Rumored Argentina XI vs. Jamaica, Cristian Cuti Romero with the team


Lionel Scaloni could field a strong eleven against Jamaica on Tuesday as Cristian Cuti Romero has joined the team.

The team which won 3-0 against Honduras was one with a few changes from the regular starting eleven. According to TyC Sports, it would be a strong starting line-up against Jamaica on Tuesday:

Dibu Martínez; Molina, Cristian Romero, Otamendi, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Ángel Di María

Cristian Cuti Romero has joined the team following visa issues. He missed the game against Honduras but would be set to start against Jamaica.


  1. In the match against Honduras Alvarez, Perez and Almada played a pressing game which suit their age and eagerness. That coupled with a brilliant understanding with Messi is what is needed to succeed. Clearly there was a disconnect between the newcomers and Messi. For example, Almada could not read a quickly taken free-kick from Messi and landed up committing a foul on the defender. The 3rd goal was a result of the pressing football but such chances are not going to come galore against the EU defenders. On the other hand Lautaro and Di Maria have good understanding with Messi but they do not play a pressing football. So it would be important to give the newcomers some good time with Messi to build that connect.

      • In 2018 WC we did not have midfield at all.Only mashcerano was there as a DM. The rest were bunch of medicore players. Our defense was shaky and unreliable in 2018 and we did not have a decent GK. Unlike 2018 this WC we have decent set of players in the midfield, de paul,paredes, guido, enzo, le celso, All are relaible and can be trusted. Furthermore depth in the bench seems good. For defense we have hell of the best defenders , i would like to say two world class CBs and the rest of players are atleast realiable in the defense departement. And we have hell of a goalie who will give evrything to NT shirt. We have found unity and team chemistry and players are willing to go any miles for the captain and the NT shirt. I would like to say we have the best forward line amongst all the teams in this WC.and we have the best player on the planet. players are hungry for the cup and we have a coach who understands the players and he knows what he is doing and he is a hell of a coach. We have long unbeaten streak which gives us boost and confidence. imo this argentina team is the best i have seen in my life. I beleive we will have world record of 39 unbeaten streak when we reach the second round.

  2. Scaloni should give rest to one of de Paul, Lo celso and parades and start Enzo Fernandez. Not selecting Enzo Fernandez for World Cup could be one of the historical mistake because Enzo Fernandez is the champion player and is a total package and can play anywhere in the midfield, ability to control the match, defense splitting passes, long range shot, physically very strong and with due respect to palacious he will never reach Enzo Fernandez level.

  3. Scaloni knows what he is doing so continue to back him.
    Martinez rulli armani
    Molina. Cuti. Otamendi. Licha. Taglafico. Acuna. Pezzela/Perez. foyth.
    Papu. Locelso. Parades. Depaul. Guido. Palacious. Mac allester. Enzo
    Messi lautaro dimaria alvarez nico. Dyabala.
    For Enzo. Either palacious need to be drop or go with 1 less attacker .

  4. I’ve watched enough WC by now. All this talk about lineups is starting to irritate me now. This will be my 3rd WC on Mundo Albiceleste. (BTW, Congrats on the official journalist accreditation). We’re hitting that pre WC panic mode whereby anxiety and emotions take over rationality with most posts.

    For something different. What do you all know about Saudi Arabia? The little I know about them is that they finished on top of Australia, Japan and South Korea. Anyone with info on our first opponents? Like who are their best players that we need to be aware of? Can we finish them off in the first half in the first game of the WC?
    It’s all about the players’ attitude on that day. Most of our players are good but how many of them will walk into the pitch with a knife between their teeth from the first whistle? Some of them will be overwhelmed by the occasion, of course. It’s the same with all other teams.
    Personally I believe that if we manage to put the game to bed in the first half of the opening match, Argentina will have great tournament.

    • If they beat japan korea and australia thn Saudi Arabia will be very tricky opponent. Messi was saying last day that Argentina is in very tough group and yes we need to be close to our best. Because group matches will not be easy

      • LOL you said the exact opposite about Brazil. in reality Serbia and Switzerland could beat Brazil easily in their good days, Saudi Arabia could Argentina never. Group matches will be very hard for Brazil and easier for us, imo we will even humiliate overrated Poland and Lewandowski due his Ballon Dor crying. Fear of the saudis is simply paranoic. One of the weakest team in WC, only little bit stronger than Honduras or Jamaica. Your negative propaganda against us is irritating, just like you positive propaganda for EVERY other NT for no reason. You are a troll.

    • Lisandro and pezella already played so scaloni’s preferred cb duo Romero and otamendi and lb acuna will play. I want Dybala to play from 2nd half. Give Enzo another chance

  5. Alveraz is top class player no doubt in that. But problem is he is less experience in big games. Don’t know how seriously he approaches in WC.Taking him is a risky inclusion. Unfortunately Arg. lacks a fully fit No.9 at the moment This makes Julian more wanted sub ..Another thing Is Dmarias fitness. Depending him more makes matters a risky thing.Another thing in midfield is Locelsos inconsistency.. If locelso play his full potential it will be easy job for Messi..

    • I have been watching the world cup since 1986 and in each of the world cups. you find new star players who are under the radar. alvarez is like one of them. all the team will have planning with respect to how to handle the main threats of opposition but normally they don’t have an answer to under-the-radar players. mbappe in 18, James Rodriguez in 14, Muller in 10, Messi in 06, Michael Ballack in 02, Zidane in 98,batigol in 1994, Roger Milla in 1990 and Burruchaga in 1986. Maradona was a superstar in 1986 and was an exception to this rule along with Brazilian Ronaldo.

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