Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni comments on Lionel Messi


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on Lionel Messi following the team’s 3-0 win vs. Jamaica.

Lionel Messi started Argentina’s 3-0 win vs. Jamaica on the bench. Coach Lionel Scaloni would bring him on as a substitute and Messi would score two goals.

Scaloni also played with Messi prior to coaching him as the two were part of the 2006 Argentina national team for the World Cup. Now coaching him, speaking with TyC Sports, here is what Scaloni had to say about Messi after the team’s 3-0 win:

“I enjoy him just like you. He is like Federer. He retired and the entire world got emotional thinking he won’t be here anymore. It was wonderful to see him play. The same thing with him, although much more because football is a sport that moves much more. It’s why the entire world enjoys him, regardless of the country.

“It’s wonderful to see. I have the possibility of coaching him but if I were a fan, I would pay the ticket. The only thing left is to enjoy him because I don’t know if there will ever be anything like him.”

Following the team’s 3-0 win, it was confirmed that Scaloni had renewed his contract with the Argentina national team.


  1. Hello guys…
    Am from Nigeria but I hv always been a fan of Arg FC since 2009/2010 just bcs of La_Pulga_Atonica.

    There is something I noticed about this team especially in this their last 2 matches…
    1)Lack of natural right footed wingers that can always drift in from d left side to score, cause problems or dribble and give a pass…
    I didn’t see one…I only saw Alvarez there and I know him as a centre forward.
    This made d team to always depend on the right side of d attack when attacking bcs of d left footed player’s there.

    2) Some guys in this team feels that…..not only they are part of the world cup team but they are sure starters… especially d advanced midfielders, RDP, & GLC. This is bad for d team.
    The coach should find a way to resolve this especially by creating serious competition for every position in d team except Messi’s, if not it will create complacency in d team which I hv started seeing…Bcs d team I saw some days ago hv started loosing there agressiveness, quick recovery of the ball and quick counter attacks as they used to.

    Thaz my humble submission…
    @Breno Frm Nigeria…
    God’s willing, d world cup belongs to Argentina!

    #Good day!

    • Scaloni talks about the attack flowing the right too often. This improves when nico g is un the team but also you can see that they are drilling attacking through the left (multiple attacks during honduras with papu came from the leftside as well as the lautaro goal that match) as well as utilizing julian on the left side as well in the Jamaica game later in the match

  2. When the draw was made i thought the draw quite easy as we may face Brazil in semifinals and final. That’s 2 difficult matches where everything is possible. But now seeing some recent matches of our potential opponents. I think our path to final is very tough. Very very tough. We could face Denmark which is a very tough side or even France in 2nd round. Then comes new rejuvenated Netherlands who are unbeatable under van Gaal and has some of the best players like van dijk, deligt, timber, ake, dumbries, blind etc in defense thn there is a decent midfield with dejong and a solid attack with depay and gakpo leading the line. Tough tough opponent. Then comes Brazil which is now far stronger than Copa one with both raphinha and vinicius in top form and Neymar is in top top form and thn final where we may face France or Portugal or Germany even if they r not in top form the final pressure is something else. Apart from messi noone played a World Cup final in this squad. So we have to give 200% of our abilities to win this wc or maybe with some divine help some of the favorites get knocked out like Brazil gets knocked out against Uruguay france eliminated in 1st round senegal top the group and some fringe teams like Croatia or like that reach the final so that we don’t face tough opponents. Just like 2002 Brazil side played some easy opponents leading upto the final

    • winning the final will be tough always we will have to play at least two elite opponents as well as two teams about one echelon down. I honestly believe argentina is one of the teams to beat. After watching the other teams I truly believe arg and brasil are the teams to beat this year with brasil having more variety in how to resolve scoring (they are better on set pieces)

    • If u want to be champion then u should be act like a fearless. Champion team never ever afraid to anyone whoever in front of him. I realise ur point what u want to say but we know it very well that u never gain anything till u face it and defeat it.
      Every team has lacking and they know it, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany every team has problems no one are perfect, so why u all time indicate our team is volatile in fullbacks in DCM lab lab lab….try to keep believe on ur team otherwise left it.
      Here my intension don’t underestimate to u, u have more knowledge than me in some cases but ur negative comments always hurt us.
      Keep faith on our players, sometimes luck is needed to become a champion along with hard work.

      • I completely agree with you…every team has some weakness not only us…we should believe in our players instead of finding weak points in our team we should see the way our players are playing in their permanent positions and back them and I think we should trust their type of football rather than going much into the tactics to perform well against any opponents…

    • We have a string functioning team as well. It will come down to nerves. Hopefully, Argentines can work on their nerves this time. Among the teams you have mentioned – Dutch front line is not that great. Just because Denmark did well in UNL doesnt make them a great team. They also struggled against Croatia. Denmark, Croatia, France all are beatable by Argentina as long as they play to their quality. As happens more often, the south american teams do tend to buckle under pressure or fail with their nerves, including Messi. The team has to have strong belief in themselves. We have some players like Dibu who have strong resolve, and should be examples to get influenced by.

  3. After a series of 35 unbeaten matches, winning two titles, many people here continue to worry, spreading fear like someone is about to rob their wife. Fortunately, this team of ours is always confident in their way, they won not only because of their talent, a little luck, but also because they carry the subconscious of the winner.

  4. Let me clarify myself, I wasn’t trying to upset anyone’s mood with regards to the Argentina NT. I was just commenting on one of the flaws I see in the team. Nowhere in my comment did I say Argentina wasn’t going to win the World Cup, I only said the games will be tough in the group stage. This is the World Cup, Saudi Arabia is not going to lose by 4/5 goals in the opener. What I said was realistic; a narrow win against SA, a big win against Mexico, and a tough win against Poland, does this mean Argentina won’t go on to win the World Cup? Of course not! Saudi Arabia will basically be on home turf, this game will be tough, moreover, it’s the World Cup where the tensions of the players will be through the roof. This is not the same Saudi Arabia from the 2002 World Cup. At the World Cup every game becomes strategic, nothing will be easy.

    My surprise at this year’s World Cup will be Iran, I have them making it to the quarterfinals where they will crash out. I have Iran topping the group over the overrated England, then go on to play either Ecuador/Senegal in the R16..Iran will basically be on home turf, they will be super motivated to play against England and the USMNT because of geopolitical reasons. England and the USMNT will lack heart and passion when playing against Iran. Iran has Carlos Queiroz as their coach and he is also good at playing defensive and effective football, the best coach in the group by far. Iran recently defeated the resurgent Uruguay too! I know, I know Iran doesn’t stand a chance the pundits will say. This is an unusual World Cup being held in November in the middle of the European club season. Not to mention the shortest World Cup in the modern era.

    • One thing I am sure, Saudi and Iran will have huge home support here. But that will be less than Argentine fans. I assure you that. Argentina will play every match just like home.

      • Home support means a package not only crowd support. Being asian they knows the conditions and played numerous times in this stadiums. They will play like iran very defensively that’s why i thought both Honduras and jamaica game was good practice but unfortunately both Jamaica and Honduras didn’t defend that well.i expect Saudi Arabia to be very tough to break down. I expect a slander 2-0 win against Saudi Arabia.

      • In Qatar so many south Asian people are stay who are go for work, especially from Bangladesh and we the people of Bangladesh loved Argentina’s football very much. That’s may be one of the reason to sell huge tickets for Argentina game.

    • Obviously he lost pace. 2013-14 dimaria was super fast he cant be run like that now bt he still has pace and against Jamaica match he wasn’t fit enough he just coming back from a injury so he was saving himself and not giving his all it was evident. He has become smarter now. He is no more a headless chicken now. But he needs continuity in juve remember he hardly played for psg last season and after that injury he needs regular minutes and some goals and assists to get his form and confidence back. He is class no doubts.

    • he is still fast. as well as not trying to exert himself. he is known to get muscle pulls when he sprints. I remember watching him duringa recent wc qualifier about 3-4 months ago and he still has it. I think his body has had less wear and tear than messis due to him being rested more often throughout his career

  5. @El Principe
    Allow me to respectfully disagree with your logic about those stats you mentioned. On their face the stats are true.
    “Argentina has 1 goal per 43.4 minutes with MacAllister on / Argentina has 1 goal per 23.3 minutes with MacAllister off the pitch”
    But I think they are misleading. The way you determine something statistical (in this case if the team scores less with Mac Allister) you need a control group (the full starting line up) and then the experimental group (the full starting line up minus one of De Paul or Lo Celso to fit in Mac Allister, so Alexis would be the only difference). We haven’t had a single minute of that. If both teams play against similar opposition and there is a huge difference in goals like the one you mentioned, then it is safe to say that because of Mac Allister we score 50% the amount of goals. But in his seven appearances, he has played every single game off the bench with other second/third team players or starting in rotational games with other second team players. I don’t think Mac Allister alone is responsible for a reduction in nearly half the amount of goals. Now I’m not going to sit here and lie to you that because of this logistical jargon we can’t prove that with Mac Allister we will score less goals. Anyone that has eyes can see that De Paul, Lo Celso, Palacios, Papu, Enzo are all more talented and have more attacking output. In the case of our two main starters their chemistry and importance rivals almost nobody. But it’s not right to say that Mac Allister is the reason such a low number of goals are scored. Oftentimes when he has been brought on the purpose was to control the game and have a reliable player, and many of the games he’s played in were experimental. Most of the times the team around him is of a lower quality and you’d expect less goals with Tagliafico, Joaquin, Nico Gonzalez, etc.

    • I don’t count nico gonzalez as a lower quality player…. Any midfielder would enjoy to play with him since this guy always makes run and it is easier to pass him because of his pace. Yes, he lacks that finishing instincts however I think he is getting better and better with time. And whenever he starts he always scores goals.

    • Olive,
      How is this on MacAllister? He is slow footed. Very limited creative passes with the NT. He plays holding midfielder for us, but is he better than Paredes, Guido, or Enzo with the NT? The answer is no. Can he do what DePaul does? Does he run all game. Does he try to win back possession? Is he as creative as Palacios? Did the rest of the team even try to include him in attack on the first half? Seeing what you see does he fit the scheme? There is a reason DePaul and LoCelso are so active. Scaloni wants movement and motion. This lowers the effectiveness of parking the bus. MacAllister will make an accurate ineffective pass 100 percent of the time, with very little result. This is why I don’t ever want to see this guy under the current system with NT. Next cycle, you will have Soule, Paz, Carboni, and many others that will be far ahead of contribution than MacAllister. As with every Argentina player, I hope I am wrong and he becomes a fantastic player that can help us win. But in this formation and his current style of play he is not an asset, even as the 26th player on the team.

      • @San Isidro – I agree with all you are saying. I didn’t like his game yesterday and I don’t like him as a player. I prefer all of our other midfield options, including Nico Dominguez above him. But I just don’t think it’s right to imply that he’s responsible for a 50% reduction in goals.

        @Shubham I consider him to be in that grey area between our starters and b team. I also appreciate what he provides. But he’s not a high scoring forward at all in comparison to Fideo, Lautaro, Messi, etc. You will score less goals with him than the alternatives. But just like Mac Allister he’s not always the only responsible one for that reduction (although probably more so than Alexis because he actually is a forward), its him plus all of the other substitute players that have played at the same time as him

        • @Olive dont forget the storm Nico created in his initial matches in the WCQ and copa……created a storm…..just lacked finishing….if ADM was not in such great form I would make him a starter if I were the coach….

    • Sorry Olive but there is no way Nico Gonzalez is lower quality player category and neither other two. Nico called as Argentine coaches SWISS ARMY KNIFE. So you should understand why would they call him that. He runs behind the defence all the time whenever he is on. He gave so many option to Scaloni’s tactics. It ain’t easy. Everyone judged him missing those goals but did anyone think he actually made those run to get the goal scoring opportunities like that. I don’t know about stats or anything but MacAllister lost this battle for me. Wasn’t impressed with his play when he needed to prove himself. Even i was angry when he needed to turn his back to opposite direction and make some passes but instead he actually passed to our CB and made run!!! He was hardly coming down to take the ball from CB in numerous occasions while Lo Celso and De paul does all the time even Palacio does too. Nothing against him but he ain’t ready for the squad now. It is entirely my opinion however our coaching staff maybe think otherwise and I will support and respect. Because they’re the one planning and making strategies.

      • I should have been more clear with my wording. I’m not explicitly saying that Tagliafico, Nico, and Joaquin are low quality. They were just three players I quickly came up with in my head that have played instead of their A team alternative at the same time as Alexis — I’m saying that they are lower quality in comparison to the starters ahead of them (in Tagliafico’s case I was more so considering the style of play than his quality. He might also contribute to less goals if he’s starting because he’s not as adept in attack). About Nico my point wasn’t about him and I hope he makes it to the WC because I am one of his supporters for the reasons you mentioned.

    • “But in his seven appearances, he has played every single game off the bench with other second/third team players or starting in rotational games with other second team players”.

      -First of all what you said is not correct.
      1. I just count MacAllister last 4 games (not 7) because MacAllister was introduced as starters in the game vs Venezuela. After that he played Ecuador, Estonia, and Honduras. The fifth game was against Italy where MacAllister did not play. So those numbers you see is 100% correct, go ahead do your math.

      2. 3 out of 4 of those he played as a STARTER with solid minutes among with the STARTERS which are against Venezuela, Ecuador, and Estonia.

      3. I have yet to count the last game against Jamaica yet as I am preparing an update for it not just for MacAllister but also for all our midfielders and attackers who have played enough minutes for the stats to make sense (not someone like Dybala or J Correa or Palacios who played too few minutes).

      • “or starting in rotational games with other second team players”. In his recent games, he’s started with other back up options.

        -Venezuela: Pezzella, Tagliafico, Armani, Nico G, Joaquin Correa. Not our ideal line up. Not to mention an experimental game after qualifying. Again, I really like what Nico provides and hope that he is fit for the WC. But obviously an attack with those two as wingers is going to score less goals. Scaloni modified the attacking tactics by removing Correa and Mac Allister himself for Angel Correa and Di Maria. Di Maria’s class brought two more goals, but you can’t compare a midfielder for an attacking winger.

        -Ecuador: We started with Alvarez, Nico, Martinez Quarta, Rulli, Tagliafico, and Montiel. No more goals were scored when he came off because we ended the game with an even more experimental, unrecognizable lineup.

        -Against Estonia it was an experimental game where we scored 5 goals against poor opposition. That team had Pezzella, Armani, Papu, Joaquin, Senesi, Palacios, etc. Not really worth analyzing much.

        -Against Honduras he shared the pitch with: Tagliafico, Nehuen Perez, Rulli, Almada, Alvarez. No more goals were scored in the 18 minutes he played, was that solely because of him? That could have easily been the same case without him.

        These are things I am trying to encourage you to consider a) What other players that ALSO have less attacking output shared the pitch with Mac Allister, that could have contributed to a 50% reduction in goals? b) What tactics was Scaloni going for when he played Mac Allister? Was it for all out attacking creativity? Probably not, so you’d expect less goals because maybe rigidity and defense is what Scaloni is trying to practice when he plays him. c) Did Mac Allister play games where the team around him has a ton of chemistry or had high stakes? No, we were either qualified for the WC or playing a friendly match, you can tell by the lineups that the point has been to experiment and give other players minutes. d) is a sample size of four games even enough to determine this?

        My point is that every time Mac Allister has played there are also other factors that would contribute to a reduction in goals, and of course the sample size makes things even more untrustworthy. If a single player is enough to reduce goal output by 50% every time he plays, then they would have to be extraordinarily bad. I think Mac Allister DOES have a stake in that percentage because he is not the best, most attacking midfielder we have. But with all of the other variables in mind I think it is a bit misleading or unfair to attribute that to him. In my opinion he is just a “fine” player, not good or bad. My problem with him is we have many midfielders that are “goods” or even “greats” so to insist on playing him so regularly is questionable. But I also don’t think he’s a villain or terrible player

    • Btw Olive why you somehow think that MacAllister played mostly as a sub? He played 4 of his last 5 matches with Argentina as a starter (only as sub against Honduras). That’s why it bothers me because anytime he was on the pitch Argentina attack couldn’t flow as a result, much fewer goals than expected.

      • whenever I see Macallister play he makes good quick forward passes when he can and is always in the proper place positionally. He has a good shot from distance. Would I take him over palacios if fit enough, no. He is not a flashy player, he has been well adapted into european tactics to play a team game. The argentinean community thinks he did well enough he passed no more no less. Nobody is raving about him he is fighting for position number 7 for midfielders along with palacios. Enzo impressed greatly and if he keeps up his club form will be included. Now you realize that these players are emergency players and probably wont play much right? Enzo is inexperienced he is not like Messi was at his age and Messi didnt even really play at the wc so young. So stop acting as if taking Macallister would be a tragedy in all cases we are talking about players that most likely will not play much and even if they do each player has their characteristics. If enzo continues to impress he probably will go the wc. Macallister has been playing well all year as well in what people here consider the most competitive league. Leave it up to the coaching staff. Dedicating your life to saying we will lose the wc because of taking Macallister over Enzo is asinine. HOWEVER, I think the impact of taking a Joaquin Correa could be a bigger problem than taking Dybala or J Alvarez for example

  6. Where is Alejandro Garnacho? This young man is way too talented to not be included in this squad (and don’t tell me he doesn’t start for Man United because Masche made is debut without playing for River Plate). Argentina is lacking a player with direct pace and skill in the attacking third, and Di Maria, oh well, his age is starting to show in terms of his pace. Same for Papu Gomez, age will affect his legs. Messi, Di Maria, Martinez and Papu are Argentina’s best attacking players, so if Di Maria and Papu are suffering from any types of injury leading up or during the World Cup this will impact both their forms on the pitch.

    Garnacho would give this Argentina attack pace and skill with lots of untapped potential ready to be unleashed on the national stage. In knockout games this team is going to need pace especially in the second half/extra time which is lacking currently. Argentina is really poor at branding players, the coach selects MLS players but not Garnacho? “Messi assisted Garnacho, the young rising Argentina international star for his first ever international goal,” this would reverberate throughout England and Europe and put pressure on Ten Hag to include him in the starting XI. If you’re a teammate of Dalot, Varane, CR7, Casemiro, Fred, Lisandro Martinez (your own), Eriksen, Antony etc. you should be selected for this Argentina roster irrespective of game time at Man United. In terms of talent, Garnacho is way ahead of the Correa brothers other than experience. After the game against Estonia Joaquin Correa should be out of contention.

    Not taking Garnacho to the World Cup will be a massive blunder on the coach’s part. Right now Argentina don’t have any impactful young attacking players coming off the bench who can change games like Bukayo Saka, Rodrygo, Musialia etc. If Scaloni wants to give Messi a chance to win the World Cup he needs to improve drastically on the current team. What works at the Copa America (which seems like 10 years ago) will not work at the World Cup. Which player came on during the game yesterday between Spain and Portugal and made an immediate impact in the attack? The 20 year old Nico Williams. The chance of Di Maria and Papu not staying healthy during the World Cup is high. And as for Joaquin Correa, this guy won’t make any impact at the world let alone scoring against any formidable teams. Angel Correa is decent, but like Joaquin Correa, you just don’t see this guy making an impact at the World Cup especially against a team like Denmark or France (R16 opponents). I can see Argentina struggling against Saudi Arabia, eventually winning but a close game, decisively defeating Mexico in a not so convincing game and having a hard time against the direct physical Polish team where they will come away with an ugly win.

      • Eventhough scaloni is decent he still selects medicore players like montiel, mac Allister, j correa, pazella. Why does he keep rejecting young bloods like Gabarcho, Foyth, etc.

    • I will be here waiting too. Every four years like clockwork we have to hear from you. While you were inside your bunker we haven’t lost a game in 35 matches. Please keep on doing what you are doing. Yeah, I like Garnacho also, but saying a dude that can’t even crack MU’s lineup is a must to be a major difference maker is laughable.

    • Kid, first of all, nice to see you and may God light your way!

      As for Garnacho, you may state some formidable points, but in my humble opinion i don’t think that it is so simple. I am saying this, not mainly because he is very young but in terms of chemistry and continuity, not because Garnacho would may disrupt them but he might have limited time for himself to adapt and follow. But that is just my opinion, Garnacho is a tremendous talent indeed and i hope he develops properly.

    • Hey Kid. I beg to differ with you. When it comes to taking raw and young players its not simple as not everyone is Messi. The kind of young player you are talking about is Julian Alvarez. Yes, every now and then Julian’s inexperience in decision making seems evident but so far he hasn’t showed any signs of poor mental strength and is a very clinical striker but in Garnacho’s case it will be a total waste of a space by picking a player who is still to feature on senior team’s bench regularly! He is not even at Pavon’s stage right now and if he wants to make it to the national team he should look for a loan move out of United.

      Regarding your argument about old guards! I strongly believe we have the perfect blend of experience and young blood. Cuti, Lica, Lautaro,Molina,Nico,Foyth,Alavrez are all 25 years or younger, just entering their prime age range! Locelso, Depaul, Paredes,Guido are at their peak years of age below 28! Only Messi, Dimaria and Papu are 34+. Even Pezella is just 31 and Acuna is only 30.

    • Firstly, the Correa’s aren’t brothers. Secondly Garnacho has only a few first team games off the bench. Third comparing Mascherano’s debut in a friendly to Garnacho’s sudden integration in THE WORLD CUP is ridiculous. Fourth even the inclusion of experienced players like Simeone suddenly in the World Cup is unthinkable. Fifth, the difference between 20 years old with multiple first team games and 18 years old without it is huge. Want me to go on?

    • Colombiano wannabe is back. You used to poop on the Premier League, including Manchester United, what happened now? Oh I know what happened, it’s just your bipolar personality…you come out of the woodwork every now and then to pms…

    • Quite the opposite from 2014 where you defended the senior guys to this idea of integrating the young talent.

      Although Saudi may be difficult for us because they will be ultra defensive and make fouls wherever possible, I don’t think Poland or Mexico would be a problem.

      We will see you after the group stage. Anyways, I thought you have nothing to do with us, why do you even bother to post this?

    • Nice to see you KiD. Anyway I see you predicted we will win our 3 group stage games. Kind of scared seeing your prediction but doesn’t how we win you predicted 3 win I see so that’s good enough lol

  7. Why is nobody talking about GLC now?? He had a heck of a Game and was by far the best Man on the Pitch besides Messi of course…

    Everybody always talk about RDP and now Enzo how good they are… But Lo Celso was on fire not only he was all over the pitch he has also won every ground duel.

    Alvarez was good too. He really had a very good game. And let’s just hope Leo stays healthy he is on fire right now I think he has his best form since 2012. What a player…

    And yesterday again Ota was awesome too. So I really think Scaloni has figured his starting 11

    Emi: Molina Ota Cuti Acuña: Paredes De Paul Lo Celso: Di Maria Lautaro Messi. I believe this is what we are gonna see

    • It doesn’t matter what people think here about him… Scaloni rates him higher than anybody else in the world. The guy is the best passer of our team after messi.

    • People judge him about his finishing but they forget how important he is for us. He does a lot in background. I do wish he improve his finishing skills too.

    • Was he really all over the pitch? I found him pretty static and very predictable in the way he played. Glad if he covered a lot of ground, but his role requires more creative output, which sadly he coudnt offer. I am not even holding it against him for his poor conversion – those chances were not easy

      • Once you said you like reading my comments. What happened suddenly?? Just because i criticized some players suddenly i become devil wow. So is this argentine football discussing group or just a praising group. People can easily degrade our legends like riquelme that’s fine bt when i express my opinion for some of players i become devil.

  8. honestly if somebody didn t see last night game and enter this forum and read comments he could easyly believe that yesterday the team lost or in best case that the team have dozens of problems.
    Jesus Christ.
    Anyway. personally i don t believe that we will lose the world cup if we have as 3rd GK Armani or Musso and will not decide the result of world cup who will warm the bench Mc Allister or somebody else.

    what i see is that we have one very strong team with chemistry among the core players.
    the national team is one well working oiled machine. Plus a team united as family.
    i have very long time to see our national team like this and i am very very happy and optimist about the upcoming world cup.

    now of course anybody is free to keep crying for one or other reason.
    Just i personally trust everybody inside our staff. i trust our team and i believe we are more ready than ever for the next world cup.

    • People want 5-0 wins every game. Jamaica is a very physical team and they showed it. With that said, Argentina held them to 2 shots and 36% possession with the formation and players changing the entire match. This game was a last audition and to me it looked like Enzo made a good case for himself. MacAllister will not be starting or be brought on to help us score so everyone needs to relax. Argentina didn’t look troubled at all.The team is already set only 2 or 3 subs are still trying secure places. Comments talking about bringing in a bunch of players like Alario etc and integrating them into the team less than 2 months before the WC is laughable.

      • I just respond to your Alario comment as I think it was directed to one of my comments.

        First. Please read comments carefully to first understand before jumping into writing a “not to the point” response. I see that this has been a rampant problem with most mundo commenters!!

        Second. I said that Scaloni might have made a mistake by stop calling Alario as a pure #9 backup for Lautaro. Which means, it might be too late now to reincorporate him into the team.

        Third: Alario isn’t a newbie to the National team. He had been an integral part before he got injured.

        You can laugh as much as you want without understanding the point- making yourself laughable to others.

        • I know Alario isn’t a newbie but he hasn’t been part of the team since before copa. Almost two years without playing an important role in Argentinas system makes a difference I’m sorry but its true. The WC is very soon and it will difficult to change playing style and personal at this point especially critical spots like ST. Please don’t type thinly veiled insults at me, I am just posting a comment. Espero que entiendes castellano Trolo de mierda. La re conha de tu madre boludo. Chupa pija

          • Hiding behind your Spanish foul mouth slang? Does it make you feel glorified or a slimy coward? Look at the amount of hypocrisy within you- you wrote something very polite in English and didn’t forget to expose your actual self in your writings in Spanish.

          • paraa un poco brody no hace falta que hables asi. miraa arg va a jugar con messi de nueve en caso que los otros no lo pueden hacer. Tambien en todos casos podemos poner a nico g como 9 tmb

    • Cox4, i agree. I am also optimistic and feel familiar like when Sabella was in charge. But now, we have two important key factors that we didn’t have back then.
      The first one is that Scalloni renew his contract and thank God, will continue being with Argentina. This is very important in terms of players psychological state, team’s continuity and growth.
      The second one is that finally we ended the trophy draught. Our beloved team couldn’t start any better by beating Brazil and crowned copa america champions in their own soil and have won two trophies already and fairly in just one year. Our team is on track to win trophies again and i wish this time is our time!

      • Not only i agree with you my friend but i will add that imagine how BIG damage could be to bring one new coach after world cup in terms of everything you mention before PLUS the factor of Di maria and Messi retire from national team. it can bring us years back.
        as about 2014 allow me to add that the squad then wasn t better than now.
        if we went in final in 2014 then imagine what we are capable to do now with this well working machine we have.

        • I agree with you again my friend. I also believe that overall our current squad is better than the one in 2014. I just believe that at least in the final, we should have won it.

        • @cox4 and @waveride 2014 team was quite good. Just that injury ruined it otherwise i feel 2014 attack was far better than now. We had fab 4 peak messi, Aguero, dimaria, higuain. But yes overall balance of the team looks better now. We even came first in the qualifications campaign and in sabella era there was no copa America otherwise im sure we would have win it easily and if all 4 were fully fit at that time im sure we would have easily win the wc also. That was bad luck. 2006 wc squad was immense but could not reach the wc semis. We won 1993 copa couldn’t reach the semis.Wc success is dependant on luck also. Luck is a big factor we were unlucky in 2014 hopefully this time we will be lucky as talent is already there

        • @cox4 ”if we went in final in 2014 then imagine what we are capable to do now with this well working machine we have.”

          @waweride ”
          I agree with you again my friend. I also believe that overall our current squad is better than the one in 2014. I just believe that at least in the final, we should have won it.”

          Well, and greetings my friends, it is very easy and also so clear to agree with both of u as i do also feel at Arg has actually (with due all and my respect too) far better team than 2014 and that is also due to offcourse that KUN, Pipita were allready injured before the tournament started and even MESSI was not 100% fully fit at 2014+as he has grown older by the eigth year’s more, which is quite long time indeed in football terms Still i belive that if with GOD’s help not getting injured we will see the best edition of MESSI as he has just come even more complete player than he was back then or before that and that is very difficult to achieve even from a player like MESSI as he has set his own standards so high allready from such a young age til’ now and Still i belive even before finally Arg’s 28 year’s drought finally ended and not only Messi, but the whole Arg suddenly went directly to even more competive mode than they allready were at ” Copa Varzil” and from that on til’ they won at Maracana and now this 28 year’s at least for me personally do not feel like 28 year’s before they lifted the Copa trophy at Maracana, well i’m just an observer and i have allways loved and liked to observe Arg, but with such a passion that 82 felt like heartattack or that some one from my family or some one that i knew had died…etc. Specially after 78 when i was crying for EL DIEGO to be included, but it just did not happen, well, life is life…and 86 Arg made so many people’s life so happy including me and like i said, life is life, again 90 i was completly broken inside so i decided to TaKe a break and did not really watch 94 at live as offcourse i could not stay away from it completly, but my wounds has not yet fully healed and the same at 2002 as expectations were so high with everyone and also 2006 and specially at 2014 and then came those Copa’s straight after and again i was completly broken in pieces, but enough from my emotions towards Arg

          As instead i’m kind of trying to say that only those players who presented ARG on those occasions or at every WC and COPA inside those 28 year’s can truly know by their own experience that how it really feel’s as everything else is compare to that is offcourse many sad year’s for Arg as country and the same goes for fan’s of Arg too, but Still only those players inside those 28 year’s truly know how bitter sweet it can truly taste as u simply can’t get closer than that!

          So, now the drought is ended and currently basicly one COPA trophy AT MARACANA+FINALISSIMO and 35 games UNBEATEN, Ok i don’t go more deeper on that streak now, but instead back to comparing our team from 2014 to the current one even i do hate comparing SPECIALKY players, but same goes for teams, but anyhow i do fully agree that this current team has 1. Enough of what a winning team needs on goalkeeping level…2. I also do think that current defence specially CB’s( with due all respect and of mine towards 2014 DEFENCE, truly as they were so close to brilliance, but life is life…) are better now and if players also currently for LCB and RCB stay fit and do not get injured, then in also over all this time maybe, even more solid at the back than 2014, though Still hat’s of To Sabella how he transformed( as he was alao forced to do so as ARG’s Fire power were simply not fully fit and were carrying injuries) from the most dangerous attacking team to an most best deffensive team in just a such a short time as he did it during the WC at 2014 and at this Sabella was very special as he was unique match for any opponent at any circumstances as he could turn mountains hanging upside down ! 3. for such a long time Arg has not have had such a strong and very well balanced middfield ( though, surely GAGO was allways very gifted and a great player when he was fit to play and clicked well with Messi too, but sadly his body was way too fragile and MASCHERANO was an BEAST specially at 2014!) than currently+even better also with allmost as strong subs if used also, maybe in properly, but that word is just my own, and what ever Scaloni and CO. decide to do i will support them til’ the end ! 4. Attacking wise also even Arg may not have a straight sub for Lautaro Still the fact is that if at 2014 KUN and Pipita were allraedy injured even before WC at 2014 started, though they Still played both since from the beginning and from the opening match against Bosnia, but the problem was clearly there as they were not fully fit and carrying knocks and i do not remember really anyone else that besides Lavezzi from the bench…Ok, also if we could go back in time and somehow make KUN and Pipita fully fit since the beginning of the tournament with DI MARIA also playing in every game for sure and, maybe picked a stronger bench, then, maybe we could say that we would have won, but also like Cox4 said sometimes it is not the best team on paper that win’s and sometime’s surprises and things from nowwhere do suddenly appear specially at if we do look back in the history of WC as we can’t or no one can’t predict anything at precise as we simply don’t know the future, right!

          So, Yes on the paper, maybe ARG’s attack looks more weaker than 2014 if we would play our famous compare game, which i do also play, but it is Still not my favourite game, lol!

          As names like KUN and Pipita are quite hard to match if we look their career’s and how many goals they have scored and how long did they play amongst the top strikers in the world and maintained their level at least at their clubs, but unfortunatly only KUN was the only one from those 2 who deservedly finally was there when the drought of 28 year’s was finally broken !

          But, it is also a fact that at 2014 they were not at their best, as due carrying injuries and both of them did enjoy better club career than at ARG NT, which is truly a super sad story and specially just when KUN was there at MARACANA it did not took so long after that suddenly he was fighting for his life and found out that could not carry on playing…etc.

          So here are now step by step, a day by day, closer to WC again which this time is played in November/December instead as usually in june/july…

          And Arg has 1 true no.9 as Lautaro and hopefully MESSI will continue his great from alllready beginning of this year’s pre season, but offcourse they do need cover, back up options and also something, maybe a bit different…

          So i think in the all this is reachable if everyone stays fit and form and most importantly those who are currently injured will be back on time and no more injuries,please!

          WC is and has allways been WC, but never played at this time of the year and with such a little preparation time too!

          There is allways surprises at very WC as sometimes they may favor Arg and sometimes they do not, but this is exactly same for any other team at WC as well, so it is the same for everyone in the end, Ok , maybe and somehow certain teams seems to have maybe easier route to the final than others, if it is fixed or just an incidents, well everyone can have their own feeling about that as basicly about everything as that is part or at least should be part of basic human rights….

          My conclusion is that right now i can only agree with my friends Cox4 and Waweride as they posted about their thoughts of our current team…

          The list will be anounced by coaching staff and i will stick to that, though i do look at players performance’s alkways closely with my own eyes and how will they play together and find their chemistry and more than welcome a new players that are talented enough in my oppinion to get on abroad for the WC specially if it is very obvious and also viceversus meaning that i do have my own list that i will prefer more than happily, but as i said i’m not an coach as i’m only an observer and fan of Arg who sometime’s get’s blinded from the love that i have allways have had for Arg and offcourse naturally that is my weak point as it is not that difficult to figure out, lol!

          I have allways belivied on Arg since 78 til now and have has up and downs like everyone else who supports Arg, but i never stopped dreaming and i will never ever do so as long as i live i will kept on dreaming and allways wishing fir Arg and this time again Arg has reached to the level required to win the WC, but none can see the future, though everyone can support and wish from all of their hearts that Arg will be rightfully crowned as true Champions of the WC since 86 !

          And i do not also see that it will be impossible, no not all as i rather stay positive and very optimisted about Arg’s chances to win, but i never bet any money with Arg as i do bet with other teams, but mostly in club football in Europe as it is an old habbit of mine which my father teached me at very young age, though i was not allowed playing best at my own, so i did it through/via my father and many time’s we placed a bet together, but never ever on Arg or at any other team at WC as everything is possible allways when it is the time for WC and like now we are again so close it and even my father have past away after 2014 as he did not see 2018 now i have new betting compatriots as both of my kids, but they also do not never place a bet’s on Arg as it is kind sacred thing for us that we don’t play with it instead we only commit ourselfs to fully support Arg allways never Mind what ever will be the situation with the current Arg which will be playing and if it is football men or women or basketball men or women or volleyball men or women or handball men or women or hockey men or women or some boxer men or women or tennis player men or women or any Arg invididual sport men or women even we are not from Argentina, rather wishing to visit Argentina one day, perhaps with my father’ little brother who is married to an Argentine Lady, so we will keep dreaming and hoping that both our dreams will come true one day as i been lucky enough to see via TV Arg been crowned 2 times as World Champions in football, Still now, because of my kids i wish even more and because, how i remember how it was when i was a kid and that is why keep on dreaming even more that my kids will be lucky to see MESSI and rest of Arg Nt to lift the WC as obviously i was once with the great teamfron 78 and with another great team 86 with EL DIEGO R.I.P !

  9. i’m again saying those who bash lo celso they are fool actually they talks very harmful words for team saying locelso is weak, loceso covers and his presence gives lot of engine for argentina creativity without him messi will totally neutralize even he will not get support from the middle, as de paul has tendency to play the ball with little bit hit, locelso on the other hand plays ball on the ground with softness, which so effective for messi playing style, only issues for him is his shooting or finishing he should improve them.

    Macalister positional sense is quite good, but his slowness in attacking position totally demerit, he will not be good in worldcup playing style, if you don’t use him as defensive midfielder there is no reason to pick him paredes and guido is enough, if you think about enzo , enzo gives something little more different he is type of player who has physicality, most importantly personality, he is capable to give what depaul give, he won’t be able ot substitute locelso bcs locelso give creativity something with on ground soft passing dribbling fast movement which is much effective for messi style of playing, his through balls positional sense also very good,
    those who bash locelso they are really fools
    these 4 player could be exequsite interms of creativity, messi,dybala,locels,dimaria unfortunatly using all 4 together have some defensive loophole

    on more thing lautaro has improved a lot , he is better than the last copa, which is very good for the team,,
    only the tensed part is the both wingback..
    tagliafico has great performance playing vs italy , i hope very soon he will come into the front,, now i think both center backs needs to be good on ball on there feet

  10. If I were in Scaloni’s position, I would select the following players given that no injuries to the players:

    GK 3
    Defense: 8
    Midfield: 8
    Forward: 7
    Total 26

    GK: Emi, Rulli, Armani (3)
    CB: Otamendi, Romero, Lisandro, Pazella
    RB: Molina, Foyth
    LB: Acuna, Teglafico (8)
    Mid: DePaul, Parades, LoCelso, Enzo, Papu, Guaido, Palacios (7)
    FW: Messi, Dybala, DeMaria, Lautaro, Nico, Julian, Alario (7)

    The 26th man would depend on whether Foyth is completely fit and be trusted for fitness. If not, I would add Montiel. Otherwise, will take an extra midfielder. As of now, Scaloni worked on McAllister to fill the gap – so no one is out there to pick from.

    As much as some of you are impressed with Almada, he just played one game and hasn’t proved his point outside of Argentina and MLS (not that it is super important). But, I see that there is more chance that he could be an example of another pavon or Meza than a Basantha who moved to World cup squad directly from local league.

    I think it was a mistake for Scaloni to stop calling Alario (aside from his injury) and keep this option open for a forward position and his insistence to force Joakin Correa to the team. Time will tell

  11. So many great Pandits may not agree with me but
    Currently Argentine mid especially, paredes,de paul, lo celso are best in the world.yes best, they may not individually great but together better than any other mids right now .When this trio played together they exchanged position randomly with great just missing chemistry and very bad from de maria, montiel, gudio which effect the game but overall very good game. Lo celso had as alwas very great game but very bad finishing.. He just needs to improve his finishing skill

    • Best?? They can’t even dominate Brazilian midfield which is itself a damn mediocre one. Argentina’s loan goal was counter attacking goal and came from a lodi mistake. Even our midfield was somewhat dominated by Columbia in the 2nd half in semis. Its good you support our players but blind fanatism is not needed. Our midfield work gets easier because of messi’s presence in the midfield as he always helps in midfield. Even chance creation by our midfield trio is comparatively lower than top teams like barca or man city

      • Nope u are wrong
        We didn’t get dominated by Brazil’s midfield
        We setup in such a way that our midfield was setup to defend
        And guess what we conceded 0 GLS against Brazil’s so called world class attack

        • I didn’t say Brazil midfield dominated us i said we could not dominate their below average midfield. If our midfield is best thn we should have 70-75% possession like spain or barca or man city. Even we didn’t create not like numerous chances like hansi flicks bayern side or that triple ucl winning Madrid side. Our midfield is decent but not world best that’s what I’m trying to say

          • You can’t compare a club’s midfield to that of a country.
            In NT they get very little time to adjust
            Having a better midfield isn’t about having more possession.
            It’s about balance

            Spain had a lot of possession vs Portugal but struggled to create chances so what’s the use of this kind of domination???

            In lo celso-paredes-de Paul we have a midfield that can press, defend, cover for Messi, create, run for 90mins, break the lines
            I would rather have this midfield than having one like Spain’s or Brazil’s

      • You forgot that both Messi 1 on 1 with GK(uncharacteristically) and RDP both missed chances to kill off the game. It was a 50-50 game not like Brazil run riot and very unlucky in the final. You make it sound like it was a one way traffic and Argentina was lucky like in 90 WC.

        • @sabellista Yes i accept it was a great game and perhaps the best we played under scaloni and we control the game and always under control but im against with this type of comment that our midfield is best in the world and some members even said few days ago that locelso is better than riquelme these r not true.

    • Our midfield is surely in good good shape. RDP GLC start everyday if fit that is. To me our first team is more or less set. Not too many changes from Copa. Enzo and JA have comes as revelations and can be stellar subs. CB and GK is top class. If there is one thing I sincerely hope is Toro to get into scoring rhythm in the next month.

      • @ElCholo a loss can’t be placed over a win no matter what. Though i missed that tournament. I haven’t watched a single match of that particular tournament because of some personal reasons. But surely a copa final win have to be placed higher than a 2-0 loss specially considering that 2-0 loss came against a Brazil team which didn’t have their star player Neymar in their team

  12. Our team will comprise of 3 Gks , 9 defenders , 7 midfielders and 7 forwards. The world cup squad prelimanary list needs to be submitted to FIFA on October 21st and final squad should be announced before November 14th. I wonder if Scaloni will wait until November to make that announcement. He will most likely take the form and fitness factor into account before publishing the final team list. The players who are still fighting are either injured, out of form or not getting enough minutes at their respective clubs.

    For Foyth, he will not only need to be fully fit but also must pick up form and start playing full 90mins to be considered.

    In Enzo’s case Scaloni seems to like him which is why he was able to get good amount of minutes on the pitch. His Champions league form and Palacios fitness will play a big role in his selection.

    If Palacios is back from injury and start featuring regularly for Leverkusen then he should be selected. He is a must have player and Scaloni knows it.

    MacAllister, also his EPL form will be a deciding factor but if Palacios is fully fit and Enzo performs exceptionally in Champions league then he might miss out. But I still think it is between Enzo and MacAllister as Scaloni will not drop Palacios if he is fully fit.

    In regards to forwards barring any injury, Messi, Dimaria , Lautaro , Nico and Julian are 100% in. Yes, Julian wasn’t as sharp as he usually is when playing for City but he is very clinical for the most part and should be selected.

    Since, only 7 forwards are to be picked. The final two will be between Dybala, Angel and Joaquin Correa. The kind of form Dybala is , only injury can prevent his selection. I think he should be a direct sub for both Dimaria and Lautaro. I have Dybala in higher pecking order than Julian. It was a shame we couldn’t get to see Dybala in both matches. Hopefully, he will be smart and doesn’t overwork himself. Again, If he doesn’t get injured nothing is stopping him from being selected. That means, unless Simeone gives him enough minutes, A.Correa could be the unfortunate one as Scaloni likes Joaquin Correa.

    • My concern with Julian is sometimes he can’t decide infront of the goal and makes wrong decisions. Yesterday Guido had to pull himself back from shooting because Julian failed to see Guido was in better position to score and instead went for the ball and blocked his team-mate. Also, he wasted a great pass from Dimaria, he had more time to decide but he hastily shot directly into the keeper. He isn’t getting minutes in city in important matches and which is why he hasn’t been able to build on his decision making skills during crunch situations, which comes with experience but Pep doesn’t trust him yet. Anyhow, when it comes to converting chances, he is quite good and can score from difficult angles. However, the form Dybala is in, I really think he should be the one replacing Lautaro with Julian 3rd in the pecking order. 👍

  13. I think the potential solution to make the team play better and look more compacted is to have an additional defensive midfielder like Enzo who is excellent in keeping the ball and making passes. He can cover the fullbacks when they attack and allow De Paul to play in a more advanced position because I don’t see him able to make the same kind of efforts as during the last Copa. Will be more like a 4321.

  14. Guys y don’t you not mentioning Ezequiel barco. Nobody interested him. But i have a different opinion about him. He is a player who can play in middle with good distributing skill . I think before taking Almada barco deserved some chances in middle..

    • I’ve watched his every game since joining River and his level isn’t enough to be a consistent starter for us, let alone in the NT. He has flashes of talent but has been largely ineffective against local league opposition so forget it. At this point I don’t even think I’d put him in a “future” bracket, I’d be surprised if he ever plays a game for Argentina given how he’s looked.

  15. The biggest difference between Copa and now is the heatmap of the fullbacks. During the last 2 games, I saw lot of space left by them when the midfielders pressed, they stayed in the same zone as the central midfielders or even behind. That’s why we saw the midfielders in trouble from time to time. I remember during the Copa, the fullbacks made lot of “invisible” effort by pressing and making the run to free space. It was much more compacted. Acuna also played almost as the left playmaker and Molina had lot of interesting crossing. But during those 2 last games, I didn’t see fullbacks providing enough solutions. Unfortunately I don’t think Foyth can recover in time and I don’t think Medina can play as fullback. The fullbacks have very important roles for Messi because he rely a lot on them.

    Apart from that, I also found De Paul and Lo Celso are just OK. De Paul’s main strength is his capacity to press and win the ball then look for lethal pass to break the lines, but I didn’t see that much in those 2 games. That should be due to his playing time at club. Lo Celso had several key passes that could lead to goals and he did his job but otherwise really not enough impact in the game. That’s a bit worrying if we have 4 players over 11 not totally fit. That’s why I think Enzo has very very important role to play as sub.

    • Agree. Scaloni and his coaching staff are probably thinking how to arrange midfield. A possibility is to play the diamond shape with RDP on the right, Papu on the left, Licha in front of defense and Enzo behind the strikers. Licha as 5 probably gives more defensive security and both Otamendi and Romero will be happy to have him on the pitch. At Ajax he played several times in front of the CB’s and did well. He is a good passer and reads the game well. Enzo is a young battery and can give the team new energy. With Licha in his back he can push forward to help Messi and Lautaro.

      • I don’t really think Scaloni and his team are thinking of playing Licha as a DM. He is 3rd in pecking order and will be subbed in during a match if any CB is on the verge of getting second yellow or Otamendi suddenly loses form or gets suspended. Yesterday, the way Tagliafico wasn’t able to pick Messi’s passes , it really showed how important Acuña is . Also as you both mentioned Molina and Acuña are must for Messi to execute his firepower. Acuña is a natural winger and does a decent job in defending and he, Nico and Palacios were really missed. Molina needs to be involved more in attack but in both matches our RBs were seldom used while attacking.

      • Wow that’s a lot of changes, I would go for a 4321, keeping Paredes as regista, De Paul and Enzo as central midfielders, 2 playmakers Papu and Messi, similar to the AC Milan of 2000s 4321. But in this case, you need Acuna and Molina at their best form.

  16. As an Argtn fan I m very much worried about teams current foam. bcz of our neighbours showing such a terrific display. I m talking about yellows. Thr main players are in good foam. I m totally worried how scaloni fight with thiese below average display of his team. Before starting WC scaloni must rethink and find any player who is better than LOCELSO as his sub . Scaloni must give a full game time for Enzo bcz thr is no other choice. Locelsos foam is unpredictable. he is sometimes looking lazy . Another one he must give importance to one Central striker as a sub for Lautaro. Another weakness of our wing backs getting worse game by is unbearable to watch a Messi less Arg. must need a 70% Messi sub..

  17. Unfortunately, somethings around here never seem to change……i like to believe we’re on the same page with the exact same goal.
    The infighting never seems to end, this player or that deserves to be on, no he doesn’t because that player is better and of course detractors popping up here and there.

    Was a good game, sloppy chemistry as expected and few unfit players, Messi in a great shape and NO INJURIES.
    Nothing said here will change anything that happens OUT THERE, on to the next game until the WC starts.

    • How about Armani? He rarely played but he did play against Estonia and we won 5-0. That means in 90 minutes his team scored 5 right?

      How about Dybala vs Italy? He played in injury time only and he scored. So his goal ratio is 1 goal in every 1 minute right?

      The truth is statistic have sample size. It only applies to big sample size. The NBA for example is the same. If one player scores 50 in a night and then never play again, he will not win scoring champion by averaging 50 point per game. You need to play at least 60 games to be considered.

      Joaquin Correa, Dybala, and Armani sample size is too small for my stats. I need at least 4 games playing good minutes. Not less.

    • Stats are stats but why do you have such a hard on for MacAllister or other players that aren’t performing? I hate MacAllister, but if he proves me wrong I will eat my words. You want some slow overrated slob wearing the jersey so we get beat in a critical moment? The guy was overrated in Argentina, and now he is in Brighton and can’t score other than from a set piece, and guess what, he will NEVER take a free kick as long as Messi is around. So keep rooting for some mediocre overrated players, true supporter you are. You’d rather support garbage and lose to prove a point than want the best for the team.

      • To say Macallister is average in Brighton is utter lunacy. Anyone who has followed EPL this season knows this. Brighton is punching way over their weight and it is due to in no small part to him. Sure he may not be a starter but conjuring a weird convoluted stat to put him down as well as comparing him to meza , pavon etc is sheer blind hate. Palacios is someone who easily misses out in my view. He plays at a lower level with injuries and will not be missed at this WC.

        • First of all, Insider/Som you have to be fair. When MacAllister scored 2 goals for Brighton, people got crazy here as if we have found a jewel. Now he played like crap. No he did not deserve a praise at all.

          You refuse to compare him to Meza but all the similarities are there. They play differently but:
          1. Meza was also idolized by a lot of members here coming to the World Cup 4 years ago.
          2. Meza earned Sampaoli trust just like MacAllister earned Scaloni’s
          3. Meza has negative value to the whole team in that the team was less productive anytime he played (0 goals against Croatia and no impact against France) just like MacAl

          Meza costed us our WC exit. Sampaoli started him against Croatia and made him as a key sub in the France match.

          Hope that would not be the case with MacAllister. Hope Scaloni won’t make that mistake.

          If you defend someone, don’t bring what they achieve for their club when it comes to playing for the seleccion. The fact is in all 3 matches MacAllister started in Argentina jersey, BOTH him and Argentina played bad.

          And even if you are so sure that MacAllister will be a superstar in Brighton, I am telling you no he won’t. Form is only temporary. I don’t believe Brighton will get 10-15 penalties more in EPL this season to make MacAllister scores 20 goals/season.

          Against Venezuela, Argentina needed Di Maria, who replaced MacAllister, to rescue them. It was 1-0 at home against South American weakest team when MacAllister was on the pitch.

          Against Ecuador, it was the worst match of Scaloni among all his 35 matches unbeaten record. Again MacAllister started.

          Then yesterday against Jamaica, we had one of the worst first half in Scaloni’s era. Messi rescued the team with his 2 goals, otherwise it would have been a super boring 1-0 victory only.

          That guy does not deserve a praise at all after such a performance. Be fair, be a man. Admit it when the guy was not worthy a praise.

          Back then in 1999 I was a fan of Martin Palermo. He started all matches of Copa America. He scored 2 goals in his debut. I was praising him like crazy. But then the same guy missed 3 PK against Colombia that costed us the game. I was man enough to admit that my man was really awful in that game. It’s not that I still found a way to defend him by relying on TYC or Ole article or something. If he was bad, as his fan, I got cojones to say that he was bad. As simple as that.

          • Just remove your hate glass and watch the match again. Nobody here say Alexis is Superman. But he doesn’t deserve this hate especially when others played bad, and almost none pointing to them. But all pointing to Alexis.
            I started to write for Alexis because of hate comments only.

            I watched the match until 30th minutes. I didn’t see any bad steps from Alexis till now. But, I saw many forward passes that could have resulted in goal. Many recoveries.
            His positioning through out this 30 minutes were second to none. You closely watch his play, you will understand that. His play are simple and effective. He knows how to overcome his limits. I agree he had few back passes in between 15-30 minutes that was okay considering he was marked and he didn’t lose the ball. He even controlled a ball when he was tightly body marked and passed the ball to a player infront of the goal.
            DiMaria, Guido,Montiel, and in some occasions Alvarez and Lautaro were not at their best. Plus team chemistry was not free flowing especially in the forward area. Messi and DePaul spark was missing. I predicted that before the game. If Messi was playing from starting we would have scored many goals. I have no doubt in that.
            I don’t believe in your status of with or without.
            Against Jamaica it was Messi’ brilliance. Against Venezuela, it was DiMaria’s brilliance.
            Believing Argentina scored, because of Alexis subbed out in those games are childish at best. It was the introduction of our world’s best attackers Messi and DiMaria changed that game not Alexi’s withdrawal.

          • I watched the match until 30th minutes. I didn’t see any bad steps from Alexis till now. But, I saw many forward passes that could have resulted in goal. Many recoveries.

            -Honestly I stop reading your post until here. It is just too biased. It is useless to debate with someone that biased. In your eyes MacAllister will never have bad game. Thanks goodness I am not an owner of a futbol club and you are not my scout.

            Honestly you just expose yourself here… (I use your word now). Bye

  18. Good result however quite a few areas to work on. Good thing is we have decent games – UAE and KSA running into WC group stage, and should be able to thrash out these improvements.
    1. Midfield was not clicking especially in first half. It looked like the disjointed Argentina of pre Scaloni era. Stronger teams would make us pay

    2. Defence has been quite good so far. Hope they continue their form right through the WC finals. No wonder our defenders are employed by the biggest teams and they are performing well.

    3. Lo Celso looks like someone who does not really have that creative spark that is required in that position. He will struggle against stronger teams. Hope he proves me wrong. He has to be on his best form in WC. He has performed in some games but in most games doesnt look like he can make a difference in the midfield without help from better players around him.

    4. McAlister is obviously not better than De Paul. But, De Paul has been rusty over the two games. Less playing time in his club probably impacting his NT form. However, he’s a player who can perform when required.

    5. There were few cases where our players made dangerous passes allowing opponents to take the ball with players towards our goal. WC teams will punish such situations more often than not.

    6. For some reason, Messi losing ball tends to create big chances for opposition. Scaloni has to prep team for same

    7. Lautaro and Messi are in explosive from and hope it stays that way. Even better that the two goals of Messi are exactly the kind of goals he needs more often to keep his magical touch going.

    8. Dibu seems to have lost a bit of weight which is good. Romero seems to have put on a bit but he was everywhere and didn’t put a foot wrong

    9. ADM unfortunately had a stinker today. However, he will come good. For some reason his crosses for NT are on average worse than his crosses for his clubs

    • Even in barca Messi would lose goal in dangerous position and even in PSG. Hope scolani better prepare team about this scenario.

      • Messi needs to cut down on the dribbling. He can’t do it before. The losses come when he forced it He still has the control, the passing, and the finishing.

  19. I watched first 15 minutes of the game. Now I know, why TyC given 7 ratings for Alexis. Alexis Status for first 15 minutes.
    Balls recovered – 3
    Great positioning to score -2
    Chance created -3
    All the time his positioning was excellent.
    All the passes were simple and effective.

    I believe TyC rating is by good analyst. Here almost all pundit were telling Alexis was the worst on the pitch.
    Many pundits mentioned here that all of his passes were back pasees. Almost all of his passes were forward and few sidewards. Yet to see a single back pass from Alexis.
    I will watch the remaining parts when I get time.

    • If you say he did not play bad and rely on rating from TYC, that means he will always play great in your eyes because his performance could not get any worse.

      Maybe you soon will say we played great in first half after u watched the whole first half.

  20. To all children here. One message for you: be fair. I mean if your Marvel Super Hero plays bad, be a man and admit that. Don’t hide behind a famous website that shows that he actually played good and post those ratings here. All those websites won’t fool our own eyes because we WATCHED the game.

    For example: I follow Cuti games for the Spurs. If Cuti had a bad game; I will be the one saying it here instead of trying to go to whoscored or something that shows he actually gets the rating of 7.5 or something.

    Here is the truth about MacAllister:
    1. Macallister is one of those players who does not do anything wrong but he also does not do ANYTHING either. So playing him is like 10 against 11. He likes to play very safe (not to make mistakes) to earn the coach trust. If you wonder why he gets high rating sometimes because his passing accuracy is not bad because of his tendency to make useless/easiest passes which mostly were backwards.
    2. His teammates doesn’t really trust him that much as he rarely gets the pass even if he was available sometimes. I saw at least 2 times Di Maria reluctant to pass the ball to him even if MacAllister was free (similar case to Emerson Royal in the Spurs, Cuti almost never passed the ball to him).
    3. I am being realistic here, he will likely still be taken to the World Cup. But please limit his role please please please. No he can’t play left midfielder. No he can’t play De Paul role.
    4. Off the pitch, he does not get along with the cores of the team. I am not sure who his friends are, but for sure he doesn’t get along with the likes of Messi, Di Maria, Paredes, Papu, De Paul, Lo Celso, Otamendi, Lautaro, or Emi.

    I just hope Scaloni opens his eyes now. Yes back ups like Papu is always reliable. Guido too. But MacAllister has negative impacts on the whole team.

    • MacAllister will not go to the World Cup I feel. This will be the team. The media in Argentina are BRUTAL. They will eat MacAllister performance up alive. They were already ripping him a new a** on Radio Rivadavia last night.
      Rulli Armani Dibu
      Montiel Molina Pezzella Cuti Ota Licha Acuna Tagliafico
      LoCelso DePaul Paredes Papu Palacios Guido Enzo
      DiMaria Lautaro Messi Nico Alvarez Dybala

      That leaves 2 places between Foyth, Angel Correa, Tucu, MaCallister. Foyth and Tucu will go, but I really think Alario is a better option.

      • @San Isidro how is argentine media taking this performance of McAllister?? Are they positive?? As tyc gave 7 ratings?? And what are they telling about this argentine performance??

        • Radio Rivadavia was saying the performance was weak but they are blaming most of it on Scaloni experimenting for the final pieces of the team. They also said some of the players looked disinterested and some were not in game shape due to recent injuries. Surprisingly Montiel they said was ok, but not happy with MacAllister, and they were not too happy with Guido either.

          • coaching staff has been very impressed by almada and enzo. this will create tough competition for spots j correa vs almada, angel correa vs dybala, foyth vs montiel, 2 out of these 3 , macallister,enzo and palacious . I think even armani spot is not safe. some calls are tough.

          • Correct. Guido and McAllister both were bad and montiel defensively didn’t play bad bt offered nothing going forward and Jamaica played defensively so not doing bad in defense is not a big thing

          • Thnx for the update from Radio Rivadavia !
            Maybe, i will not even try look this time for the whole game as i think ihave heard enough about that game…hopefully in the next game things will be back to before theese 2 latest games in the states…

            Though, i kind of understand why there no other opponents and why theese 2 games were played in states…

            Anyhow, what u see of out Almada as i mean could they try him maybe to bring something different perhaps, as Enzo is a must if he is fit and form

            I just have feeling that younger players might bring something xtra and Almada because he is not playing in Europe could maybe even benefit us, though i could be wrong, but i felt from the Honduras game that there were some kind chemistry coming with Messi as i’m thinking of him more like super sub and if Arg must go on xtra time etc…

    • No one has said Alexis is a superhero. We have only one superhero on the team. He has been a chief contributor to his club’s success and has a good footballing head. There deserves a callup by the coach who can take a informed decision. Since he has been a late addition there could be chemistry that may be short. Well JA does not get passes in Man City as his team mates are still in the process of trusting him. Does not mean he has talent.

    • > Don’t hide behind a famous website that shows that he actually played good and post those ratings here. All those websites won’t fool our own eyes because we WATCHED the game.

      your eyes and everyones elses eyes are filled with bias whether you think its present or not. A lot of these websites using formulas and are often way more accurate than the eye test. The eye test is valuable for sure but so are these ratings. i don’t discount either.

      > 4. Off the pitch, he does not get along with the cores of the team. I am not sure who his friends are, but for sure he doesn’t get along with the likes of Messi, Di Maria, Paredes, Papu, De Paul, Lo Celso, Otamendi, Lautaro, or Emi.

      It seems like you’re just making up stuff. What are you basing this on?

  21. Today I think the position played by macallister and Alvarez was way out of position. I mean yes Alvarez can play wide but his features are not of that a winger. If he can means even Aguero can play wide. I just thought about garnacho who can cut inside and can utilise more of lo celso pass. Dribbling of a winger is different from a central player. We all saw against Italy that with perfect blend of defensive and offensive players playing close to each other where guido de Paul lo celso Messi formed a diamond like structure and carried on the attack. This means guido has less pressure and can concentrate on his main defensive duties. Also due to the attack heavily linked on right which helped di Maria a lot. Also we can easily press the opponents and tackle it due to the formation in which players are very close in the central area.

    • Playing style of every team is different what was successful against italy will not work against spain which will be successful against spain will not be successful against Brazil what will be successful against Brazil will not be successful against france and so on… So we have to be flexible and minor tweak will be needed not big changes bt minor ones. Like u can’t play Molina or montiel against France or Germany u have to play foyth. Bt against lesser sides foyth will not be useful

  22. We need foyth I won’t trust molina defensively, montiel below average atm, we can’t take Guido, paredes, MacAllister and enzo all together in my opinion all of them play same positions with different attributes
    Paredes and Guido their spot in the squad is locked Enzo has impressed he is almost secure his place in the squad scaloni and co see MacAllister as utility player which means palacios is in danger missing out it will be sad cus he has been ever present in scaloni era I’m sure if he leaves him out it will plenty of tears and emotions between them .

  23. Still, I didn’t watch the highlights. Busy with work. Just saw in Ole the ratings. Three players have 5.5 ratings…!
    3.Di Maria
    When we don’t have Messi and DePaul, surely we will except a great game from DiMaria. But disappointed.
    Montiel is going through his worst form. Guido is above average to good. Can’t expect anything special. But we lack midfielders of his attributes.

  24. Good analysis, cant comment much as I watched only the highlights.

    Was Enzo played as #5, I thought he played more like #6 (CM). You dont really need a DM with 3 men defence. Central defender plays like a DM when the team attack, I guess thats the role Licha has in 3 men defense.

    I think he brought in Licha to test the player movements with 3 men defence, however I dont think we can take much from that as they were barely tested.

    Scaloni has been the best coach we have had in selecting right players in the squad/team. I think he is calling J Correa coz he is a utility player. We may have better forwards, but he could put in more efforts. Even I dont like him in our team, but coaches typically likes utility players for tactical reasons.

  25. 1st goal –

    Toros assist was insane. Kunesque with his dribbling and passing.

    Great tiki taka possession leading up to goal. 27 passes, retained possession for 1.5 min.

    • Toro has improved alot his dribbling. In finalissima , he beat his marker from midfield before laying down the assist for Di Maria.

      Julian seems to be a bit nervous when playing in NT cause he’s actually a better dribbler than Lautaro .

      • Yep, he’s also showing a great ability to hold up the ball when physically challenged (like the exact goal you mention in the Finalissima). He keeps his balance while retaining the ball and not allowing the marker to beat him.

  26. Anybody noticed my comments yesterday.
    “If Messi and DePaul not playing, we will see how we can play an attacking football without them. Jamaica is an average team but better than Honduras and UAE(next game).
    I would love to see Dybala in Messi’s place if Messi can’t play this match.”

    I was sure about what is coming. Without Messi and DePaul we lack the much needed spark in the attack. I think this is a test by Scaloni. But still, Dybala should have played in place of Messi.
    Now, Dybala is in danger of missing the WC spot.

    • > I would love to see Dybala in Messi’s place if Messi can’t play this match

      Maybe still fitness issue, not worth risking. Hoping Scaloni knows what Dybala is capable of. It will be mind blowing if omitted given his quality and “red hot” form, as someone else put it. Even more insane if J Correa is ahead.

      > Without Messi and DePaul we lack the much needed spark in the attack

      Yes we always suffer without Messi but the spark was affected more by Guido + Mac Allister than RDPs absence. If RDP + Guido + Mac Allister play together, the spark ain’t gonna shine either. 1 of Paredes, Guido, and Mac Allister and 2 of GLC, RDP, Papu, Enzo, and Palacios on the pitch at all times.

  27. Call me crazy..but I still don’t see what others see in Alexis and Alvarez. Even with his Goal today he still does not impress me much. I truly like the kid. I just think he still needs more time to develop, he’s got great potential. Aside from lautaro I truly feel like we need a true #9 inside the box type of player that you know from any angle he’ll make sure it hits the net.. Alvarez is not it just yet.
    I feel like the few goals he’s had so far on the NT have been he was just in the right place at the right time. That’s it, nothing spectacular.
    I’m still trying to figure out Alexis.. do I think he’s a good player? Yes I do, but not NT or WC ready. Not sure what his role on the pitch is.
    This might be a bit premature to say, but even with Enzo 2 matches (not even a full 90 minutes at that) I would take him over Alexis any day…this kid plays great futbol and he has amazing shooting skills from outside the box. Has proved it plenty of times at river and benfica.
    What do y’all think?

    • Too late for true 9 and we simply do not have any or none other deserve above Dybala and Alvarez. Simeone, Alario, or Icardi = forgettaboutit. Alvarez’ brings unpredictably and energy to the front line. Dude is pacey enough, runs everywhere, presses and has the 9 instinct and hunger in front of the goal.

    • I totally understand, the thing is that it seems to me that there is no chemistry between MacAllister and the rest of the team. He’s a bit lost in the system. For Alvarez, it’s similar, I expected a lot from him and I am actually a bit disappointed as well. Let’s hope this goal can boost him a bit.

      • I said something similar about Julian after the last game- and ignited a lot of push back from mundo members. He is talented promising young star but now is the time for performers not just talented players with potentiality.

        As far as i have seen Julian with Argentina, he has poor decision making in the final third. He lacks the 9 instinct when it comes to shooting or passing the ball. He make bad decisions passing the ball when in fact he could shoot. This is a pattern I have seen from day one with Argentina.

        Julian is still a work in progress. Joakin can’t score. Dybala isn’t a pure 9 and injury prone. We might have to pay the price for not having a proper back up of Lautaro.

        • Rahman, the problem was that you attributed “now” to 45 minutes against Honduras. “Now” should refer to multiple games, months of form, or a player’s history in the team.

          Right now, Alario is a third choice bench player and hasn’t played for us since when?

          Right now, Simeone is in good club form but has not been a consistent part of the project so we can’t rely on him to have chemistry with the other forwards and it’s too late for inclusion.

          Right now, Icardi is, well you know. Many things

          You say you’ve seen this since the beginning, but your criticism ONLY began right after the 45 minutes against Jamaica. When Alvarez made his debut for us he was what you are referring to as a “potential” player. But slowly he improved and then exploded in form. He’s mostly only gotten opportunities off the bench and in 2 out of 3 starts he’s scored a goal. Not a large sample size, but you also can’t critique definitively with that sample size as either.

          You also questioned his personality in comparison to Enzo’s in his first games, remember this in his fourth game for us off the bench?
          If you were in Scaloni’s boots, name another player right now you would have set up as our 2nd choice that makes sense. Alvarez is by far the best option.

  28. I didn’t watch the match as the match time was 3am here. How it went? Free flowing attack was missing?
    As I went through the comments, I understand Alexis played badly. All others were good? How was Jamaica? Park the bus formation?

    • Our midfield was poor everyone performed bad including guido and locelso. Dimaria was poor. Montiel and tagliafico didn’t offer anything going forward. Apart from the opening goal alvarez did nothing. After messi enzo came on our play improved and after McAllister was subbed off and depaul and molina came we looked little sharp and was creating chances. Messi was fantastic and changed the course of the game. Dimaria looked out of match practice or not match fit. Romero was ok bt looked out of shape. Backline again not tested atall. Dibu didn’t need even a save. McAllister was the worst on the pitch as he wasn’t even much involved. Overall not satisfactory.

      • Correction: Tagliafico was involved in the build-up to the first goal with his run, Lo Celso was much more involved that you are claiming Anuparno, I am not sure what you have against him. Lo Celso was involved in Messi’s goal.

        • Only involvement is not we expected from our main attacking midfielder he needs to create,control, make key passes, do assists or pre assists also finish if given opportunity some of his shots were atrocious

    • Need 2 progressive players in mid at all times. That’s why the GLC and RDP combo work so well. Good on tackling and pressing and rocks stars on offense.

    • Yep, either one destroyer (Guido) and two progressives or one Paredes/Enzo type and two all rounders. Lo Celso and De Paul can play both roles to whatever type of DM is on.

      That’s actually similar one of England’s problems, playing too many DMs / 6’s and not allowing the more creative midfielders to progress. Ojo

      • yeah, yesterday was painful to watch. completely defangs our attack. Same with Paredes + Guido combo in the past. I really hope Scaloni avoids this unless its the dying minutes or no other choice.

  29. Coaches and analysts from other WC teams will study this match and notice that Argentina is still heavily dependent on Messi for creativity. He will be man marked every match.

      • Naturally. But now coaches realise that if they close down Messi, they take the sting out of Argentina. Team lacks creativity without him.
        Same with Belgium, close down DeBruyne and you almost neutralize Belgium.

        • if dybala and messi are playing it is nearly impossible to man mark both of them. another thing argentina does not play fast when macAllister is in field .it is just an observation.

  30. Bielsa, Basile and Pekerman were great coaches for Argentina until they got penalized for their mistakes in the world cup.

    Scaloni’s steaks are high because he won the Copa. However, if he continues to rely on the devine touch to get around his player selection fiasco, then it wouldn’t be long before people here will start criticizing the Copa winning coach.

    Scaloni has been wasting valuable game times for more deserving players by consistently trying to force the likes of Roberto Pereira, J Correa, A McAllister, Armani to the team.

    In todays game, there were some tactical decisions of Scaloni that require examinations. Why on earth you play Enzo as 5 and McAllister as 8 (for solid 70 mins) when you already see how the midfield was dysfunctional.

    Also, I didn’t get his formation at the later stage of the game when both Lisandro and Molina came. Basically, he went to 3-5-2 formation with Teglafico in left wide area!

    It would have worked had we played Nico or Acuna in place of Teglafico. Since, both were injured, Scaloni could have played in 3-4-3 formation with Julian continue playing in exchange for Teglafico.

    Or, Scaloni could have put Lisandro in DM and Teglafico in LB and free up Enzo in the midfield.

    In tactical point of view, it was confusing what Scaloni wanted to accomplish by these weird formations/choices.

    • Well said mate!. Scaloni is not a Guardiola or Klopp or Mourinho as yet. He needs to learn a lot still. Even I was not happy on why persisted with A. Macalister when we had midfield talents in the bench. Then why did he bring in J.Correa.

      Scaloni is proving to be yet another ‘Argentina’ coach who make dumb dumbest decisions on world stage when they have world beaters at their disposal.

      • Good analysis, cant comment much as I watched only the highlights.

        Was Enzo played as #5, I thought he played more like #6 (CM). You dont really need a DM with 3 men defence. Central defender plays like a DM when the team attack, I guess thats the role Licha has in 3 men defense.

        I think he brought in Licha to test the player movements with 3 men defence, however I dont think we can take much from that as they were barely tested.

        Scaloni has been the best coach we have had in selecting right players in the squad/team. I think he is calling J Correa coz he is a utility player. We may have better forwards, but he could put in more efforts. Even I dont like him in our team, but coaches typically likes utility players for tactical reasons.

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