Cristian Cuti Romero comments on Lionel Messi, Lisandro Martínez, FC Barcelona


Cristian Cuti Romero commented on Lionel Messi, Lisandro Martínez and watching FC Barcelona.

Cuti Romero was one of the standout defenders in the Premier League last season. He has become an integral part in the Tottenham Hotspur team and the Argentina national team.

Still only 24 years old, Romero has won the Copa America and the Finalissima with Argentina. Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, Romero was asked about Lionel Messi. Here is what he had to say:

“Messi, for me, is a different class of player. I haven’t seen a player like him in my life. He does incredible things and I don’t think there is any comparison. It’s brilliant to play with him.”

Romero spoke about Lisandro Martínez:

“Today, the best defender for me is Virgil van Dijk, always, and Lisandro Martínez from Manchester United.

“For me, they are the best in the Premier League.”

He also spoke about studying FC Barcelona when he was younger:

“Their team that won everything.

“I always loved watching that team because I loved to watch Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique, and also Javier Mascherano when he played there. Those three were beautiful to watch.”


  1. G.Simeone score the winner against AC Milan….a good header..!
    Now he scored against two top teams in the world, in sub role, Liverpool and AC Milan.
    It will be good to consider him in super sub role for NT.

  2. It’s beyond me why Simeone subbs de Paul all the time regardless what match he is having as example tonight de Paul had good game yet he subbed 60 minutes mark It’s joke

  3. What a freekick from the GOAT, and what a save!!

    https: //

    Messi has started to take control of this team. If PSG players provide him more cutbacks and more he will win them their first Champions League. Mbappe as usual was selfish as hell and Messi despite that goal was unlucky like Fcuk!! Hopefully in the world cup luck will be on his side!!

  4. Madrid-Atletico. Simeone put Correa on the bench again and Molina too now lol. De Paul will start tho. They will rely on the greatest young striker on earth Joao Felix and the MLS next year Griezmann.

    I am rooting for Madrid. Come on Madrid 5-0 pls.

    Btw this Madrid team has NO chance if against Argentina. They would lose badly the same way Italy did.

    • Now he doesn’t trust Molina to play important matches for him! He could have played him on the flanks , lad is good enough to play as a pure winger but Simeone will makr sure Molina will rot on the bench too. On a positive note, its good for Argentina. Our players should play and give their bare minimum until the world cup.

  5. I’m watching Benfica right now and once again, Enzo Fernandez has been jaw-droppingly good.

    12 long-passes in just one half. Amazing weights and angles on all of them. He is unbelievable.

  6. Just got home, what’s wrong with Dybala and what did Di Maria do to get ejected from the game??

    Just saw Dybala chillin in the stands chewing gum….I’m assuming its nothing to worry about.

  7. We have to talk about our next CB generation improving. Medina, Perez and Balerdi, day by day. Medina is a great progressive passer just like Lisandro, in TOP10 best progressive passers of TOP5 league in the season. With Romero and Lisandro ARG will be super stacked. Even Martinez Quarta (highest rated defender in Serie A and 4th in overall on sofascore) and Senesi vs Newcastle are doing good.

    • I agreed with you even otamendi look rejuvenated and I’m not sure if he will step a side after world Cup unless scaloni move him out even foyth will be in this discussion yh senesi looked so good vs Newcastle
      Leo balerdi plays Regular for his club after Lisandro and cuti, Perez and medina are the stand out ones for me even though I’m starting liking senesi too

  8. After the Copa America and the Finalissima I fancied our chances at the WC in Qatar. Over the past few weeks my optimism has faded quite a bit.

    Luckily our central defenders (Otamendi, Romero and Martinez) are doing fine at their clubs and Tagliafico plays well at Lyon. But… Acuna is coping with a decline in form, Montiel looks anything but good and Molina maybe good going forward and creating spaces but his defensive capabilities are not all that great. Foyth is now a must-have for the right flank, but is injured.

    Midfield must give Scaloni headaches. DePaul is sitting on the bench most of the time, LoCelso is not consistent and Paredes has yet to make his mark at Juventus. Papu’s form is not great and Palacios is injured. Guido is going steady being a rock at Betis. Enzo is phenomenal at Benfica as is MacAllister at Brighton. With the decline in form and fitness of our regulars, both Enzo and MacAllister have become a must for the team.

    Attack is also not doing well. Lautaro has not scored many goals recently and the Correa brothers and Alvarez are on and off the bench and hardly ever play a full game. Nico is injured again. Di Maria was fine, but got injured again and is now back but far from his best. We need him at his best. We cannot win a final without him. Meanwhile Messi is still world class in vision, assists and passes. His understanding of the game is fantastic. However, his body is aging and is not as fast as he once was. Hopefully he can play 60 minutes in the first three games and then be rested. Dybala, who is returning to form, can take his place for the final 30 minutes but only if the scoreline allows it.

    The line-up from the Copa and Finalissima needs some changes to keep our hopes alive. With just 2 friendlies against weak opponents, it will be hard to tell where we stand compared to Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium or Croatia.

    Still 9 weeks till the WC. A lot has to improve. Fingers crossed.

    • whatever matches, I have watched Alvarez + Dybala + Messi are rocking. di maria is ok and will be in the best shape for the world cup, lautaro is not getting the service in inter. these friendly will give us an idea of whether there is any dip in form for lautaro. nico Gonzalez has scored today. so in the forward line, the only concerns are both the Correa. in midfield, we are in the best shape as all the players are peaking now and getting to their best physical situation. it is important to be in form during the tournament rather than before that. the only players I am concerned about are players from Sevilla as all of them are playing sub-par. is it a club-specific issue I do not know.

      • european teams that are dangerous are France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia and Denmark. Germany can again go out in the first round as japan is a good team .german defence is tottering. England is super overrated, and Belgium is old. The rest of the European teams are decent at best.

    • What are you talking about??? Our Midfield couldn’t be better right now. Lo Celso always a starter and is playing good. If RDP plays he plays good. Paredes so far the Midfielder for Juve since he’s got there. Then we have Enzo MacAllister and we don’t even consider Dominguez who is a starter for Bologna and their best Midfielder. Only one who should be dropped is Papu, he just doesn’t bring it anymore…
      But why did GLC only play 30’ Mins today he injured??

  9. “Paulo Dybala will travel to USA with Argentina National Team. He’s fine, it was just a precautionary. By gastonedul. Lo Celso subbed of on 30th minute against Sevilla, he was touching the lower part of his thigh like 2-3 minutes ago before he was substituted.” Emery just didnt want to risk but Lo Celso was angry.

  10. Juventus midfield is being dominated. Dimaria not playing too well also. Apart from Dybala, messi, enzo, lisandro and Romero our probable squad struggling in club matches this season that’s a big concern

    • IThe World cup final roster is about less than 1.5 months from now. I think most players, led by Messi, do not want to go all out for their clubs as they take the club futbol as only “match training” preparations for the real event: the World Cup.

      Di Maria learns from this lesson. He gave an all out full energy debut for Juventus but then he got injured. Now he takes it lightly. For them the most important is match fit and injury free.

      • I hope that’s the case. But form is vital. They are professional footballers they know very well if you don’t push yourself in club matches thn their body will be susceptible to injuries also form can be lost anytime so they should forget about wc and try to give their best for clubs otherwise we may get some not so sharp or in physical conditioned players. Remember due to being held in mid season wc camp will be far shorter than before so less time to train with national teams

    • Rulli, Musso, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Acuna, Paredes, Guido, Macallister, Lo Celso, Lautaro neither of them are struggling. Only the injuries are the problem for Palacios and Di Maria. We are OK compared to a total out of form England squad for example.

      • Or France 3 of their 5 most important players are finished Kante, Pogba, Griezmann. No left back, no defense, no midfield, only stars upfront: NT troublemaker Benzema, egoistic Mbappe and injury prone Dembele and so so Coman whos wont play in 3-4-3 formation cause Deschamps loves Griezmann

        • France is stacked. Tchoumeni camavinga will easily replace kante and pogba. Kounde is a very good defender there is Benzema who is in top form mbappe will always score there is coman who is also world class. Varane back to his best. France is scary😱

      • Nico case the same, but he scored instantly. Our supersubs are supersups in their clubs too. Julian is good, Papu is OK and old, has to save him. Joaquin Correa is OK too contributes golals and assists when plays.

  11. With no midfield to link up lautaro would be nullified easily as he is not a haaland or Nunez like striker. If his link up play with midfield and in the final third connected properly then automatically his other weaknesses can be hidden out. I thought j correa is an above avg to good player atleast as a sub but he is just an avg player. Our Argentina is that much stronger as avg players like j correa presumed to be a good player and that much space and unity we are creating.

    • Yes Nunez is rather a one dimensional poacher with horrible technique dribbling skills and passing. Lautaro offers so much more. Haaland without De bruyne and Foden through balls would have 2 goals so far. He relies so much from his teammates just like Nunez.

  12. Wow udines scoring goals after goal, its pitty that Molina and de paul left this team to play for athletico, yaa champions legue matters but playing attacking football every week is fun😍

    • With Udinese playing this way and Nehuen Perez being their key player, he should challenge Foyth for the 9th spot the extra defender. Foyth likely will be injured until end of October. So Perez has a chance. People want Montiel to be excluded but I don’t think so. His heroic performance in the Copa final is enough to convince Scaloni that he and Molina are like yin yang (the same as Tagliafico and Acuna).

      I agree Foyth is more versatile, but Scaloni does the right thing to include Perez and Enzo in his final 28 as they both are in a good form.

      Man even Roberto Perreyra is on fire, if he would be 21-25 years of age, he would have been a nice addition to the squad.

      • inter was playing with no midfield. it was long balls from the defence to the forward line. lautaro is getting no service. j correa screwed it again.

    • In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise for Dybala to not move to Inter. Had Inter signed him instead of one-season wonder Lukaku, under current management he could have missed out on the world cup, his spot wasn’t 100% guaranteed. Thanks to Roma, Totti and Mourinho, Dybala is in sublime form and the kind of goals he is scoring and his top playmaking, Scaloni will be tempted to give him more minutes! With Nico and Dimaria both injured , Dybala might start in one of the upcoming friendly matches.

  13. Romero was rested and I am fine with that.

    On a separate note, if Son was not Korean and like from Brazil or England he would be a balon dor candidate

    • That was due to a poor performance by the first team against Sporting so Conte rotated some of the key players like Cuti and Son but they were in danger of losing when using the rotation players. Cuti came on and immediately the Leicester attack was nullified.

      The Spurs look good but they are not yet at the level of the Europe top teams like Madrid or Bayern or City yet but they are getting closer.

  14. What a joke Antonio conte dropping cuti Romero keep playing Eric dier all the time is beyond joke. He is suppose to drop dier and play cuti Romero in the middle of three which he is perfer position and did so well at atlanta

  15. Bottom line is our players will not be appreciated until they show at high level in WC. Last WC was a disaster with Sampaoli. It also doesn’t help that we sell our players cheap to MLS. They need to stay in Primera and the player has to understand there is no future sitting on a bench in a high powered club. The player has the leverage, they can say no. They get stupid when they see a few dollars. Penny wise dollar foolish

    • Haaland is good, for sure not overrated. Already world class but to be the best ever forward he’s got a loooong way to go. There are CR7, Ronaldo teeth, Cruyff, Basten, Romario, Batigol, Gerd Muller and many more ahead of him.

      When I watched the young Oscar “golden boy” De La Hoya being undefeated in his first 25 matches or something, I thought he could be the best boxer of all time, but no. Not even close. So it is just a long way to go that depends on many things: talents, longevity, injury free, life style, ambitions, coaches, clubs, and luck.

      • @el_principe
        Exactly! Lukaku also had a great season prior to moving back to Chelsea now see how he is struggling to even score a single goal! Haaland has no doubt started the season with a bang. Especially when the whole city midfield of DeBryune, Mahrez, Foden,Gundogan ,Bernado Silva feeding him balls constantly, he is obviously going get tons of scoring opportunities but he has been quite clinical too. If he can stay fit and maintain his form , he is looking for a 40goals this season!

        Contrary to Haaland, Julian Alvarez looked frustrated today. Multiple times he was in good position waving his hands but all the city midfield ignored him as if he didn’t even exist!! Already due to squad rotation the attacking midfielders are getting less time on the pitch and they clearly don’t want to reduce their playing time even more by feeding Julian and helping him score goals or make assists!! Its like Mbappe trying to take all the glory and accolades! Even with so few passes ,Julian was able to provide one great ball to Haaland , which the former blew it, other wise he would have gotten a assist today!

  16. Pep revealed that alvarez won’t going to play wide unless the team badly need a goal. So there is no chance for alvarez atleast for now to play in the wings. Both grealish and Mahrez are in out of touch. Foden can replace grealish and if needed alvarez can start in place of Mahrez. But pep won’t start him there. Still pep praising grealish and his involvement for the team. No surprise a high priced English player would be always considered as a great player in the premier league irrespective of his performance. Maguire grealish sterling… Like wise a Spanish player in la liga. Argentina needs to win this wc. So from next winter or summer transfer windows more Argentine young players will start to play in Chelsea city real liverpool Bayern teams.

    • If those two wonderful goals couldn’t convince Pep and his team , I don’t know what will!! Alvarez has improved a lot , especially in his non goal scoring areas, but he might still show some indecisiveness and inexperience when passing during a build up to an attack which is why he gets ignored by his team mates often. However when it comes to converting chances he is quite ready to be a starter for City. But unfortunately, Man City bought him as a backup striker for FA and Carbaro cups so that they can rest Haaland. If Haaland gets injured Pep will field his team without a striker like last season in important matches. I still think he should have gone to a midtable Spanish or Italian club. Had he done that, big european clubs and their media would be already singing his praise. He is at that age where he should be playing as much as possible and not rot on the bench. Bad transfer decision on Alvarez’s part !!

      • Against Aston villa pep had the chance to play Alvarez but he didn’t make it. That was a surprise. Now I am hoping city to trail in all matches without Julian and expecting Julian as a saviour. If that trend continues for 2-3 games he will surely get the starting spot . He made it possible against crystal palace and dortmund.But the change can be felt when alvarez plays for Argentina. He improved his positional sense immensely.

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