Lionel Messi scores for PSG in 1-0 win vs. Lyon


Lionel Messi scored for PSG in their 1-0 win vs. Lyon.

Messi scored and reached four league goals for the season to go with his seven assists. It was a vintage Messi goal as he played a pass in to Neymar and Neymar would pass it back to Messi and the Argentine would score.

He would come close to scoring again. A great dribble and stop inside the penalty area as he chipped the goalkeeper but a defender would clear it off the line.

A free kick late in the game nearly made it 2-0 for PSG as Messi’s free kick hit the post.


  1. How many MOTM match for messi this season? He played 11 and i think 8 including last night? Am i right guys? Please correct me if i’m wrong.what a sublime form for our Capitano!!!

  2. Ungrateful Bankruptilona are not going to get Messi back next season. PSG is owned by state Qatar, they have unlimited oil money, especially oil price tripling last 1.5 years. They let Icardi out for loan for almost free , Galatasaray will pay his 750k salary and remaining 5.25 million euros will be paid by PSG. Qatari owners want their club to be big and popular like Madrid or Man Utd and with Messi signing they have finally been able to attract that kind of attention. Its clearly evident Galtier has been instructed to keep Messi happy. After Messi moved to Paris,Ligue 1 fans quadrupled and PSG made 600 millions in revenue. Emir has been given strict orders to renew Messi’s contract no matter what!!They will even offer him 1 more year extension if Messi is hesitant to extend his 3rd year. They already offered to extend his contract to third year but Messi going to wait until after the world cup. Nevertheless, I don’t see Messi going back to Spain they can’t even afford to pay him 10million per year and 30 million salary is like drop in the ocean for Qatar!!

    • true bro, i don’t want him to return to that toxic club but PSG too are not that different. it is clear he is not happy with them(psg), i just hope Man city or Juve can come for him next season. He might a lot happier with them

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