Paulo Dybala, Franco Armani train separately from the group


Paulo Dybala and Franco Armani both trained separately from the Argnetina team on Tuesday.

Dybala and Armani are both with the Argentina national team but did not train with the team in Tuesday’s training session. The two did not train with the team as a precaution.

The two are the only players who did not train with the team while Cristian Romero and Lisandro Martínez await to join the team on Wednesday. Argentina are in Miami at Inter Miami’s training facility as they will play Honduras on Friday and Jamaica on Tuesday.


  1. Scaloni has lots of options in all positions except the fullbacks. All of them are out of form with their club. Foyth is injured and very uncertain for the WC. The fullbacks are essential for Messi because the right fullback makes the running and allows him to cut inside, the left fullback, more technical player, has the direct connection with Leo like he used to do with Alba and now Nuno Mendes. Molina and Acuna have really the perfect profile but both of them struggle with their during this season. Both of them need to play as much as possible during those friendlies, in order to get back to the top again.

    • Even if Foyth was fit and available he would not performed the function of overlapping you rightfully bring up anyways. And these days it’s not Messi who cuts in from the right, it’s usually Di Maria, but either way you need a decoy in the form of an overlapping fullback. Messi plays much more centrally these days.

      Tagliafico seems to be doing well at Lyon and I personally thing that the only two things that Acuna is better at is dribbling when taking a player one on one and more precise crossing. Taglaifico overlaps, crosses fairly well too and even scores on occasion. He is a decent option to have, whether starting or off the bench.

    • I still believe our biggest weakness is the fullback position.
      1.molina-good going forward bt super shaky defensively will be useful in group matches bt should not play from quarters onwards that will be a big risk
      2.montiel-nothing player. Neither a good defender neither a great player going forward
      3.foyth-our best fullback defensively will be useful against top teams bt not that great attacking wise
      4.acuna- right now out of form bt when in form he has balance in both attack and defense but his height and aerial ability could be a concern
      5.tagliafico-our i was watching lyon he was decent going forward bt i have doubts about his aerial ability and can he tackle fast wingers like mbappe or dembele?? I don’t think so.
      It will be interesting. Scaloni can even use lisandro in left back position if needed. If we play 3-5-2 formation thn nico Gonzalez can play as a left wingback. But i don’t think anyone other than Molina can play as a right wing back in 3-5-2 formation.

  2. A joy to see our boys back together! Let’s enjoy these two friendlies!
    AFA wanted stronger opponents but not available. Weaker opponents come with positives too.

    The last 2 friendlies before WC squad deadline on Nov 13.
    In terms of player selection, I feel the most important things are:
    -Lisandro-Romero CB pair to finally start.
    -Enzo to play significant minutes in both matches. Ideally starting one.

    Probably best to save Dybala & Lo Celso for Jamaica as precaution. Di Maria & Acuña too.
    Alvarez-Lautaro-Messi in front of Enzo-Paredes-De Paul vs Honduras would be interesting…

  3. Most important is spending time together, training is more important than the game…a short preparation for WC so every minute count to explore and expose the strength and weakness discussion on tactic and game plan. Get Ready Chief

  4. Before WC arg. must need friendlies against some europian teams.Match against tougher opponents helps Our team to get enough confident before WC.

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