Nicolás González scores for Fiorentina in 2-0 win vs. Verona


Nicolás González scored for Fiorentina in their 2-0 win vs. Verona.

González returned for Fiorentina from injury and scored for Fiorentina. The 24 year old returned after having missed the last three games and scored after coming on as a substitute.

A pass into the penalty area found the Argentine as he scored the second goal of the game from close range.


  1. I still feel Argentina should start either alvarez or nico Gonzalez in place of dimaria. Dimaria can’t sustain a full tournament he is better as a 25-30 minutes sub role.

    • Di Maria won us the Copa, Finalissima, the Olympics finals and his injuries cost us WC final and Copa finals. No question, he can be with his immense abilities the difference maker when Messi is man marked by 2-3 players, the man who can live with this freedom, Nico is not a difference maker type, a good system player and sub.

    • This dude again keeps living in the past…. He thinks this is June 2021 before the Copa America time where the whole people including Scaloni thought that Di Maria is a super sub.

      Things have changed bro. Wake up. You don’t become a hero of the Copa America AND a bunch of great games there after including against Italy in the Finalissima and then u get back to the bench.

      Our job now is to find the new super sub because Di Maria can’t always play 90 minutes. NOT relegate Di Maria to the bench.

      • Yes dimaria is a superstar but can he sustain for 7 matches in a row starting in a tournament which will be played in 4-5 days gap in the heat of qatar?? I have my doubts

        • Di Maria is a starter but he he won’t play 90 minutes. 70-75 minutes every match of Di Maria is better than 20-30 minutes as a super sub. Plus he won’t need to play in matches that are less important, for example if we won the first 2 world cup games and we are guaranteed a top spot of the group before the third match. In that case, he along with many key players need to rest.

    • he talks somehow right.. but he is not entirely right.. dimaria playing moment should be rotate between starter and super sub .. people needs to remember there is more playing minute in knockout games and his age is factor take caution from past experience, also needs to deploy playing strategy

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