perez unless they really convince Scaloni in training. Without them I say 28 players have a good chance to make the final 26.

    All Scaloni needs to do is cut 2 of them. The candidates are:
    DF: Foyth
    MF: MacAllister, Palacios, Enzo
    F: A Correa

    2 of these should be eliminated. Other than these, I think all others are at least 90% safe.

    Now IF Enzo gets to play and impress (the way the new comers Cuti and Emi did before Copa America) then he must be safe. So that’s why it will be interesting to see these 2 final friendlies before Scaloni is supposed to announce the final squad in November.

    These are obviously out:
    GK: Musso, Ledesma
    DF: LM Quarta
    MF: Nico Dominguez, Ocampos
    F: Simeone, Alario.

    • Also, A Correa vs Dybala will be fighting for the last forward spot. I think, it will be decided on form.
      Not sure yet;
      DF: Foyth, Montiel
      MF: MacAllister, Palacios, Enzo
      F: A Correa, Dybala

      Anyone can be dropped from this.

    • Intresting indeed as we get a day by day more closer to the final Seleccion for the WC at Qatar…

      I’m just wondering of Pezzella’s pace and respectively he has had a great career at Arg Jersey and i do understand he has a lot of experience and can be a vital at least in the dressing room etc…or perhaps subbing someone of if Arg is comfortably leading the game etc…, but as i mentioned firstly i’m Still worried about his pace and that is why i’m asking do u think that he is or will be 90% or + more than safe to go ?

      I’m not fully sure about Foyth’s injury at the moment so for example if it is worst than said, well then offcourse even he could play a part it is risky, though, but if he is fit i kind of see him more vital than Pezzella at least on the pitch and that is why i’m rootin for him instead of Pezzella etc…

      Also if Montiel is a doubt to go Foyth could maybe cover for Molina at sometimes which will be hopefully needed at some point as meaning by this that Arg will comfortably win their first 2 games and rest Molina before KO’s or sub Molina of with comfortable lead in the group games at least etc…

      So in theory and only in theory if 2 players are needed to cut out more, well is it possible then that Scaloni will cut 2 defenders as Pezzella and Montiel for example…?

      And if not and if Foyth will be fit , Still i see and feel more to include him than Pezzella and Montiel, but if only 1 defender can be cut out i would perhaps go for Montiel due to his current form, but as it is hard call i’m truly more than happy not to be the one making that call !

      Well, if in theory 1 of theese 3 defenders will be cut out then there has to be Still unfortunatly one as a middfielder or attacked minded player and here come’s the hard part as i’m not also a great fan of Mac Allister Still i see and have a feeling that he might become important at some point, dont know yet how this will all happen, so please don’t bother to ask as i’m sorry that i can’t answer that question now etc,,my apoligize’s for that etc…

      So what i wrote above make’s me very worried about A. Correa’s situation as everytime Cholo just allow him enter the pitch i see the same A. Correa as before as i just can’t understand why Cholo is not playing him more as i’m aware that Griezmann can play only 30 min per game due to contract husttle’s with Barca and ATM, but every time Felix is there or Brazilian Cunha or whoever or formation or players swapping position’s, but not much time for poor A. Correa as it kind of make’s me cry seeing him rottening in that bench of ATM as in a another team he will be killer or at least starting player as for example let’s look at Napoli where Cholo’s son play now, maybe not as regular starter, but came in UCL game against Liverpool and scored and played quite Ok, though there were maybe few a bit nervous moments as it is understandable for every player in their first UCL game etc…so, Ok, he is not even selected and i’m just playing with theory again that if it would have been A.Correa instead of Cholo’s son Gio who moved to Napoli, then i think A.Correa would be perfectly suited in Napoli and become a very important player even though they do have Nigerian Osimenh who unfortunatly seems to be a bit injury concern, though his market price is Still very high and i do understand also why etc…, but as i’m wondering who will be the one’s to cut out, well, maybe one will be a defender and another one…well i truly don’t know, but i’m truly worried for Angel as i would love to see him being a part of this team going the Wc at Qatar !

      Offcourse all this is just theory talk and nothing else as injuries(hopefully not) could happen etc.,,

      Just wishing for Angel Correa’s inclusion, that’s all…

  6. Scaloni clearly missed the 2nd leg Champions league semi-final between Villareal and Liverpool! I haven’t witness such display of nervousness by a keeper in professional soccer before! Rulli singlehandedly gifted Liverpool the match after they were leading ! He was acting as if he was a shy nervous ugly girl on a stage forced to sing in front of a huge audience!! Prior to the semi-final match he had some really good matches in la-liga and champions league , which indicates he doesn’t handle pressure very well , similar to you know who!!

  7. when is Foyth expected back?
    Is the form of montiel and papu a concern?
    Really perplexed with a call to medina,perez and almada, if they perform well who are they going to replace?

    • I don’t think form matters much for Scaloni’s men. Remember German Klose. He was never a star for his club futbol, but he is one of the greatest German AND World Cup scorers. We have a bunch of Klose.

      • Bunch of klose?? 😂😂😂 he is top scorer ever in world Cup. Klose is an exception. Exception doesn’t happen every time.moreover germany’s case is different their mental strength is 2nd to none otherwise they were never as talented as Argentina Brazil or France or even spain bt they somehow managed to win hook or crook.

        • I dunno about that. I am not a fan of Germany unlike you. In fact I hate them as much as Brazil and England. A super boring team that got lucky many times in the World Cup. For example, Nauer would have been red carded, Higuain would have been a hero had the VAR were introduced in 2014. Another example what a stupid decision by the ref to give that penalty from Monzon foul in the final of 1990. Had it been a PK shootout, Goyco would have killed them all. See at least 2 of their WC trophies were questionable.

          I was just saying we have many players who perform better in country level than club level LIKE Klose.

          • I dunno about that. I am not a fan of Germany unlike you. In fact I hate them as much as Brazil and England. A super boring team that got lucky many times in the World Cup. For example, Nauer would have been red carded, Higuain would have been a hero had the VAR were introduced in 2014. Another example what a stupid decision by the ref to give that penalty from Monzon foul in the final of 1990. Had it been a PK shootout, Goyco would have killed them all. See at least 2 of their WC trophies were questionable.”

            Fully agreed on very single word u wrote as i can Still remember theese 2 final’s allmost like yesterday…

            Well, 1990 i quess they gave that non penalty because of FIFA who had to rebalance the book’s after Arg refused to against Italy….

            And indeed it should have been penalty with or without VAR at 2014…

            Undoubtedly due to history of mankind and footballwise too those 3 countries have been allways THE real Enemy of Arg as obviously in Copa nothing taste’s better than beating Brazil also in the WC too as 1990 great collective deffensive work from team and the ultimate killer combo from EL DIEGO and CANI is just something or at least one of those things/ special moments that as an Arg fan( depending offcourse how long everyone been out there for supporting Arg as i personally preciate every and any true Arg fan never Mind how old they are and even better if they have studied about Arg’s great global football history since the beginning of the 1st WC til now etc or have lived long enough to Still remember etc..as everyone as an true Arg fan has had their special and favourite players, teams and moments and, though it is now 36 year’s and a bit more when EL DIEGO lifted last time the WC trophy for Arg Still as mentioned above ARG should have at least lifted with EL DIEGO and the rest of that great team again at 1990 as MESSI shouldhave lifted WC trophy with 2014 team etc…

            1998 maybe, at least would have been intrested to see what would have happened with Redondo on abroad for example, but i won’t go more further digging in old details as i see It is maybe or perhaps better to let them rest in peace and focusing more for the future and for the the present, which i tendly often somehow forget quite easily as old memories from Arg NT football (as for example 2006 could have been one those WC’s where Arg could have maybe or perhaps mostly ended in the final etc.,,) as i start to wonder around in my Mind again as i asssume it is the pretty much same for many other members here too, though manytimes i kind of like to read some great post’s ( like the one i was reffering above) from those who really remember it like yesterday and write things in Sense of facts instead of Rumours or knowing or understanding really over and about the topic etc..

            Hopefully this time will be Arg’s time and injustice will be paid, mabe not fully yet from FIFA’s part and from the test of the crooks, but at least it will be a start hopefully for a great new era for Arg as footballwise and hopefully also for the rest of world and for all of their citizizens who want to be free from all of injustice that been existing for a way, way too long in this world etc.,. as equal rights for everyone would be finally very apperiacited !, but Still i want Arg to win firstly and then correct things in this crooked world !

  8. I’ve seen people here complain that our players are undervalued so much. It’s simple as fuck – when your NT still consider players from MLS, no European club will give a damn fuck about your NT talents. This is just pathetic, especially when some players in UCL contender team are fighting for a position at France/Brazil NT.

    • No doubt. The fact that Rulli was the one starting when Emi was injured already showed that he won the battle. Especially in that game he played good and stopped a penalty.

      • Yes, my friend it very much look’s like that unless and hopefully not some injuries will not occur…god bless to Arg and to all their players and specially for those in NT Jersey and god bless for also those who truly support Arg never Mind the circumstances, which have not maybe allways been, well let say suitable at least as so times things could have been done and prepared more properly than others etc.., but, there also no point for me to go digging deeply in the past instead rather be more focused for the present and look for the future… hopefully this time will be Arg’s time as it is hard to get over 1990 and 2014 Finals for example and those Copa Finals afterwards for example as there also other painfully and sad memories, but also very, very good memories too and equally those memories above Still carry me and also now my kids too to give all our support for Arg and only ! Stay well, my friend and blessings to your family and close one’s !

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