Julián Álvarez with a first half goal for Argentina vs. Jamaica


Julián Álvarez scored the first half goal for Argentina as they lead 1-0 vs. Jamaica.

Álvarez has his second goal for the Argentina national team after great work by Lautaro Martinez. With rumors of Lionel Messi possibly not starting, it was Julián Álvarez who started in place of Messi.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni fielded a different eleven to the one which started the 3-0 win vs. Honduras. Here is the eleven which has been selected by Scaloni:

Dibu Martinez, Tagliafico, Otamendi, Romero, Montiel; Lo Celso, Guido, Mac Allister, Di Maria; Lautaro Martinez, Julián Álvarez


  1. Ya MacAllister is not good he should not go to the world cup. even if Palacios doesn’t recover from his injury MacAllister should not go. he plays like a Brighton player with zero personality he hides a lot he is playing to not make a mistake. Enzo has an elite mentality even if the likes of Messi are on the field he plays as a man responsible for the midfield he gets the ball from the CBs and makes quick passes between the line to the forward he is also not afraid to keep the ball. but I still think his best position is on the right side of the midfield. Seeing the likes of MacAllister Montiel and Lo Celso didn’t make me happy today. I think even locelso asks himself how am I playing this much without scoring assisting or making 100 passes a game like Paredes does he looks confused sometimes

  2. After Messi and enzo came on we were much improved one. Another mediocre performance from locelso. Im worried about his form if he starts he can’t play like this. McAllister will not play so is guido bt locelso will be starting so his form is a big concern. Romero looks unfit atleast not match fit. Chemistry is off which is understandable. Lautaro cant miss like that in wc. Dimaria looks disinterested and not match fit he needs to play more to gain his form. Our fullbacks were ass. Alvarez is still not great apart from the goal he did nothing.

  3. Mc Allister, Montiel don’t deserve to be at Qatar. Instead Enzo/ palacios and Foyth must be included.
    As regards Tagliafico , I don’t understand why he’s in team when he could never match with the momentum of team playing.

    • Tagliafico played well last game. It happens sometimes. Tagliafico or acuna still our best bet in that spot not like we have a lahm or cafu or alba in that position

  4. Tucu Correa not very good. He is tall. That’s about it. I would take Alario over Correa. Also, the slowest guy I have ever seen MacAllister. Did anybody else notice in the first half nobody was passing to him! I swear we were playing 10 on 11. You look at Enzo and just his body language even amongst the players is different. Believe you me, the players know MacAllister is not world class, and it showed in how much they included him in the game.

  5. team needs to realize they must raise the level so they can accompany messi and his level. by the way those who are bashing lo celso they are fool, they haven’t the vision to see how effective he could be along side of messi, of course he had some bad momentum as like dimaria wasn’t that good today too, maccallister won’t be effective in central and attacking midfield it is pre defined, he is not creative neither his movement is fast he is not good in dribbling, so scaloni has his idea clear, honestly i was in trusting on scalni decision, now it is clear , since arg has paredes,guido, enzo there is no need to macclister,, thiago was good too in thinking of creativity , thiago could be very good substitute for locelso, maccalister is out palacioos in..
    so the midfield.. should be..

  6. Our last matches: ARG Honduras 1:0, ARG Jamaica 1:0, and ARG Saudi Arabia 0:0, now these park the bus teams have absolut no chance against Scaloneta to reach results.

  7. Lemme make a quick guess. MacAllister fans would be like “he played not bad, he almost had an assist to Lautaro. He did nothing wrong”.

    Count how many back passes he made today. At least 12. I don’t believe in reincarnation but I feel like watching the reincarnation of Jose Sosa tonight

    If you play DM it is normal to do a lot of back pass but if you play De Paul role where you’re supposed to be the engine of the team, the creator, you have to pass the ball forward NOT backwards.

  8. Enzo in his 2 game already looks like he playing he has been with the team. MacAllister did nothing yet he got 70 mins. I mean even Stevie Wonder can see that Mac is waste time for players like Enzo. I hope Enzo is considered for final 26My greatest wish that Scaloni can now has opened his eyes and see that MacAllister, J Correa and Montiel are not worth taking to Qatar.

  9. It is very clear that without Messi the team isn’t more creative on the field, hope Messi will be fit till the World Cup.
    Plz our honourable coach don’t make garbage the whole team by inclusion one or two lazy players, till now we have more good backup so hope our World Cup team would be flawless.

  10. Decent game, chemistry was a little off, few players like Di Maria, Cuti and few others not fully game-fit.
    Boss of bosses comes in and puts 2 with no sweat……been waiting for a free-kick goal and got it.
    The team that started is not the same as the one from Friday night and that was a factor in the semi-sloppy game but then again the coach wanted to try few things and did.
    Good game and on to the next AND THE MOST Important of all, NO INJURIES

  11. MacAllister can wait for now. Enzo is natural passer of the ball as usual. Hope Scaloni can take Palacio and Enzo to Qatar. From these 2 games we learned alot and atleast experiment alot. I remember last world we didn’t even know our 10 players in starting line up except Messi. Here now we looking for different variant.

  12. Hope you guys see the difference of MacAllister on the pitch and off the pitch effect that I have been talking about.

    Quick reminder:
    Argentina has 1 goal per 43.4 minutes with MacAllister on

    Argentina has 1 goal per 23.3 minutes with MacAllister off the pitch

    Still laugh at my stats???????

    • Against the mighty Venezuela it was exactly the same. When MacAllister played, we almost lost. At the time Di Maria came to the rescue, scoring 2 goals after replacing MacAllister.

      Now it is the same. We only looked good when he MacAllister was off and thanks to Messi scoring 2 goals.

      • This is always the same with Scaloni, when the weaker opponent get exhausted ARG score the goal(s) at the end. Bolivia home, Venezuela home and away, Ecuador Copa and now. Always the same. We are total relaxed knowing the goals will come. The defensive stability is much more important. ARG shut down Honduras and Jamaica completely, those didnt even know where is net. Saudi match will be the same, maybe with the same result 3:0.

    • And remember this stats is helped by the fact that MacAllister played in 5-0 game against Estonia (we scored 2 when he was on the pitch). If he hadn’t played that game, our goal per game with him on the pitch would have been 1 goal every 80 minutes or something.

    • @ elprincipe

      first of all, around 2010s me and you were the only ones defending Di maria, he was Scapegoat, I had few arguments with Seba and others who were labeling Dimaria a Headless Chicken
      I still genuinely believe if we had a fit Dimaria in the 2014 Final we would of had 3 Stars in our jersey

      on Mcalister i agree hes not up to the level,we have better midfielders

      the full backs are terrible ,Tagliafico gives me nightmares, a strong team will target our full backs especially Tagliafico just like France did in 2018 I always say Tagliafico made MBape a Superstar
      full backs are definitely our weaknesses, a strong team will expose it

      I know it’s only a friendly, but we were terrible tonight, we are very much still Relying on messi more than ever, if things go like that, we can’t let him retire until Hes 60

      • Tagliafico is a decent player. He didn’t play left back in that game he was a left sided cb as far as i remember. That high line against 2018 version mbappe was suicidal. 90% defenders will still struggle against mbappe’s pace. If we face France we have to maintain a deep block and can’t afford give any space to their wingers

  13. Finally Alligator is taken off the pitch.

    I just pray Enzo scores today

    I have a feeling Dybala might not make it to the world cup. Scaloni is also one of those Argentina coaches even though he built a team.

    J correa and A Macalister are the nemesis now for us this world cup as we had few like Sosa, etc .

  14. At this point, I wish they bring back “club de amigos” so the team can phase out MacAlister.
    I never said anything negative about him, but with all the players we have, why him in DePaul’s role? Might as well bring back Biglia. Yes, I’m speaking with emotion, but my eyes hurt more than my heart watching him play.

    Even a simple pass from Enzo and you know you have a special player.

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