Sergio Busquets speaks about Argentina national team, Lionel Messi


Sergio Busquets spoke about the Argentina national team and Lionel Messi.

Busquets is arguably one of the greatest defensive midfielders to ever play the game. A World Cup and Euro winner with Spain, Busquets has won every trophy there is to win in football.

He played alongside Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona for over 10 years and at 34 years old, is still playing for Spain. Speaking at a press conference while with the Spanish national team for their Nations League games, here is what he had to say when asked about the Argentina national team:

“Argentina have put together a great group for the World Cup. They are a true family.”

He also spoke about Lionel Messi. Here is what he had to say:

“Lionel was missing being a champion with Argentina. I am very happy for him. He is the best in the world and enjoying watching him on television is a gift. I wish him the best.”


  1. With all due respect & humbleness on earth i must say England & Germany won’t stand a chance infront of our full healthy team. This is my confidence in base of pure fact not my argonace what so ever.

  2. England keep starting Maguire and Shaw. 2 players that have lost competition in MU. Those 2 have negative values on the whole MU anytime they played. If England to do anything bad in the World Cup, we have to thank Ten Haag for that.

    Germany golden generation is gone but Mueller and Nauer. They are in transition now to the new generation. I don’t think they are that strong, maybe in the future yes. You know it took us more than 4-5 years to build the team we have today. After that golden generation of 2014, we had to reach almost the very bottom (not looking convincing in WC qualifiers 2018, almost losing in the first round of WC 2018, looking really bad in the Copa America 2019 first 3 games and so on) before going back to the top. The transition always takes time.

    France golden generation players (Lloris, Varane, Pogba, Kante, Griezmann) also mostly declining. Their replacements are talented but still raw.

    Spain only world class in the midfield. Belgium is the most overrated team among all WC teams. Their starting back line were the ones of the Spurs: Toby and Jan that looked good 4-6 years ago. One already went to middle east. Another one god know where.

    Honestly the dark horses of Europe such as Croatia, Denmark, or Switzerlands look more scary as they have nothing to lose when playing.

    All these Europeans have their own problems. Portugal is good but CR7? He still got it or he’s done? Argentina and Brazil have the least problem out of all. Among these 2, who among Brazil players become super saiyan when playing for the NT? I can’t tell any. But Argentina players especially Emi, Cuti, De Paul, Lautaro, Di Maria, Otamendi, Acuna, Lo Celso, Papu, and of course Messi turn on their super saiyan mode when playing for Argentina.

    • Better to be underdog than favorites. Wc is different. In a tournament mode that super defensive Chelsea side beat pep Guardiola barca and that super Bayern. So everything is possible. We are playing well bt anything can happen in a wc. That cruyff dream team also failed to win the wc so be humble and respect ur opponents.

  3. Anuparno.
    i want to emind you.

    Argentina national team is one team that have in the DNA among other things 2 very specific characteristcs.
    1st be fearless and 2nd the fighting spirit.

    there is no team that we afraid. Nobody. Even if we have to face teams that on paper are much more stronger or more talented than us.
    we always enter inside pitch by looking everybody in their eyes.
    So the same will happened in the next world cup.

    we are one very strong team that nobody prefer to face us.
    can you ask the fans of the other teams to tell you how they feel with the idea to play against us?
    we are Argentina. in all around the world know us. what is our history and who we are.
    Nobody prefer to face us.
    it is not arrogance. it is who we are. we are ARGENTINA. very big and important football nation. Nobody ignore us and everybody have deep inside them one small fear in the idea of face us.
    so if you want Anuparno to afraid for something necesarily then the only you can afraid is our bad self and our bad day or luck. Argentina can afraid only herself. nothing else.
    unfortunately the last one is something nobody can control or give you guarantee.

    • Yeah absolutely. But it’s high time that we have to get out of from that 1986 legacy and to create a new legacy for all Argentina fans and to live the next 4 years with the title “defending champions”. And to create another Messi or Aguero or di Maria or otamendi, who were born between those 1986-1990 period, from 2022-2026. To get out from the shadow of Brazil once and for all. We really want to win this wc.Let’s Go Argentina.

    • Cox, Anuparno is still a kid, un joven, so some of the stuff he posts is understandably naïve given his young age.

      Having said that Anuparno, Cox is absolutely spot on, we are Argentina and we are extremely formidable for anybody who faces us. It’s not just Messi, but Lautaro, Di Maria, Romero, Emi, De Paul and in recent times La Scaloneta, the collective spirit of this iteration of Argentina.

      We are a nightmare for any opponent. So please quit say such and such team is “scary”. It’s ok to give the opponents their due and not underestimate them but let’s remember who we are.

  4. Even though they are just friendlies tomorrows games of Ecuador v Japan and Colombia v Mexico should help us see how we will square up against Saudi and Mexico respectively. However, the argentineans are optimistic have not heard anybody raise concern over group stage

  5. Someone posted this on Twitter
    “Just a reminder that Argentina haven’t played teams managed by Luis Enrique, Hansi Flick (treble winners for Barça and Bayern), Van Gaal (seven league titles with four different teams), or the AFCON champions Senegal or Croatia or Belgium for that matter”
    Its negative but we can’t still ignore this comment. Our 1st real test will be Denmark or France in 2nd round.

    • I think you have a mental problem. Every time you come in this forum with ridiculous is not all about how you performed in the past. Football always matter your current form,condition,situation.lionel scaloni beat tite twice,beat one of the master class manager Roberto please Don’t talk like rubbish.messi needs 100 goal bla bla bla.every time you find bullshit need a psychologist.

    • Anuparno.. I have been following your comments from a long time.. you always come with some weird comment or logic to somehow bring down the achievements by Argentina team.
      A) Now this can be because you are a troll or atleast an attention seeker who likes to ignite the people here.
      In that case I would say well done 😀
      B) or you might be a very tensed die hard Argentina fan who gets nervous all the time and always think about the worst. In that case I would tell you to relax a little and enjoy each victory, each trophy and remember, that after a long time Argentina is experiencing such a successfull phase.
      We have a good team which is unbeaten for a long time and have played many good teams like Germany, Italy, Brazil, Uruguyay, Columbia etc. We will see what happens in the future. Atleast enjoy the success.

  6. Players like lo celso di Maria Nico papu Paredes must improve their fitness level as these players are vital for us. Especially di Maria situation is really concerning with back to back injuries. He is the only forward for us apart from Messi who can score to the 2nd post form tight angles. This is not possible for a player like Nico or both correas. Papu can but he is only a sub player and now a days he won’t go for that blistering runs as a winger but just a spark and that only against small opponents. Currently our pressing is immense so there is a greater chance of getting the ball from the half and goes for the counter and finish it.

    • I think Alvarez or Dybala also can do it. But dimaria provide us width which noone except nico or angel Correa will provide. Against top teams dimaria is a must bt he is old i don’t know what can we expect from him

      • Di Maria does NOT provide width IF he is playing on the right because he is left-footed and likes to cut in and shift into the centre. He is ineffective on the left where in theory he could have provided width. BY DEFINITION, this is the opposite of WIDTH.

        Anuparno, you don’t help your case when you fail to observe ELEMENTARY things.

    • “DiMaria’s back to back injury”. LOL!! I mean have you even bothered to check-out his injury record rather than coming up with such horrible and casual takes.

      GOOGLE is free you know. But let me correct you in this context and the last time he was injured was back in July 12,2021. That’s more than one year back.

      • Coz last season he mostly played as a sub in PSG and it was not a concern. And in copa he mostly started as a sub. Now it’s the opposite he started well with juventus and a serious contender to start every game for the NT. From the first game for juventus he got injured. Don’t show those useless stats of injury record bro. He is 34 and we all know he is not fit like Alvarez or de Paul. Even de Paul will have a tough time as a winger to play that much intense match and this is di maria. And next month is going to be a brutal lot of matches to play. He is vital in those 7 games to win us that wc. Players like Nico or dybala are not at that level to replace him in big matches.

  7. Applying 3-4-3 tactics in a tournament is going to be a suicidal one. France team using that formula Arg never do I think. 3-4-3 an be useful when a game want in a particular situation.

  8. Argentina’s 1st toughest match will be Netherlands. They have a great coach good defense good midfield and a mediocre attack. They play 3-4-3 and quite a high line so we need some good fast runners who can run behind. That match we have to play both nico and dimaria and if dimaria or nico is unavailable for fitness issue thn we have to use angel Correa. We lack a fast scoring winger like mbappe we have dimaria but he is old now and have lost some pace over the years also due to his age is susceptible to injuries. 1 winger like garnacho could have made massive difference. Last match against Honduras tagliafico impressed me he has improved his forward runs and passes massively. Lets see how acuna performs against Jamaica

  9. Our previous tournments shows how we less effectively use our backups and not gave importance to fitness of players.NO. 9 role is very important.we have players but we lack almost equal sub for lautaro

  10. European teams can be so oiled and know how to defend. But what Argentina have is players like messi and di Maria and dybala who can take out 3 to 4 players at a time with their skill

  11. Argentina National Team players will ask to not play last matches for their clubs before the start of the World Cup (November 11-13). [@okdobleamarilla via @AlbicelesteTalk].

    I know all clubs will likely reject this request but I hope the players will play as if it is a friendly match with minimum effort if they are forced to play just days before the WC.

  12. Mbappe not getting numerous chances like he is used to at PSG. The sole reason behind his goals is Messi and Messi only. Messi not only provided Mbappe multiple assists last season and also this season, he also helped Mbappe with creating spaces for him to make runs into the box. Now with Messi not playing with him , he doesn’t look like the extraordinary player he looks when playing for his club and most importantly any decent side can clip his wings without Messi and Neymar on his side.

    So far, Denmark has completely dominated the first half. They could have scored atleast one more goal more if they didn’t fumble near the goal. Denmark looks like a well oiled machine and with very good team chemistry. Their midfield and forwards are picking up each other’s run very easily which is scary! Ideal scenario for us is , Denmark to top the group and France suffer the bad luck of defending champions and crash out in group stages. However, it is very unlikely that Australia or Tunisia can cause that upset! Scaloni should start preparing for both Denmark and France.

    • I think facing Denmark would be similar to Argentina-Switzerland in 2014. Hope it wouldn’t be as difficult as that one but Denmark is always difficult to beat. If I have to choose though, I still prefer meeting Denmark than France in the second round. France is weaker for sure than the 2018 France, but they are still the defending champ.

      • True , France had quite a few players missing, most importantly Benzema , Kante Kounde , Kimbempe and Loris. Pogba will need a miracle to be fit for yhe world cup. With all of these missing players back, France will reinforce their team and will be extremely difficult opponent. Denmark went into defensive mode in the second half and missed out on few counters but they still were very comfortable. Both France and Denmark won’t be easy to defeat. We have to be super clinical infront of goal and super tight in the back. Depending on how first round of matches goes, especially for Molina, the second round match could be where Scaloni will deploy Foyth as RB. When is Foyth set to be back anyways?

        • @sulaV foyth injured in last week of august and Villarreal said he will be out for around 2 months. So he will be out for whole October. He will be back in November.

          • Squad will be announced before that. He will need a miracle to make it. Not only he needs to be fit before the sqaud announcement, he will need to convince Scaloni by returning to form for Villarreal.

          • I think squad will be announced on November 14th.according to reports foyth has started light training. I believe foyth is needed. Without him it will be very difficult for Argentina to win the world Cup. If foyth is not make it in time i will lower my expectations for Qatar substantially. Thn scaloni have to play Medina at rb in tough games

          • If Foyth doesn’t make it then Scaloni will play Montiel and he will have similar instructions like in the Copa Final to guard the right flank and only move forward if there is clear and safe opportunity to attack. However, it all depends on Molina’s form. He was not much involved in the attack last match but defensively he was pushing the opponents instead of tackling or closing their angle which is an indication of out of form wing back! Molina is very important part of our team and we will need him in top form both defensively and offensively.

  13. Denmark destroy almighty, scary France again…i rather want to play against them in last16, bad team wo Pogba and Kante, no midfield, no defense…they are like we were with Sampaoli. Maybe France wont survive the group stages.

  14. Hope I’m not speaking too soon as the game is not over but so far this is proving that an organized team and fighting spirit is what you need to beat France. Don’t give Mbappe space (Sampaoli: huh??) and convert your chances. Factor in Argentina having better players than Denmark. At the same time, this makes me concerned about the possibility of facing Denmark. They scare me more than many of the traditional “big boys”

  15. 🇦🇷 Lio Scaloni: “Enzo Fernández is the player who can play in all positions in the midfield. We’re happy with him and we believe he can contribute good with us.”

    🗣 Leo Messi on Enzo Fernández: “Enzo is very intelligent and a footballer with a good foot. He is spectacular player.”

    Please prefer decoding the words of the two biggest personalities from the National team and I can assure, the doubts regarding Enzo advancing to Qatar will be easily resolved. #VamosArgentina

  16. @Sabellista
    “For something different. What do you all know about Saudi Arabia? The little I know about them is that they finished on top of Australia, Japan and South Korea. Anyone with info on our first opponents? Like who are their best players that we need to be aware of? Can we finish them off in the first half in the first game of the WC?”

    This isn’t a great answer but I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to post these interesting links to videos in Spanish explaining how our opponents play. I’m really sorry for those you can’t understand Spanish BUT there is autotranslate if that helps.

    Hope they are good for someone as I thought they were interesting

  17. medina vs pezella , i personally want medina over pezella reason, medina is defensively strong, his concentration, passing, man marking is too good , he is lisandro quality player only things that resist me on him, that he hasn’t some goal from set pieces he is not that strong in air, nehuan perez i think he still needs to improve his dribbling passing, he is not that good in this section..
    man if medina strong in air , then he could be even as good as romero, lisandro,

    if you think defensive side among these three medina is best choice..
    but if you think about aeriel ability then pezella got the edge over medina

  18. I only watched the 1st half of Spain-Switzerland and the Spain team is really not in good shape. Their old problem is the attack and many of their players have very few playing time with their club, for example Alba is only the 3nd option of left fullback in Barca. I don’t see them achieve the quarter finals.

    As expected, Portugal is dangerous, I think they will be even better without CR7 and I don’t see why not

  19. I don’t agree with the idea that there’s a first 11. That philosophy is for the limited NTs, not Argentina. In Modern football strong teams have their 18 players in rotation for the first team to keep it competitive. RDP, Paredes & Lo Celso need to know that if they don’t perform, there are others to take over. Same goes everyone except for the core of Messi, Lautaro, Cuti & Dibu. The rest should be kept on their toes.

    • I agree. Of course everyone on Mundo can easily name our “ideal” starting 11 (Dibu-Acuna/Otamendi/Romero/Molina-Lo Celso/Paredes/De Paul-Messi/Lautaro/Di Maria. But there are many players like Tagliafico, Guido, Lisandro, Papu, etc where you don’t notice much of a difference when they replace their “starter” and who may even be better on some days. Then we have a “usual” starting 11 where you might see Gonzalez instead of Di Maria and other tweaks but you wouldn’t consider it a “b” team, it’s a normal formation. Then you have Dybala which we don’t consider a starting 11 player but who is certainly a “starter level” player who would be a starter for many other top teams.

  20. Its essential to keep playing our preferred starting eleven because chemistry is vital but we also have to change in 1-2 places and keep ready the reserves also so that if any injury or suspension happens there will be no problem in chemistry with our sub players. Like i wanted to see Romero lisandro cb pair this Jamaica match because you can’t expect otamendi to remain 100% fit for whole tournament and throwing Romero and lisandro without any prior match practice will be a big risk

  21. I am glad that unlike Sampaoli and Maradona, Scaloni has already decided his starting xi and is fielding our strongest line up against Jamaica. Due to 3 months gap the lack of chemistry was quite evident in the last match. Midfielders and forwards weren’t able to pickup each other’s run on multiple occasion. Subs can be brought in the second half but getting our team chemistry back is of paramount importance. For subs again, I would like to see Dybala for Dimaria , Julian for Lautaro, Enzo for Locelso/Depaul , Guido for Paredes and Nico for may be Locelso. MacAllister might also be brought in by Scaloni. We need to prioritize those players who will actually play over the reserves who will only get chances if any unfortunate injury happens.

    Also I am looking forward to today’s matches between France vs Denmark and Netherlands vs Belgium, our potential second round and quarterfinal opponents.

      • I wasn’t referring to Belgium, they will most likely face Germany/Spain in the second round and Brazil could face one of them in the quarterfinal. Also France, if they manage to top their group they will have a very easy route to the final.

        • the way Germany is playing, I am doubtful that they will clear the group stage. Japan is a strong Team. one of Germany or Spain can slide in first round itself.

          • france will play Mexico in RD16, then England in Rd8, then Belgium or Germany in SF. it is not an easy route. any team playing Mexico in knockout gets knocked in in the next round.

          • You are right. I failed to see Belgium/Portugal/Germany-Spain in their bracket, only saw England. If Serbia or Switzerland manage to beat or pull a draw with Brazil , then the Brazil could be on the other side as well!!

          • brazil will have an interesting draw if they come second in their group. uruguay/Portugal in Rd16, Spain/Belgium/Germany in RD8 and France in the semifinal.

    • Funny enough I actually think it is very possible for France to get second in their group. Earlier this year Denmark beat them (of course we have yet to see what happens today) and they give me a weird feeling especially after the Euros. It’s a shame we have to face either of both teams.

  22. Watched the last game. Wanted to share my thoughts earlier…

    Easy peasy opponent. Good run in a hot and humid conditions. Good that no one got injured.

    We kept a lot of balls. Lot of possession but didn’t create a lot. Our pressing game is well organized now. This is more in lines of Sampaoli. You can see some old videos and Scaloni was a part of his coaching staff. This takes times and lot of understanding. Hence the hesitance to change a lot.

    Glad we saw Alvarez for 45 mins, rather than 15 mins. His ethic is good, but his finishing needs improvement. He is missing a lot, both for Argentina and City. Lautaro scored like crazy when he came to NT. But he will get there. You get the sense, its coming.

    Enzo Fernandez is a must for WC. Have watched all Benfica games and didn’t see him much in River days. Most importantly, as Messi said, he has the “personality”. I like players like him. Its not only about skill and talent. You need the personality and mindset. He has it. I would put his name in paper over Palacios, McAllister. If he grows properly, 2026 will be great and he should have the experience of 2022. If he goes, he will play and make a difference in 2022.

    Rest is good. De Paul, Lo Celso, Paredes is good for NT. Its fine if they play 5 matches in next 2 months. No need to worry.

    I loved the fact Messi played as a striker, once we started countering in the second half.

  23. @el_principe,
    Updated market value of our midfielders…as per transfermarkt. In Euro.

    1. De Paul – 35
    2. Mac Allister – 25
    3. Guido -25
    4. LoCelso -22
    5. Enzo -20
    6. Paredes -17
    8. Palacios -15

    We all know it’s based on many things like, performance, importance, age, potential, etc.
    Your shitty player sit second in current most valued Argentine midfielders in the world. Alexis and Enzo are the only two players improving their value.
    Believe it or not, Alexis Mac Allister is now, 11th most valued Argentine player playing in any positions in the world. If he’s below average, next Meza and shitty player for you, something wrong with your analysis.

    • man you are continuously highlighting name of alexis like he is next superstar to be in make, alexis may be useful player but he can’t be player like locelso depaul or enzo the reason he can be useful as i said he has good positional sense this is what coaches like about him this is how he is useful in defence but interms of creativity fast movement like messi, dybala,locelso,thiago, depaul, even enzo can gear it up if he given advanced role to play but alexis can’t be player like them,, but he can be very useful team player his presence will give another level of shield but not interms of creativity, i like palacio before but i also think he didn’t improve to the expectation reason his recurring injury, but you can’t put him behind alexis , if he gives little edge over alexis than obviously he is in over alexis

        • i was also thought that before but later i realize why coaches likes him, and he is improving whatever responsibility doing in the team. but there is a advantage over one another, hope coaches take the right decision no one is free from error, i liked last match when macclister come enzo try to come little more advanced position which delivers third goal, using macclister and enzo as double pivot is not bad either

      • My hall of fame list of Argentina shitty players:
        1986 I got no complain, we are the champ
        1990’s Pedro Monzon (stupid red card in the final)
        1994 Luis Islas. Islas instead of Goyco are u kidding me Basile?
        1998 Nelson Vivas, one of the worst defenders I have ever seen
        2002-2004 Pablo Cavallero (should have been the third goalie not first), Mariano Gonzales
        2006-2008 Coloccini, Milito, Julio Cruz, Jose Sosa
        2010 Tevez (I liked him before and he then he became a cancer later on for Argentina) Gutierrez, Andujar
        2014 Augusto Fernandez
        2018 Maxi Meza

        Present: MacAllister

        If any disagree with me that’s fine. It is my own list of useless players.

        • man you should give some respect , yes i disagree with interms of augusto fernandez and currently macallister though i’m the first person who posted his weakness in here and i don’t him squad over enzo and thiago pala, he may not be the player like locelso but still coaches likes him and there is reason for it…

    • Thats the biggest bullshit ever. Enzo is valued at €20 million euro? lol. Benfica tell Liverpool to pay his minimum release clause if they are to get him which is more than €100 million euro.

      Comparing Enzo and MacAllister is like comparing Haaland and Gaich.

      Anyway so what I call MacAllister shitty? U are his grandma or MacAllister himself or something? In the past I also called: Sosa, Meza, Placente, Vivas, Pedro Monzon, Mariano Gonzales, Julio Cruz, Gonzalo Pity, and many more shitty. U got any problem with that? Look man I don’t worship all Argentina players just because they are Argentines. I want the best to play for Argentina, not the shitty ones. Period.

      Btw u keep posting the posts of some sites that u think is pretty credible, but it doesn’t help anything honestly.

      • Enzo Fernandez is Liverpool’s top of their wishlist but they will wait until after this season is over before making the move. If it was a Brazilian player he wouldn’t have to prove himself in Europe to attract big clubs but since Enzo is Argentine he will need to prove his mettle. I consider this a blessing in disguise because a young player moving to a big club will have very little playing time and on top of that your teammates don’t want to help you succeed as it might reduce their playing time. Liverpool will have to pay hefty sum to bring Enzo next season and his cost will force Liverpool to play him regularly.

      • Who compared Enzo and Allister..? You always come up with your own twisted finding. Enzo has potential to become great. That’s why the offer will be much more than valuation. I thought you know the basics.

        • As for Enzo or Pala vs MacAllister, well you know deep inside u that Enzo vs MacAllister is like Haaland vs Gaich. So u don’t want to debate.

          I am not changing from Pala to Enzo. They both are players that I respect and they both deserve to be in the final world cup list unlike MacAllister (doesnt mean that I am a fan of them. I am a fan of Cuti and Emi anyway just to let u know). If you want to start the debate of Cuti vs MacAllister go ahead. I am ready anytime.

        • U are exposed by your own website man. If the site says that enzo is valued at €20 million then it is enough to know the rest is bullshit. Anyway I don’t care if u arw MacAllister himself or his grandma writing using your ID. Once shitty is always shitty. That’s it.

          I know you are frustrated because your favorite is down in Scaloni’s pecking order but that’s the reality. Accept it. You can attack Pala as much as u want, I am not that much of a fan of him anyway. Lol

          Only fools who know nothing about futbol agree that Enzo valuation is €20 million as of now.

          • Finally, you are not a fan of Palacios.. discussion closed.
            Just FYI,
            “Uefa used Transfermarkt data in a 2016 report and it is also used by scouting departments at clubs all over the world.”

      • Read it right.
        “Signed from River Plate this summer, and with a €120m (£102m) release clause, Fernández will not be at Benfica for long.”
        The heading is because of his release clause. Not his current valuation.
        If Enzo continue his form, his value will gradually increase. Then he has the potential to become most valued Argentine midfielder ever.

        • Not his current valuation.
          If Enzo continue his form, his value will gradually increase. Then he has the potential to become most valued Argentine midfielder ever.

          Oh so then you think his value of €20 million is about right… and it will gradually increase right?

          You have no idea that his valuation is quadraple of that number NOW at least (not gradually will increase to that number).

          Man if I were you, and if I tried to defend MacAllister at all cost, I wouldn’t use that site honestly because it is just wrong info. It adds nothing to it. Probably only you and the one who writes that site in the world agree that Enzo is a €20 millions player now.

          To tell you the truth, Enzo valuation is already close to that of wonderkids like Jude Bellingham. If they have no idea of how much Enzo actually cost? Why in the world should I believe that MacAllister is the second most expensive Argentina midfielder??

          You gotta understand, some people think that just because you play in EPL then your value is very high, which is not accurate to be honest. Check out how much Maguire cost? Or Grealish.

  24. Santhiago Heze(20)…Huracan Defensive midfielder looks very promising and defensively very solid midfielder.

    If he improves his passing ability then Heze will be the next Number 5 in our Midfield.

      • Fausto vera bellow average, no chance. Maxim perron bellow average but he have time to improve himself later.
        Juan Sforza looked promising as a Defensive role but poor passing ability..
        Alen varela bellow average..

        • Then Hezze could be the next Ascacibar a defensively good DM without passing and technical skills, a small club player. NT need good passers in DM role. Passing %: Hezze 74% catastrophe, Sforza 77% Perrone 88% Varela 88%.

          • I didn’t see anyone play mentioned above but %of passing ability sometime doesn’t reflect the player ability, as someone who try to pass through ball more tends to miss-pass more in comparison to someone who back pass more which will increase his passing%.

          • it is not within my understanding what on the earth he things that perrone and varela is below average player, this two are the most talented player amongst the name he mentioned

          • I mentioned… If Heze improves his passing ability.. Then he will be an option.

            Everyone likes allen varela bcoz of Boca connection.
            Perron is promissing..i mentioned

            But originally… Both are bellow average or average youngstar…no one is world class

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