Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María and more arrive to Miami for Argentina games


Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María and a few more players have arrived to Miami for Argentina’s two games in the United States.

Messi arrived with Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes and Nicolás Tagliafico to Miami, which is where the Argentina national team will be based in September for their games.

Thiago Almada of Atlanta United also arrived with Alexis Mac Allister from the Premier League also flying out. More players are expected to arrive on Monday.

The Argentina national team will two games in September. The first one on September 23 vs. Honduras at the Hard Rock stadium in Miami and the second on September 27 vs. Jamaica at the Red Bull arena in New Jersey.

Argentina will be training at Inter Miami’s training facility.


    • Yeah that for sure but opponents could have been little bit better considering even ecuador is playing saudi Arabia and Japan. We should have found teams of Asia and africa(I mean decent teams here).
      But again AFA knows more than I.

  1. Just a fruitful thought. We should try Alvarez as a LW or left sided striker in place of Nico Gonzalez. Considering the injury history of Nico, it can be handy for us in the wc. Like Nico, Alvarez can defend, press and has a good eye for goal (better finisher that Nico). Why not use both Lautaro and Alvarez?

      • I’m thinking more of a 4-3-3
        Emi Martinez
        Molina – Romero – Otamendi – Acuna
        De Paul – Paredes – Lo Celso
        Messi – Lautaro – Alvarez (Dimaria out after 65-70 mins)

    • Alvarez lack pace though….. How many times messi, lo celso and de Paul find gonzalez in the box because of his quick runs….. If gonzalez can be little calm in the box then he can be deadly…. Alvarez won’t even get this many chances since he lacks pace.
      Furthermore we need someone to run behind defence it is either di Maria or gonzalez in the wing no Alvarez or correas.

  2. Our opponents are pretty weak so essentially these two friendlies is an opportunity to rebuild chemistry, reconnect, try a few ideas tactically, give some new names some minutes, etc. Just getting back into the groove.

  3. Im really excited for these friendlies. I love to watch enzo and also excited for lisandro Romero cb pair if scaloni play them together in any half of this 2 matches. Plus im super excited for Julian Alvarez who is now immensely improved player under Guardiola coaching. He may solve our winger problems as i feel alvarez can easily start at left wing position

  4. I want to see Gonzalez lautaro messi
    Lo celso paredes de Paul
    Acuna otamendi romero molina
    E martinez
    No weakness in this team we have pace,width, youth, experience, energy, creativity, leadership etc. And two guyz always making runs in the box in the form of Gonzalez and lautaro.
    However, scaloni is genius so whatever he choose I will support his team.

  5. Should Dimaria be a super sub or starter? I remember in last COPA we were having the same discussion here and some folks were advocating Dimaria should come off the bench when the opponent was tired. In the first few matches ADM did start from the bench but Scaloni was astute enough realise Dimaria was in great form and starting him against Brazil on the right flank will make Brazil think twice when attacking from that flank and that exactly became the case. Dimaria nullified the Brazilian attack on the Right flank. The Brazilian RB received a yellow early in the match and hence he couldn’t display his natural game to avoid second yellow and their right flank had to be on their toes the remaining of the match and the rest is history!

    It will be 1.5 years since the last Copa triumph and Dimaria even though has been aging like a fine wine has gotten older. He is no doubt our second best attacking player, both is creative and scoring skills only next to Messi and his pace is still very dangerous. The importance of winning the first two match is imperative other wise we might be in danger of exiting early like 2002 or qualify for the second round by the skin of out teeth, which is why Dimaria has to start the first two matches and in both matches when victory is guaranteed, he can be subbed off and rested in the final match. Argentina to win the world cup will have a once of the toughest road to finals. Last couple of world cups the defending champions has been crashing out of the first group and unless that happens we are bound to face either Denmark a very oiled European team or France filled with good players in every position. Also, Dybala who seemed to be at his peak will play a very important role if we are to win the world cup. His presence will help make spaces for Messi/ Lautaro/Dimaria as he is equipped to play in both Lautaro and Dimaria’s position!

    • I think our right side is the best in the world. That’s where Messi and Di Maria and De Paul and Molina operate AND.. Cuti Romero.

      Messi and Di Maria don’t help much defensively, but that was not a concern at all because De Paul is better defensively than most of our midfielders not named Guido and Paredes. De Paul does a good job covering the space anytime Di Maria, Messi, and Molina go attack mode.

      Then behind him, also on the right side there is the best defender in the world (when playing for national team). Yes Cuti is the best defender in the world when playing for Argentina. All the stats show that.

      Plus there is Paredes. A DM but when he sees Messi, Di Maria, and Molina upfront, he normally helps the defensive duty along with De Paul, in case there is a counter attack from the right.

      I mean have you seen we look vulnerable defensively anytime Messi and Di Maria play together? Never. Since the Copa America until now, we never look weak defensively from the right as many worry here. In contrast, Messi-Di Maria combo create a lot of havocs. Every opponent from Brazil to Italy are worried to face them.

  6. How many MOTM match for messi this season? He played 11 and i think 8 MOTM for messi including last night? Am i right guys? Please correct me if i’m wrong.what a sublime form for our Capitano!!! vamos Argentina!!

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