Argentina U20 defender Román Vega trains with FC Barcelona main team


Román Vega trained with the FC Barcelona main team on Tuesday.

Vega was part of Xavi’s Barcelona team which trained on Tuesday as he was called up from the youth team. The 18 year old is part of Javier Mascherano’s Argentina U20 team.

The Argentina was part of the team which won the youth tournament in Uruguay earlier this month. The left back joined the Barcelona youth team earlier in the summer from Argentinos Juniors.


  1. Another good game is not just about the results. Don’t forget that this is a friendly match for testing purposes only. Jamaica is very strong physically, defending the majority. It feels like they are trying to find a way to limit the number of goals. Fortunately, no one was injured. Messi is still the difference.

  2. Hope you guys see the difference of MacAllister on the pitch and off the pitch effect that I have been talking about.

    Quick reminder:
    Argentina has 1 goal per 43.4 minutes with MacAllister on

    Argentina gas 1 goal per 23.3 minutes with MacAllister off the pitch

    Still laugh at my stats???????

    • di maria, mac-allister and montiel were bad. Montiel does not have speed and that is a huge concern against European opponents who are good in counterattacks. as for mac-Allister, 70 min 1 goal that too for the brilliance of lautaro. without him 20 min, 2 goals. and remember, messi is on field from 55th minute. mac-allister can even neutralize messi.. better to drop mac-allister and take a extra forward or midfielder.

        • guido was good defensively, he is a destroyer kind of player i don’t expect him to create forward progression. it was MacAllister’s role to do ball progression on which he failed miserably. lo Celso was average, not bad.

        • Guido was playing DM. He is a defensive minded DM. His main job is to stop the opponent attack. He was OK in that. Lo Celso had a below average game yes but he wasn’t too bad. I just want Scaloni to try Enzo as more than just a 5. He has attacking instinct that should be utilized.

      • OMG! i thought theese time’s of politics were allready done for good!
        As only 1 game left against UAE, right ? Why to even bother with Mac and playing him as no.8 sounds completly nonsense and another wasted opportunity…..

    • WTF! are they gone nut’s now? Only one game against UAE and we don’t even know who can play in that game as many of Arg players Still playing i think 3 days before UAE, if IM right ? Sounds a bit scary…and why to even bother to try Mc Allister as 8 and drop Enzo 5 as i assume he subbed for Guido, right ? And how long they did let him play ?

  3. Palacios if fit is ten times the player MacAllister is. MacAllister is playing in a defensive centre midfield role and other than one miss pass hasn’t done bad but his offensive contribution has been zero. Palacios whenever came off the bench always maintained the tempo and chemistry.

    Also people who are okay with Messi not scoring and only creating. Think again. Without clinical Messi we don’t stand a chance!!

  4. I try to be as neutral, as wise as possible but man.. If I say it was a great first half, I would be either a super biased fan, a childish kid, or a troll.

    Argentina still have 9 starters or main rotation players such as: Emi, Montiel, Cuti, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Guido, Lo Celso, Di Maria, and Lautaro.

    I know the No Messi factor is huge but it is not the first time we played without him. MacAllister… man I told you that we were a LOW SCORING team with him on the pitch! And some dudes here laugh at me when I gave you the exact statistic!

    Yes we scored one of Alvarez. Anything else? SMH…

    • I was waiting for you. Now maybe so many people will believe that MacAllister is a piece of crap player. Anybody that thinks this guy is a top 26 player in Argentina is insane. And he is a lazy bastard too because he never runs.

      • I suspect maybe MacAllister himself is here in the forum or at least his lover. 3 games already of MacAllister as a starter: Venezuela, Ecuador, and this one we looked horrible.

        • He just isn’t any good. It’s that simple. This stiff played for Boca and all of a sudden he has supporters but unless it is a set piece he is garbage player. I would bring a kid like Soule up before I bring this snail

    • Yes whole midfield is shit. Now its time to accept that locelso is not world class. He is too overrated here. And people here said locelso better than riquelme 😂

    • OMG! So maybe i won’t try watch this at all as if there is no aerial camera and only on in otherside with Mc Allister amongst the starting eleven, OMG!

      Sounds a bit scary…who did they subbed and did they gave anytime for Enzo at all ?

  5. No messi no party. Plus our midfield is mediocre and it shows all 3 locelso McAllister and guido playing bad. No chemistry. For me worst players r surely McAllister and guido. Now im thinking guido not even worthy of going to qatar. McAllister is poor i don’t want to see him in qatar. Now time to sub all 3 midfielders play enzo paredes depaul midfield in 2nd half. Messi needed. Dimaria is not playing that well also. I know montiel is neither good at back nor in attack time to introduce Molina. Jamaica is a decent side having an European coach. Good test

  6. A boring half.
    Lack of creativity in the final 3rd. Missing Messi there.
    And terrible pressing. Many times we pressed for long stretches with no result.

  7. 3 months gap has completely put our team out of sync!! There is no chemistry at all. Beside the goal, nothing from the attacking perspective worth talking about. Loceslo had two poor shots at goal, Alvarez missed a great ball from Dimaria. Montiel extremely lucky the only camera in the stadium is on the other side. Locelso is playing like he used to at Spurs in Last match and today. He playd like mini Messi for Villarreal!! This team will need min 2 weeks of training camp to get back the chemistry. FIFA has to request clubs to release player before their last match before the world cup.

    • This also happens when you try a different damn line up in the few games you have. At this point, Molina is better than Montiel, MacAllister is a high school football player, Messi is out and Guido is the closest to living up to his expectations. But main problem is DePaul and Enzo need to play, at least one.

  8. For the love of God can we now finally stop with the MacAllister nonsense? This guy does not fit in the scheme and he is an average player at best. You might as well take Aguero to the wc and play with 25 because the guy is awful in this system

  9. The camera is driving me nuts…. poor new jersey…

    Where is Mac Allister? He is 1000 miles away behind Enzo.

    Alvarez is a headless chicken except for the goal… Di Maria used to be a headless chicken in our NT, but then became the second most reliable supwer star. So I still have confidence in Alvarez.

    Lo Celso’s finishing skill is below MLS level.

  10. Starting xi vs Jamaica
    Emi Martinez
    Montiel Romero otamendi tagliafico
    McAllister guido locelso
    Dimaria lautaro alvarez
    So messi not starting. No Molina. No Dybala aswell. This midfield looks very defensive. Don’t like this lineup atall

    • We need to see Enzo!

      Here is MacAllister’s father Carlos who also made the NT. A solid player. An anecdote: one time the media was in the locker room after the match interviewing and Carlos MacAllister came out with his dick showing on TV. Jajja

  11. Brazil easily beat both Ghana and Tunisia and shouldn’t have any problem against Cameron but if any one of Serbia and Switzerland can stop Brazil to a draw which is very much possible then the first place won’t be guaranteed and they can easily end up in the other bracket! Also , our potential quarterfinal opponent Netherlands has Senegal in the group, the raining African champions. Their team is full of players playing for strong clubs in Europe and they along with Ecuador can easily cause an upset and send the Dutch to the other side with France, Belgium, Germany! I also watched Spain and Germany and both looked toothless. Especially, Spain has good midfield but their final third is blunt!! Portugal with all its stars from European clubs could only create handful of chances which Ronaldo wasted! Yeah, so far it looks like Brazil and France (once the injured players are back) are the teams that has the firepower to put our team to the test!!

  12. I think I will take a break from the forum… I am fairly new (since 2019 I think?), but I don’t post actively anyway these days, and I don’t have the time or energy to put enough effort…
    Some last points until I see you again:

    1. Toxicity/trolling still rampant in the forum.
    Before it was romance king, Kevin, and now Anusparno. Sure you can ignore reading their comments, but since they are literally trolling and commenting in every post, people answer them (I know I’m guilty too) and then the comment sections of majority of the posts become about them and their trolling instead of Argentina NT. Why would I put my energy into this toxicity?
    2. Still no report/ignore/block button…..
    3. Many people act like they know what Scaloni/staff are thinking&/what will happen in the future. You do not.
    4. Pecho frio European NTs can’t even dream of what our NT group is living. Its importance is underestimated

  13. I am expecting our midfielder to score long range against Jamaica..
    Paredes or de Paul or lo celso or Guido or Enzo or Mac alister.

    It’s been a long time to see these kind of goals..
    We often score in square pass or through ball

  14. Understandably, some fans get upset about the inclusion/exclusion of certain players. It’s important to realize that the player himself has nothing to do in such a case. Scaloni selecting McAllister isn’t a McAllister’s decision. But, when we express our opinion, it sounds like we are disapproving McAllister himself, not Scaloni’s selection. McAllister is just like any other players in the team who is as enthusiastic as Others to play for Argentina within his capacity. So, our criticism should be directed to Scaloni’s selection choices. Either Scaloni is misjudging McAllister’s ability or he has plans to use McAllister in a certain way that doesn’t go along with our conventional wisdom.

    McAllister has been rotating on different positions in the midfield. It’s safe to say that he failed as a LoCelso’s sub, maybe clicked as a parades’s sub and today we will see him as a DePaul’s sub. To me, this indicates that Scaloni is still experimenting with the utility of McAllister in the midfield.
    If he fails to impress today, I think we may see him competing with Palacios’s injury for the world cup spot. Because, we do not need a player who can only replace parades in the midfield given that we already have Guaido as the first sub. As Foyth and Lisandro can also play in DM, taking McAllister will be a complete waste of a spot. Scaloni likes Palacios because of his versatility. He also praised Enzo because of his versatility.

    Whatever you guys think, to me, McAllister isn’t secured.

    Knowing all these facts, some of us gets upset to anticipate McAllister in the 26-man squad. Not because, he is an average utility player but because of our apprehension of missing out of Enzo or a fit Palacios. So, there is nothing personal about McAllister. Speaking against him isn’t akin to disrespecting McAllister, unless it is done in a disrespectful manner. The same goes for Meza. No humans deserve our disrespect.

  15. Since 2020 Saudi Arabia didnt concede more than 2 goals in 24 matches, only 3 times 2 goals and 21 times 1 or 0. In their last 4 matches 0:0 vs USA, 0:0 vs Ecuador, 0:1 vs Venezuela, 0:1 vs Columbia. Good for us against a stronger defense to start the engine. Jamaica beat them btw in 2020 LOL (1:2).

  16. i don’t see any strong opponent other than brazil in this world cup.. it is really sad brazil is able to arrange better team like tunisia,ghana then argentina… i was hopping for team cote d ivoiry and hungary like team.. but afa arrange team like honduras,jamaica.. as all can see there is not a single test on defence from honduras

    • If Messi and DePaul not playing, we will see how we can play an attacking football without them. Jamaica is an average team but better than Honduras and UAE(next game).
      I would love to see Dybala in Messi’s place if Messi can’t play this match. Messi has flu symptoms.

      • both ghana and tunisia gone through some good sequence of winning stream prior to brazil match, such as tunisia win against japan 3-0 chile 2-0 ghana 2-0 against nigeria. man if ghana didn’t tested brazilian defence it doesn’t mean they are as like as honduras, african country always have energy alongside of physicality, and fast movement, where as we see that honduras is some type rugby style player only brings physicality but slow in movement, honduras is n’t a real defensive side they just have physicality that is all

        • @Bright K, when did Ghana beat Nigeria 2-0? Last time I checked they drew 0-0 and 1-1 in the WC qualifiers.

          I have to admit that Brazil look very good indeed. However African teams have very talented individuals but their weakness has always been not good at pressing and closing down spaces collectively like European teams. Although I think that Brazil will go through, they will not have it easy against Serbia and Switzerland.

    • #brightk, Netherlands will be a very tough opponent. Undefeated under returned coach Van Gaal. They beat fifa nr 2 twice this year. Most points in Nations League Level A.
      In an interview he said he would play defenders against creative midfielders. His trick to block Courtois at corners paid off.

  17. Good news. We need more young players playing in big clubs.
    BTW, Argentina is the first country, whose entire tickets for the coming WC matches are sold. As I told you before, you all will be surprised to see the local support here. It will be a home for Argentina.

    • @insider.
      Are you in Qatar right now???
      Yes, all tickets were sold out for arg matches very early (group stages , round 16 , QF)
      Matches #50,52,57,59.. huge demand..
      I purchased #50, 57

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