Argentina starting XI, Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez, Papu Gómez


The Argentina starting XI has been announced as Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Papu Gómez all start.

Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez start the game for Argentina with Papu Gomez in place of Angel Di Maria. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has went with the following eleven for the game:

Rulli; Molina, Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Papu Gómez.


  1. For me Almada is NT material. He can be our new Julian Alvarez project. He already links well with the team.

    Enzo has 1 assist and almost one goal. Definitely more superior than MacAllister. Better shooting, vision, more direct passing, control of the ball, etc.

    Enzo started as DM replacing Paredes but when MacAllister came on he rotated with MacAllister as DM but I would say Enzo positioning is more advanced (more loke De Paul replacement). Almada played Lo Celso role in the last 20 minutes, so he definitely is versatile.

    Next game. For sure Emi, Cuti, Otamendi, and Di Maria (if fit) would start.

    • I too think Almada is nt material , loved enzo , MacAllister was OK but enzo is class , lo celso had very good game too
      Yh OTAMENDI and cuti vs Antonio of west ham will be physical battle between them

      • Oh Enzo! He looked comfortable…this guy is class! The nerve of him to take that long shot! Deserved a goal! He may book a ticket to Qatar if his form continues! Nice revelation and credit to Scaloni for trying him out so close to the WC

  2. Man I am getting emotional. I don’t want anyone to miss from this squad. Everyone one of them look just perfect. I am happy with Enzo. Kid has bright future in NT

  3. I waited so long for thiago aada to see in Argentine shirt he is a littile energy pack dribbling, assisting shooting for me he is as good Pedri but no place tonshow case his talents and potential
    Was that enzo or macalister hit the bar?
    By the way messi as CF is fun really fun and horrible for opposition

  4. Not gonna lie, that alternante looks kinda fire. They deliver a title and I’ll add that one to my collection. I love the 2014 away kit and I own it but I can’t bring myself to wear it again…Also…OMG Enzo! Almost scored a cracker!

  5. Messi scores two with everyone else doing the hard work.he’s setting up and taking the chances when they come. I know it’s Honduras but they look compact and there is good understanding I. This team. DePaul looked great. Enzo is looking comfortable as well.

  6. A poachers finish from lautaro. Nice one. And a pin point pre assist from Messi. But yeah against Italy the attack was more from the right and this time it’s from the left. Yeah papu as a LW would be only against weak teams. No chance otherwise. Expecting Acuna in this game for more attacking flow with papu coming out.

  7. We have to be careful. These Hondurans have no technique, timing, or anything to play for so they’ll hit you and commit bad fouls without thinking twice. Don’t want anyone to get injured in a friendly

  8. DePaul is fabulous and everywhere 😍
    Papu also good ,,assisting first goal..

    Honduras is playing like we will play against Saudi Arabia..
    SIMEONE is the man responsible for ruining players like DePaul, Molina, Angel Correa…

  9. This proof club form doesnt reflect player’s form. RDP and Lautaro are still solid as usual in Argentina jersey.

    I’d like to see Enzo, Dybala, Alvarez and Nico in second half. For whatever reason , Papu looked ineffective.

      • Outside his assist, he looked isolated , way to far near the touchline everytime he gets the ball. Needs to play closer to center and gets involve with the midfielders.

        He dont have speed like Nico or J Correa to outpaced the defenders and makes cutting run from the wing.

    • Papu looks good to me. His off the ball movements broke the Honduras defense. He wasted 2 chances yes but overall he is fine. I agree though that form doesn’t really exist as Argentina players turn into super saiyan when playing for Argentina.

      • Papu has been excellent.
        For the past 20 years our players almost always played worse for the NT. This is the first squad that consistently plays better. Saloni has done a fantastic job.

        • Papu is out of form. He is supposed to be the best finisher out of all our midfielders but wasted two good chances. However, the assist was very good.

  10. Looks like AFA arranged this game for target practice. The opposition so far has been worst than Estonia! No challenge whatsoever!! On top of that mid game ads!!

    Molina has completely forgot his attacking game. Thanks to Simeone.

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