Rumored Argentina XI vs. Honduras, Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez to start


Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez are set to start for Argentina vs. Honduras.

Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Ángel Di María are rumored to be the attack for Argentina against Honduras on Friday. Lionel Scaloni isn’t expected to make many or any changes from the regular starting eleven.

Emiliano Dibu Martínez will start in goal with one of Marcos Acuña and Nicolás Tagliafico as the left back. Nicolás Otamendi will also start and with him is either Germán Pezzella or Cristian Cuti Romero.

Both Romero and Lisandro Martinez have visa problems and have yet to arrive to the United States. If they arrive early enough, Romero would start and if not, German Pezzella will start.

Nahuel Molina gets the start with one possible change in midfield. Gio Lo Celso has fitness issues but could be in the eleven while Enzo would start in his place if Lo Celso isn’t ready.

Leandro Paredes and Rodrigo De Paul would complete the midfield. Up front, it’s Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Ángel Di María. Here’s the rumored eleven:

Emiliano Dibu Martínez; Acuña/Tagliafico, Otamendi, Pezzella/Romero, Molina; Paredes, Lo Celso/Enzo, De Paul; Messi, Lautaro Martínez, Di María


  1. I hope Alvarez, Romero and Lisandro Martinez get good time on pitch to adjust to the teamwork that has been the usp of this team. Alvarez needs some morale boosting too. He has been experiencing Haalande snatching away all the spotlight from him and most of his colleagues in City. Romero is recuperating from his injury and Martinez has not been part of this team as frequently as others and also he looked bit shaky to start against Estonia. But above everything else is the sheer pleasure to see the team albiceleste against the greens.

  2. I’m sick and tired the nonsense and negativity of this guy anuparno. I challenge anyone if you see any comments which isn’t in negative words from this guy. he doubts anything related arg nt the last one is that he says this following
    “Hearing good things about jorje benguche the Honduras striker. Interesting to see him against our backline”
    Can anyone imagine this Argentina fan so worried vs Honduras think our team will struggle dealing with unknown striker when I know Argentina will dominate this match from beginning to the end

    • What was negative in this comment?? You guys r too much reactionary ur fan doesn’t mean u don’t have any opinions regarding ur team this is a discussion forum and many should have different opinions if you don’t like someone’s opinion fine u can counter him with ur logic but attacking him because you don’t agree with him is idiotic. I never abused anyone in this forum but here many members abused me often. No team is perfect and i only tell those things which according to me is essential to win the world cup. For me there is no place for mediocrity when you want to be world champions. So there is enough room for criticism for some argentine players like i don’t think we can win the wc with armani at goal, pezella as one of our cb.

    • @ Godwin 11 You are right . You are indeed sick!!
      This forum is to discuss everything about team football Argentina. If someone says an opinion which if u don’t like or if u r against it, reply with counter arguments or opinion. Don’t use abusive words and personally attack. Grow up man!! It’s democratic forum . Let everyone speaks out their views.

      • Ryanashi aka Ryan it’s true this guy is so negative plus I didn’t insults anyone it’s fact anuparno is way negative doesn’t give opinion he has been complaining and mourning since 2018 , I had enough of him good lucky to you if you entertain his nonsense btw if you have problem with me say it don’t go around the pushes it’s fine line give a opinion and been negative and I don’t know how you define opinions 😉 anyway cus you don’t have one

  3. Against weak sides we can start our regular line-up. Against stronger teams we have to change tactics and line-up.
    Example – against France we have to defend deep. Defence cannot play with a lot of space behind them as no one can match Mbappe’s speed.
    Example – Against teams with 5 men in midfield we need to drop an attacker to control midfield and not be outnumbered.
    Hopefully Scaloni and staff do their homework for the WC, study opponents and adapt when needed.

  4. I would love to see Cuti and Licha play together as everyone else here.
    But the sad truth is, Ota is Scalonis #1 Defender that means we are gonna see Ota Cuti or Ota Licha or Ota Perez

    About Enzo, I’m excited too. But for me at WC we should stick to our midfield Paredes RDP and GLC. As for Papu Gomez I think he should be dropped and another Box to Box like Nico Dominguez or Palacios should go to WC. Papu for me is a LW or #10.
    Emi Musso Rulli

    Cuti Ota Licha Tagliafico Acuña Molina Foyth Perez Medina

    Midfield should be:

    Paredes Guido Enzo Alexis
    GLC Dominguez RDP Palacios


    Messi Lautaro Dybala Di Maria Gonzalez Alvarez

    Anyways I’m really looking forward to the friendlies and for WC

  5. I don’t think enzo will start he may come as a sub. Don’t want locelso starting. We have seen enough of locelso try enzo or McAllister. Its not a vital match that u have to start a player who is 70-80% fit. Lets experiment why not start Alvarez and why not start lisandro and Romero at the back??

  6. Tagliafico is actually strong in the air and wins many aerial duels despite a relatively short height.

    This friendly is a perfect opportunity to start Enzo if Lo Celso is still unfit, although they are not the same type of players. If Enzo starts higher up the pitch he needs to show the same kind of dynamism we normally see from Lo Celso, De Paul and Palacios.

  7. TYC report:;

    “Giovani Lo Celso in doubt due to his physical condition, if the Villarreal midfielder is not ready to go from the start against Honduras, his replacement could be Alexis Mac Allister, a footballer who has already been tested by Scaloni, or Enzo Fernández.”

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