Nicolás González set to travel with Argentina team for September games


Nicolás González is set to travel with the Argentina team for the two games in September.

González will be travelling with the Argentina national team for the games against Honduras and Jamaica. According to Gastón Edul, he will be travelling with the team.

While not called up to the original list, Nicolás González has returned for Fiorentina from injury and scored for the club.


  1. How many MOTM match for messi this season? He played 11 and i think 8 MOTM out of 11 for messi including last night? Am i right guys? Please correct me if i’m wrong.what a sublime form for our Capitano!!! Vamos Argentina!!

  2. I think Scaloni should try Gio somioni as a sub for lautaro. Bcz gio is looking always fit and good in the air and good in ball control also. In a major tournmnt fitness is very imp.and experienced now too.

    • Why mentioning Simeone for NT? Is it for that goal? He is not a NT material. Simeone j correa ocampos are all bang avg. Even in their best of games there is nothing special. Macallister may be at best could be a 10min player to shut the game. Montiel though is playing avg he can shut wingers and combine with our players well if our momentum is right. Alvarez is always better than Simeone in all this departments. Alvarez can finish from tight angles and fitter than Simeone.

      • i agree with you.. simeone fast dribbling ability average, his holding into ball is also average, he is not agile with move, he just good some finishing, with some goal now people in here thought he is similar to batigol, lol

      • Alvarez still lacks experience and not a proper no.9.Can any one suggest a proper no.9 as a sub for lautaro. Icardi no chance bcz of his current lack of playing time. Others such as Lucas alario and Lucas boye always seems fitess issues..Simioni doing not bad in 2 seasons..not got too much time with NT. He deserves some minutes

    • Not a bad suggestion at all since we don’t have any proper no. 9 besides lautaro so simeone can prove to be useful. The problem with alvarez and correas are that they are not proper no. 9 so we have to play someone like nico Gonzalez who likes to go in the box, that means di Maria needs to be on the bench.

  3. comment from random on youtube that I found so true:

    “Every team turns into prime Barcelona when they play against Messi. Every defender turns into prime Maldini when he tries to stop him and every goalkeeper becomes prime Buffon when he saves the net while Messi shoots.
    Because he is the GOAT”

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